Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 22

In Charm's Way

Aired Friday 12:00 AM May 06, 2005 on Black Family Channel



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    • (River Pierce walks past Lily; Lily hits her head against her locker, trying to avoid his eyes)
      Lily: Ugh, stupid locker!
      (River walks up to her)
      River: Hi.
      Lily: Oh, hello… hi.
      River: Willing to check out a band tonight at Mickey's at seven?
      Lily: Uh, sure, whatever, maybe. Just got to ah… 411 my posse.
      (River stares at her awkwardly then smiles)
      River: Okay…
      (River walks away)
      Lily: 411 my posse? Stupid Lily...

    • Travis: This isn't going to be another Kim Carlisle situation, is it?
      Robbie: No man, there will never be another Kim. In many ways...

    • Parker: Shut up! You're lying!
      Lily: No, River Pierce actually asked me out!
      Parker: Oh, I believe that. I just can't believe you said "411 my posse"!

    • Ray: Girl's say that they want someone who's funny, but that gets old after a while. When was the last time you saw a clown on a date?

    • Ray: I wouldn't mind if he was just riffing my jokes, but he was repeating them.
      Travis: Verbatim?
      Ray: No, word for word.

    • Robbie: This is my friend Travis Strong, he' friend.
      Blaire: Great, I now have a story for my front page...kidding.

    • Robbie: If trucker hats are hot, then what's not?
      Travis: Trucker beanies?

    • Ray: My charisma makes me dangerously magnetic.

    • Blaire: So, do you talk or are you just waiting for the ventriloquist to show up?

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