Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 20

In the Key of F

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 15, 2005 on Black Family Channel

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  • Reading past the lines... again.

    Much like Lily's recycled song, this episode relies on several used themes and ideas but the outcome is still enjoyable.

    Ray lies and makes big promises to Grace again. He gets caught and apologizes again. Grace doesn't quite forgive him but they remain a couple again. Does this count as strike two for him?

    Travis and Parker's personalities and anxieties conflict again. They try to share their feelings without scaring the other again. Both fail again. In the end, they find a solution and end up holding hands again.

    Lily's ego hurts her again. This time it's because of a song she keeps rewriting but thinks it's a new song each time. Her music teacher, Ms. Allen, decides not to confront Lily with her folly but rather push Lily to discover her mistake on her own. Lily writes a song to insult someone again. She corrects the problem, apologizes to Ms. Allen and promptly gets the spotlight she knew she always deserved. In the end, it's unclear what Lily has learned from all of this.

    Parker's simple words, seemingly given without much deep thought, steer Lily in the right direction again. And she does it without mentioning Nanny Haynes.

    Robbie appears as the voice of reason again. His words are generally ignored again. It's nice that he keeps trying though. Maybe someone will listen some day.

    Despite these repeating concepts and familiar basic conflicts, In The Key Of F remains different enough to be funny and interesting.

    Lily's situation was new. It was also interesting that Ms. Allen, with her slightly rough treatment of students' work, recognized Lily's likely unwillingness to accept the truth if she didn't discover it on her own.

    Parker was given added depth by explaining her "wild side" as a way she keeps people away, as Travis uses his "moody inverted side." She isn't a wacky character; her free-spirited attitude serves as a defense.

    There are great points of continuity. The Parker and Travis relationship is strengthened by the continued display of their seemingly opposite personalities, and by Parker's comment about sweaty palms and belly-flops which is reminiscent of Lily's comments from We'll Always Have Roscoe. Garth Climchut gets another shout out and perhaps Travis is as fond of Garth's girlfriend as he is of Garth, the guy he pantsed in gym class.

    The new spins on used concepts make In The Key Of F a good episode.