Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 20

In the Key of F

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 15, 2005 on Black Family Channel



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    • Ray: I hate when you call someone, you get their machine and you gotta listen to 30 seconds of their music, what are they all DJ's? I don't know whether to leave a message or request a song.

    • Ray: I ask you, please, to turn off your cell phones, because it's important that your ringtones don't musically outshine the students.

    • Grace: You're the cutest thing!
      Ray: Really? Cause I think this hairnet makes me look pretty stupid.

    • Travis: You're different from anyone I've ever known and because you're so amazingly different, I'm worried I'm gonna blow it, so I just end up blowing it.
      Parker: Ditto here, except I was going to say differently amazing.

    • Miss Allen: You had fun writing it, didn't you?
      Lily: Kind of embarassed to admit it, but yeah.
      Miss Allen: That's why I gave you an A.
      Lily: This is a B!
      Miss Allen: I docked you for being mean.

    • Lily: You are a genius!
      Parker: Can you tell Travis...I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a blabbering idiot.

    • Travis: I really like her, but I don't think we have anything in common. She just won't stop talking, it's like she uses it as a distraction to...avoid letting anyone in.
      Ray: Yeah, you're right! You two have nothing in common.

    • Travis: Forget it, I just wanted to do something that was quiet and still, but your talking is driving me crazy...aren't you gonna say anything?
      Parker: Why? I wouldn't wanna drive you crazy.

    • Travis: I never knew being hit in the back could be so painful.
      Parker: Sorry about that, but all's fair in love and paintball.
      Travis: We were on the same team!

    • Lily: I'm not trying to please her, I'm just trying to be a good student, I've always been a good student. Teachers adore me, especially music teachers.
      Robbie: You're dying to please her!

    • Travis: In Japan, a failing grade can disgrace not only the student, but the entire family.
      Ray: Really? Cause in my family it just means no TV.

    • Travis: Ya know, in many Buddhist monastaries they go for years without any money, relying instead on the kindness of wealthy townspeople.
      Ray: Awesome! So you can lend me some cash?
      Travis: No.
      Ray: So much for the kindness of the townspeople.

  • Notes

    • Music featured:

      C'mon by Riff Randells.
      Tomorrow by The Salteens.
      Everything by Stirling.
      No One's Fool by Easily Amused.

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