Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 11

Lil' and Grace

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 26, 2004 on Black Family Channel

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  • One of the best episodes of Season 2.

    Wow, this episode is cringe-worthy. Ray is so stupid! Lilly is about to express her feelings & when he brought that other guy it was like a slap in the face.And I thought it was finally going to happen when Lilly's date tells her to ask out Ray but then when she looks through the window & sees them having a good time & singing, it really sucks. I loved the B plot. Travis (Nathan Carter) should be a professional jazz singer. Anyway Robbie was being a baby whining about how he needs to go places, really he's fine. This episode is awesome!
  • Ignorance is bliss and regret sucks egg water.

    There were a lot of great scenes and hilarious events in this episode as Travis reveals more of his international past to Robbie, who begins to regret his small town past. Meanwhile, Ray is dating a lot and Lily is fine with her decision to demand Ray NEVER again ask her out. She is just fine. Absolutely fine. Really. Of course, if the lady doeth protest too much, that would explain why she thought her ‘double date' with Ray was a subtle ‘single date' with Ray… instead of the actual double date it was.

    Oh, the hilarity that is blind dating, especially when all parties are blind in some way. Ray thinks it's a real double date and brings his friend Mark for Lily. Mark thinks it's real. Lily thinks it's a fake and brings no one for Ray. Grace is grabbed at the last second to be Ray's date, but she doesn't know anything that's happening. And to prove just how horrendous blind dating can be, Mark and Grace don't have a good time and try to leave early.

    That's when Fate decides to have a little more fun. Lily talks to Mark outside and is urged to tell Ray how she feels so that "this won't be a complete waste of [Mark's] time." Simultaneously, Ray talks to Grace inside and, since Lily is just a friend, Ray and Grace decide to continue dating.

    Of course, Lily is fine with this. Just fine. Really.

    While Lily felt the sting of regret, Robbie missed the bliss of ignorance. Robbie learnt of the vastness of Travis' experience compared to his limited experience. Travis has a bat signed by a baseball superstar, had a BubbleTea in his old school, and has been to Paris for a semester. And Robbie… well, he has a ball signed by some baseball guy and, uh, um, founded an underground radio station… with Travis.

    Luckily, RFR is as far from depressing as the North Pole is from the South Pole so viewers don't see Robbie crying or yelling at Travis for daring to travel the world because of his diplomat father. Instead, comparison leads to friendly competition as Robbie tries to prove that his hometown is as exciting as anywhere. At first, sounds of Roscoe don't beat bullfighting in Madrid, but Karaoke night at Mickey's does, especially when Travis is singing a version of the traditional song ‘Home Sweet Home'.

    Who knew?

    A few final points:
    - Parker continues to prove she's pretty insightful. When Lily tells her about the future double date, Parker looks skeptical.

    - Two or three years ago, an author won a literary award for a book that included amazingly accurate and vivid descriptions of a place to which she had never been. She said everything she knew, she gained from books she borrowed from the library. An editor might be more impressed by a journalist who knows a great deal about places to which he/she has never been than someone who has been to places for a semester or so.

    - Karaoke should be tried at least once. If you're shy, go up in a group. Remember: the goal is fun, not perfection.

    - ‘Shippers' should read Edwin Arnold's poem, Destiny.

    - The only primary cast member who viewers haven't heard singing on the show is Ali Mukaddam.

    - The end credits don't list the actors who play Mickey, Grace, and Mark, but do include River, Megan, and Principal Waller.

    Last note:
    Laughter couldn't be contained during this great episode.