Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 16

Musical Influences

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Mar 11, 2005 on Black Family Channel

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  • Jake Epstein guest stars as Lilly becomes a jerk.

    I felt like I needed to review this because there was a special guest. He was a complete jerk though. This was a side of Lilly I didn't want to see. It totally sucked when Lilly yelled at Travis about how he was jealous. I just wanted to punch Lilly in the face. The B plot line wasn't so great, Out of nowhere he has to draw a comic for Grace. Why doesn't he just dump her already. Anyways it was funny when Jackson said what's wrong & she said nothing. And then he just said okay when she was crying. This was an okay episode.
  • Cute boy Jackson Torence walks into Lilly Randall's life. He's all about the music. Her friends think that she is getting played. While Ray tries to impress his girlfriend with drawling, but he checks out all the art books in the library so he could cover

    It was the only Radio Free Roscoe I watched. It was a good storyline. I liked how they had on Jake Epstein. It shows that how much a girl will fall for a guy easy. And you shouldn't lie about art. Just Kidding.That's cool how Ray likes his girlfriend that much to get all the art books in the library. I think Lilly's friends are way over protective. I Love Ray.
  • Frankenstein's bear cream, crow pies, and lemons.

    Musical Influences is a good episode supported by many subtle, perhaps coincidental, details.

    Grace asks Ray to illustrate her English project, a graphic novel (comic book) interpretation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus. She believes her beau is a great artist because of a picture he drew of her while bored in math class. Unbeknownst to her, Ray actually traced a character that resembled Grace off of the cover of a graphic novel while sitting on stairs before class.

    Much like Victor Frankenstein, Ray tries to hide the truth from his girlfriend. He goes to great lengths to deceive her, even getting many art books to learn how to draw as well as he can trace. His creation, like Frankenstein's monster, was made with passion, but looks horrid in the end.

    Unlike the Frankenstein novel, nobody dies and Grace discovers the truth. Her project gets a B and Ray is given a second chance as long as he doesn't lie or make stupid promises.

    While Ray is busy faking artistic talent to impress Grace, Lily is trying to be a serious artist to impress Jackson Torrance, a self-described writer in the Book of Life and committed music artist. The guitar plays him and art comes before everything else, according to Jackson.

    He has clearly never heard Zoa Neale Hurston's idea that "trying to live without friends is like milking a bear to get cream for your coffee. It is a whole lot of trouble, and then not worth much after you get it."

    If ever a picture of a person could be used to show the definition of "pretentious," Jackson's photo would be perfect. It is a shame Megan's drumstick hit the magazines beside Jackson at the rehearsal instead of his head.

    Lily is still a confused ball of emotions, probably seeking signs of self-worth because, in a sense, Ray chose Grace over her. She latches onto the tattooed artist after he compliments her, suggesting she is a superior person able to obtain immortality with her music.

    Parker does more than just tell Travis and Robbie about Lily's latest attraction. She stands behind Travis, repeating what Jackson said and did while standing behind Lily to seduce the blonde rocker the night before. This could be another slight hint that Parker likes Travis.

    Jackson becomes, as Travis/Smog suspects, a svengali who mesmerizes Lily into becoming a bit like Frankenstein and his monster. She is driven by her passions and acts selfish (Frankenstein) creating a new Lily with old parts (she wears a hat from Season 1 and Jackson's jacket) who is isolated from her friends and plays from misery (the monster).

    Lily storms out of the radio station after Question Mark questions what makes someone an artist. Parker and Travis try to talk sense into her. In return, Lily belittles her bandmates, quits No Man's Land and calls Travis pretentious and jealous.

    Sometime between insulting Travis and entering the music room, Lily's conscience kicks in. Art-before-all-else Jackson tries to ignore her crying at first and then tries to shrug it off when Lily desperately seeks his understanding and compassion.

    Finally realizing her mistake, Lily brushes off Jackson (no sign if he gets his coat back), eats crow and apologizes to her friends. Travis suggests the apology is more deserved by that intelligent, free-spirited, beautiful musician Parker. Okay, he really just looked over at Parker and Megan after saying he didn't need the apology.

    The band takes Lily back and No Man's Land rocks Mickey's Open Mic Night.

    It's a solid episode strengthened by understated elements that really capture the "ephemeral essence of the moment."