Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 18

On a Wingman and a Prayer

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 01, 2005 on Black Family Channel

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  • Not strong because of Strong.

    If one disregards previous episodes and forgets continuity, this is a fine and fairly funny episode.

    Lily and Ray do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. Hers is to give No Man's Land its big break. His is to make Grace's best friend think he isn't an idiot. Despite warnings from Robbie and one from Parker, Lily tries to use River Pierce to achieve her goal. Meanwhile, Ray uses Travis to make himself look smart during double-dates. Neither succeeds but they learn valuable lessons.

    After delivering an opinion piece about indie bands on Cougar Radio, Lily agrees to record a new jingle for the radio station in exchange for River trying to get No Man's Land to open for a popular band. Both fulfill their parts of the bargain, but River's efforts turn up squat. Unbeknownst to her, the popular band's manager doesn't think highly of No Man's Land and River shields her from that truth, instead allowing her to think he's a jerk. Later Robbie encourages Lily to keep trying and give her CD to the Premiums performing at Mickey's. She does.

    This storyline was good. It showed River may not be a complete jerk- he could still be manipulating Lily and Robbie. There was another Nanny Haynes reference, which is always a good thing. Robbie was there for Lily, displaying their strong friendship. The music playing when River's teeth initially blinded Lily was priceless. The return of her stage fright on Cougar Radio was great continuity. This part of the episode was nice to watch.

    Not to suggest that Ray and Travis' storyline wasn't fine. It was funny watching Ray blatantly display his ignorance and Travis stutter and make odd comment after senseless comment to Parker. Viewers could see how strong their friendship has become. In Written In The Stars, Ray warned Robbie about calling an alien aka Travis "bro" but in this episode the term is used several times. They even had a sweet heart to heart. These are the parts that make their storyline tolerable.

    The fact that Ray has already broken the promise he made to Grace in Musical Influences and continues to lie to her is fine. It might have been nice to see him be himself- the guy to whom she was attracted in previous episodes-- but this is Ray and he doesn't learn too well.

    The real problem is Travis shouldn't be a blithering idiot in this episode. He's known Parker since One Steps Forward, Two Step Back. They've hung out and made a music video and he's been cool with her. She seemed to "get" him. If it was sudden nervousness because he just realized he liked her, there should have been a similar reaction before with Lily and there's wasn't. Slightly nervous with Audrey and Bridget, he didn't ask either of them, "So wh-what are you doin' for lunch? I was thinking about grabbing a sandwich." Some odd behaviour would have been okay, but not this level of abrupt ineptitude from the Hong Kong Casanova. It simply does not fit.

    Most disconcerting is that Douglas McRobb, a co-creator and executive producer of RFR, wrote this episode.

    On A Wingman And A Prayer was decent and fun to watch, but far from RFR's finest.