Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 18

On a Wingman and a Prayer

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 01, 2005 on Black Family Channel



  • Trivia

    • Lily is the third member of RFR to be on Cougar Radio, Robbie was on in the episode 'More Than a Single' and Ray was on in the episode 'Sports Ray-dio.'

  • Quotes

    • River: Words can never do justice to the beauty of music; you know that, you're a musician.
      Lily: Yah and you're a DJ; DJ's can make or break bands!

    • Travis: You know Ray was just telling me he's a huge jazz fan!
      Ray: Did I say huge?
      Nicole: So what kind of jazz do you like?
      Travis: Don't get him started on Beebop!
      Ray: Yeah that Beebop, he's one cool cat!
      Nicole: Ray, Beebop is a style of jazz.

    • Ray: You were gold. I'm talking double date goldness!

    • Travis: Hey Parker, what's up?
      Parker: My defenses.
      Travis: So what are you doing for lunch...I was thinking about grabbing a sandwich.
      Parker: Good for you.

    • Travis: You're just doing what's best for, you used me.
      Ray: No, not, Ray, help.

    • Ray: What would I do

    • Robbie: Hey Lil, I'm sorry I got all preachy last night.
      Lily: You were just looking out for me...I a-preachy-ate it!!

    • River: When can you come back and grace us with your Indie rock wisdom?
      Lily: Thanks, but I'm gonna go back to letting my music do the talking.
      River: I can work with that!

    • Robbie: That's how River works...he's gonna use you.
      Lily: I'll be careful, okay?
      Robbie: Famous last words.

    • Robbie: We've all been up the River without a paddle before.

    • Travis: Oh, that's not a date, she was just taking my pulse.
      Parker: Oh, well I hope she found one...See ya.

    • Travis: Hey, what's going on, Parker?
      Parker: Oh, not much...and you?
      Travis: Oh, not much, and you?
      Parker: Still not much!

    • River: I'm gonna share a little secret of mine to help you relax...Smile.
      Lily: Give me a break...that's so River.

    • Lily: Just because you're River Pierce, you think you can say anything and it's cake.

    • Robbie: Lily, you might need some backup, River can be pretty slippery.
      Lily: Robbie, I gotta do this on my own.
      Robbie: Alright, just don't get blinded by his won't stand a chance!

    • River: Here's a song by Indie band, Mixed Signals. Their garage-meets-synthpop sound is perfect when you're alone in your room, hating your life....not that I know what that's like!

    • Ray: Thanks for saving my bacon, bro.
      Travis: Anytime bro.
      Ray: Anytime...sounds like an offer I can't refuse.

    • River: Don't worry peanut. I don't want your cheesy blobs.

    • Lily: No one's gettin' my Cheesy Blobs.

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