Radio Free Roscoe

Season 1 Episode 2

On the Air

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 31, 2003 on Black Family Channel
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On the Air
Our four heroes make plans for their first radio broadcast after school. Flyers are up advertising their show, Robbie is making detailed programming plans, Travis is setting up the equipment and they are all trying to come up with names for their alter egos. Meanwhile at school all the talk is the career aptitude tests that every student in the ninth grade is being forced to take. Soon the day of the first broadcast is up and everyone is nervous - too nervous?moreless

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  • The second part to the pilot

    As we enter part two of what was created as an introduction to the series, we know only one thing so far from the previous episode...the equipment worked and they made it on the air. That is proven to be only the beginning though as they must adjust to running a radio show and figure out what their DJ names are going to be if they plan on staying anonymous to the listeners in order to speak their mind. After coming up with names and going on the air they soon find out that being on the radio and keeping it good aren't as easy as it looks. As each broadcast seems to decline and the viewer count fails to rise, it leaves you wondering if they will be able to pick up the pieces and discover the key to taking what they have to say and turning it into good radio. During the mandatory aptitude test and the space food cafeteria scene is where we really get a taste of how funny the show can be and it brings a smile to my face every time I watch it. The way this episode concludes is a brilliant way to kick off a new series and I don't think there could have been a better way to set them straight on their path to a successful future on the air.moreless
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Kenny Robinson

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Genelle Williams

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David Rendall


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Ray: What do you think of Radio? Like Ray-di-o? Mr. Ray? Gabba gabba Ray? Gamma ray?
      Lily: Ray come on, you can't give yourself a nickname.
      Ray: Why not? Who else knows my adorable little quirks better than me?

    • Robbie: Guys there's one quick change. After I open with my question of the day, let's flip flop section one with section 3. Lily your song is still in the same place though.
      Ray: Where's the place in the show where we get to be spontaneous? Oh here it is. '4:17 PM- Be spontaneous' Great Robbie, because I'd hate for this to be too planned out.

    • (Ed and Ted are looking at a poster of RFR)
      Robbie: Hey Ed, Ted, so what do you guys think? Potential?
      Ted: Has to be better than Cougar Radio.
      Ed: Listening to a chihuahua being sucked through a straw would sound better than Cougar Radio.

    • Ray: After four o'clock today we are gonna be the biggest thing since bubble wrap.
      Robbie: Nothing may ever be the same again.
      (Ray sees a girl)
      Ray: Hey pretty lady!
      Lily: And some things will be the same.

    • Lily: You're in a good mood.
      Ray: Just because we're on the verge of radio stardom doesn't mean I can't be nice to the little people.
      Robbie: Ray, we are the little people.

    • Ray: Delicious. Have I ever told you that your eyes are as brown and inviting as the pudding you serve?

    • (Ray starts to copy Lily's paper)
      Lily: Ray, they're not grading us on this.
      Ray: Sorry, reflex.

    • Travis: That's a 1979 vibrophone microphone, be careful, if you drop it on your foot you will cry.
      Ray: I wasn't touching anything smirk dog.
      Travis: Smirk dog... smirk dog... Smog. Thanks Ray, the universe has spoken.

    • Ray: So, have you guys come up with your radio names yet?
      Travis: I'm waiting for the universe to reveal it to me.
      Lily: Yes... What he said...

    • Ray: I was thinking the Rayminator. Ray and Terminator, best of both worlds.
      Lily: How about rungus, you know Ray and fungus? It's the best of both worlds.

    • Robbie: Names are like a present a friend gives you.
      Lily: Yeah, like Mono.

    • Ray: I thought Travis was done already.
      Lily: Since Travis is doing this in his free time with his own equipment and you can't work an electric can opener I would shut up.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Along with "The Power of Radio", this episode was obviously intended as one of the opening episodes for the series, but aired several months after the series premiered.


    • Ray: I bought into this whole Spiderman Peter Parker trip, A: because I've got some deep personal problems, and B: because who doesn't wanna be spider man right? But here's the thing, yesterday we weren't Spiderman, we were just a bunch of wimpy Peter Parkers.
      Travis: By Day he's Peter Parker, but by night… he's Peter Parker…

      These quotes allude to Peter Parker and his alter ego Spiderman, from the famous comics, cartoons and movies.