Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 3

One Steps Forward, Two Step Back

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 03, 2004 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

RFR play some hard rock demo tape. The band will apparently perform at Mickey's as well. Robbie tells Lily at least they perform, unlike her.

After Robbie has left, Travis and Ray tell her not to worry about Robbie's comments. She remembers them that her performance, like the other band's performance, tanked. They tell her to play again. Lily leaves.

Ray and Travis think it's another challenge to get it on between them, as Travis states, when Lily does music, he'll be around and on her mind.

At Mickey's, Robbie walks up to Kim.

Lily considers signing up and Mickey tells her he booked the closing slot for her. Lily isn't exactly happy about that.

Robbie and Kim talk in their secret code.

Lily states she isn't ready to perform on Thursday night. Travis and Ray promise to help her and Parker tells everyone Lily will perform.

At school, Ray joins Lily and Parker in the hallway. He's put up a lot of flyers promoting her show. Lily says thanks, but is anything but happy. Travis joins them. Travis tells Lily that he organized a producer to listen to her performance. He also notes that Ray made a spelling error on Lily's flyers.

Then Kim is on air, she states RFR has no taste.

At RFR, everyone, but especially Question Mark attack Kim and her safe side music taste. After they sign off, Travis and Ray both are pushing their efforts to help Lily to an entire new stage.

At school Travis tells Lily he prepared everything for Thursday night. Ray tells her to imagine the audience as apes, but Lily tells some kindergarten story – she is afraid of apes.

Robbie and Kim meet outside of Cougar Radio. Kim is angry about Question Mark who is ruining her life according to her.

Lily practices her songs. Lily is extremely nervous. Parker tells her she needs to play for herself.

At Mickey's, he announces Lily Randall. She goes up on stage and is terrified. Suddenly all the people are throwing bananas at her. However Lily just fell asleep in class and is screaming in terror.

Robbie and Kim discuss if she will go to Mickey's open night today or not. Robbie almost tells her he has to go to RFR, but manages to save himself.

At RFR, they announce the music night yet again, despite it's already sold out and they announce Lily.

At Mickey's the bands play and Lily is extremely nervous. The Milgrove Band just rocked the house.

Travis has prepared everything to record Lily and Ray made Lily t-shirts.

Lily wants to back out, but Mickey announces her anyway. She goes up on stage and freezes, until she remembers Parker's advice and plays "two little monkeys" which the people love.

At school Kim and Robbie talk about her review she made about last night. Kim is about to destroy Lily. After Kim is actually nice on air, Lily is happy and is lucky to lean on Randal's shoulder. Lily is angry at Ray and Travis who pushed her too hard.