Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 3

One Steps Forward, Two Step Back

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 03, 2004 on Black Family Channel

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  • Little Monkeys!

    I really like this episode because it's so random, I mean about monkeys LOL, anyways I like this episode because Travis & Ray compete for her & it's so funny their competing to get something that Lilly doesn't want. I really hate Kim Carlisle so I didn't like her in this episode, this episode makes it so obvious to reveal the identities. Well first of all they frequently talk about Lilly Randall in the episode, not the other bands. And Ray says he will be the one that needs to quiet down in the competition & also when Robbie says "My show starts in 5 minutes" in front of Kim so overall it was just something to laugh at.
  • Open mic night, will Lily rock out...or freak out?

    This episode rocked. After Lily's disastrous open mic she decides to try again. Parker helps her out with her nerves. This episode really had character development for Parker. We know more about her than just being the crazy girl we met last episode. Everything turns out all right for Lily, thanks to Parker's tip to sing the two little monkeys song from season 1.
  • Though strongly supported by her peers, Lily again struggles against her stage fright while Ray and Travis struggle with each other in their continuing duel for Lily, and Robbie struggles to make Kim open her mind.

    There is some success on all fronts. Ray's publicity work had Mickey's packed, Travis' work had a music exec in the crowd and all equipment rigged just right, Robbie's efforts had Kim actually using an open-mind, and Parker's work as a good friend saved the day. In the end, Lily and Parker are better friends, Robbie's happy that Kim gives Lily's performance a good review, and Ray and Travis are getting the silent treatment because they didn't help Lily the way she needed them to help her.

    This episode is an interesting and funny demonstration of stepping forward and the consequences of reviews. It seems every major character in this episode gets an opportunity to step forward and face a challenge, and to verbally review the actions of others with mostly positive results. First, Lily reviews a band that will be playing at an upcoming RFR-sponsored Open Mic Night at Mickey's. Robbie sort of reviews her review. Her comments were far from kind and prompt Robbie to challenge her to play at Mickey's again before being so cruel to other musicians. Though finding Robbie's remarks to be unwarranted (at least that's what they tell Lily), Ray and Travis quickly encourage their hearts' desire to take the risk and perform before an audience once more. Once Lily leaves the room, the duo does something that should have shocked viewers: Ray and Travis critique each other's efforts to win over Lily. The two boys fighting over a girl are complimenting one another's technique, but still the contest is on and both are determined to step up their efforts to impress Lily. The reviewing continues with Kim negatively reviewing the upcoming musical event and Robbie reviewing that review. His challenging comments lead to another person attending Lily's big night: Kim. While this is happening, Ray and Travis are continuing their kind-hearted reviews of each other. Unfortunately, the pair is too preoccupied by their need to out-do the other that they fail to see Lily's overwhelming discomfort and fear regarding her performance. It's only Parker who is giving Lily a helpful opinion of her situation, and what to do if all else fails. And when all else does fail and her stage fright threatens to conquer Lily again, it's Parker's advice that helps Lily stay on stage and entertain the crowd.

    When the night is over, the last reviews and results of the obstacles faced in the episode come in. Kim's review of Lily's performance was fair, honest, and proved to Lily and Parker that the cougar radio DJ does have a good heart. Robbie's review of Kim's review was full of proud approval so there is still hope for this star-crossed couple. The crowd's review of Lily's rendition of the 'Two Little Monkeys' song was ecstatic approval and demands that she do it again. Lily's review of Parker's behaviour was positive and demonstrates how well the pair is bonding. Lily's review of Ray and Travis, however, is harsh, but not entirely undeserved: her review is silence directed solely toward these two gents who want her heart. In other words, Lily steps forward, and Ray and Travis must take a step back and see why they did not succeed.

    And thus ends a review of an episode full of reviews and challenges.