Radio Free Roscoe

Season 1 Episode 7

Political in Pink

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Aug 29, 2003 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

In the school cafeteria, Jennifer Peoples, advertises herself to be class president yet again. She has been since kindergarten, as the four friends recall. Nobody ever runs against her, except some science guy who never has a chance. She campaigns against people who do not want to fit in as Lily asks her some questions. Jennifer explains that she fights people with pink hair and such. Everyone gives applause when Lily protests against Jennifer's words. Travis tells Lily to run for president.

Back at the radio station, the boys try to pressure Lily into running for president, but Shady Lane explains she knows Lily too well to run for president – of course all live on the air. RFR supports Lily!

Principal Waller is talking in the cafeteria and presents Lily as the latest candidate for 9th grade president. Lily has some problems to get started, until she grabs the microphone and feels like she's at the station and then finally starts with her speech that she wants to become president, so everyone could be who they are and not be like Jennifer Peoples. Waller is annoyed, when everyone applauses to it.

Ray is excited as he plans to be her campaign manager. The four do all to support Lily's campaign. Flyers, buttons, balloons, even pink food as Lily's theme is "think pink". Lily even wears pink make-up around her eyes. Jennifer is annoyed that she has serious competition.

At the radio station, there's a call for Lily. It's Jennifer Peoples. Jennifer is angry and demands answers on what did Lily ever do for the school. Ray tries to come up with something, but fails and turns her down.

Next day it's time to take a picture for the campaign. All three (Lily, Jennifer and the science dude) should be on the picture. Lily is late and Ray has to prevent the picture from being taken without her. Then Lily arrives and her hair is coloured pink as well. Everyone is shocked.

In the cafeteria, Ray tells Lily she scored with that. Robbie can't believe what he sees and Travis takes a picture with his phone. Then Waller comes up and her friends start to shout "think pink" to support Lily, soon the entire cafeteria supports her, so Waller takes off. Ray is all excited and states when Lily becomes president, he'll be the first lady.

At the radio, they play a trailer for Lily's campaign. Barney, the science dude, calls in. He holds a short speech which leaves the others stunned. Then Jennifer calls and she has some dirt on Lily. In school Lily gives everyone a pink stamp "think pink". Then one of the other pink haired girls comes up and gives her the headphones with the radio she's listening too. Lily hears that Jennifer is at point 33 why Lily is bad. Its Lily smells bad. Next point is Lily's hair. The station can't turn off Jennifer again. When Jennifer is done, Lily storms in and complains that Jennifer just dissed her for 20 minutes.

Free Speech has a prize and so Lily sits down and uses her free speech. First she hits out at Jennifer. Barney even starts to support Lily's campaign at school.

At school Lily calls Ray as he isn't around yet. At school most girls wear pink extensions now, even Ray when he walks up to Lily. Even Travis wears a pink wig and he has some self made poll showing Lily is ahead. She thinks she's winning, so she hugs Ray who is happy with that. Ray advises her to stay calm and stay on the safe side for the next speech.

Barney holds his speech to be elected. Next up is Lily, in a cafeteria full of pink dressed people. Lily goes up to the microhone and starts, but is interrupted by Barney right away with some question about a sports club banquet. Lily tells him she doesn't care as mostly she's interested in being herself. Waller tells her she's doing fine. Then she's being attacked by the original pink hair people who now look like followers and aren't happy at all.

In the gym, Lily is in a bad mood. Travis finds her there. He gives her a little pep-talk and hands her picture of herself with pink hair. In the hallways she hears that RFR plays her song and she realizes that's not what she wants. She storms out and runs into Barney. He's dropped out of the race and supports Lily now officially. He wears a gigantic pink wig and walks around with the think pink slogan. Lily calls in at the station once she got rid of Barney. As Shady Lane, she explains not to vote for Lily. The pink hair is just an act. Ray can't believe what he hears. When Lily arrives at the station she explains she needs to do it for Lily and the station.

Next day Jennifer wins the election. On air, Lily plays a song about Lily and Ray and the others state that they'll be watching Jennifer from now on.
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