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  • Four friends deal with the troubles stirring in their freshmen year at Henry Roscoe High. Ray, the goofy one, Lily who has a passion for music, Travis the brains of the group, and Robbie keeps it real. Then there's the power of radio.

    I discovered this show in 2005 but never had an opportunity to check it out. Until a couple of years later, I managed to watch the entire series and I fell in love with it. Who would think that these four could pull off a radio station that allow callers to speak their minds? It wasn't like most typical teen shows where they're explicit and going in-depth with those problems. Even if the show only lasted a few years, it's a show I could re-watch many times I want. What makes it more interesting is one of the producers of this show is the same person behind the 90's Nick show Adventures of Pete and Pete.
  • 4 teenagers start up a incognito radio station. Perfect Storyline.

    Please Bring this show back! I discovered it in like 2008. So yeah, this show has so much freaking potential! How could they cancel such a great show? oh well, when I first watched it, I watched the series finale which meant nothing to me since that was the first episode I've seen. Then I started watching it when I was bored & I fell in love with the show. My favorite character is Lilly cause she is so amazingly hot! I also like the crossovers with Degrassi characters. This show was one of those great shows in a long time. Why did they cancel it?
  • four teenagers operate a wireless tranmission service

    Four grade 9 teens (Robbie, Lily, Ray, and Travis) have their own underground radio station. They use this medium to voice their opinions, question the pressures of society, encourage free thought and expression, examine themselves and their attitudes, and fight for change. This is an allright show... the four use a shedlike building in an industrial district to broadcast their show... strange the cops havent arrested them yet... i saw the entire series on rollercoaster... quite a good show allround... interesting characters... certainly one of the better live action shows of this century... the characters are all unique... not a bad show
  • A really entertaining show.

    It makes me really sad. I haven't seen this show is a couple of years and I just found out that it was canceled. When I saw a couple of the people from the show, I didn't realize where I recognized them from. I know that this isn't exactly a review, but it makes me really sad that it was canceled. I used to love watching it, but of course it was canceled along with falcon beach. It drives me nuts when all of the shows are canceled and never even get to finish a third season. All I can say, it that this show was under appreciated. I know that it was one of those situations, where the network just let it fade out, and I wish that they wouldn't have.
  • This is a great show and one of my favorites of all time.

    Radio Free Roscoe is a great show and one of my personal favorites and for good reason. This is a show about four teenagers that start a radio station and "keep their identities a secret so they can say what they want when ever they want"...ok that is the shows opening quotes, I couldn't help myself, anyways...the main characters are Lily aka Shady Lane who is a singer/song writer who wants to be a singer, Ray aka Pronto who is a goof and doesn't really have any goals, Robbie aka Question Mark who has an opinion for everything, and Travis aka Smog who is sort of a mystery and the new guy no one knows much about.The four of them start a radio station to tell everyone what they think and how they feel. Ray and Lily deny their felling, but know they are meant for each other. Robbie is in love with Kim who works at Cougar Radio, the school radio station and RFR's biggest competition, which puts a strain on his relationship with his friends. Travis has his own issues with his new town and after moving so many times being after of leaving again, also dealing with his past that he never talks about which makes him mysterious. All around this is a great show and I love it. I recommend it to everyone.
  • Radio Free Roscoe is about 4 teenagers who attend roscoe high school. They have started their own radio station, but their is one catch, it is all anonymous, so no one knows who the radio djs are, they can say whatever they want without having to worry.

    Radio Free Roscoe has always been a favorite of mine. I remember i had never watched it before, but i saw one episode and fell in love right then and there. I remember it was on after degrassi. I love that it is on television again, it was off the air for quite a while, it is not new episodes, but i am very grateful for re-runs. When i found out it was on again, i was very delighted and had forgotten how much i loved this show. Now i remember the enjoyment i got out of watching it back then. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a fun lighthearted show about teenagers.
  • This show is about 4 kids who decide to create their own radio station. They become a voice for all Henry Roscoe High students and through that they find their own voice. Very empowering!

    I am so sad that this show ended. I also think they should bring the seasons to DVD. They would make lots of money because so many people loved the show and would buy the seasons if they came out on DVD. I just watched the first DVD yesterday and I forgot how much I loved the show. I miss it. You should consider bringing the show back even if just for a couple shows to show what happened with RFR and what all the characters are up to. I just miss it so much. BRING IT BACK! BRING IT BACK! BRING IT BACK!!!!
  • My all time favorite show !

    This show was cancelled before it was even given a chance. The characters and storylines were original and the show was so funny. The music on this show is some of the best i've ever heard but pretty hard to find. I still can't believe this show is over and The-N is so stupid for cancelling it and bringing in horrible shows like "Beyond the Break", but anyway, i thought this show was the best on The-N and I liked it much more the i liked Degrassi. I wasn't impressed with the series finale with travis just living the way he did, but other than that, this show was excellent and very underated, it's sad that there aren't more shows like this on television right now
  • Just funny!

    Radio Free Roscoe, RFR, was one of the good highlights of Canadian television. But like most Canadian TV, it was short-lived as no one was willing to back it. My boyfriend and I had an RFR marathon this weekend, watching the entire four seasons. Although I've seen each episode several times, thank you Family channel!, I still love watching it. The characters are real, one can easily find themselves relating to them. It's full of all the high school drama that is oh so fun (though when going through it myself, not so much.) and you can't help but root for them in their quests for love, to be heard and understood and even accepted. It had a fairly original plot, the only similar one I can think of is Pump up the Volume, and even then it differs quite a bit. All in all, this was Canadian TV at it's finest. RFR is sorely missed, if not by many then at least by me and my boy. And although there are no new episodes, I will remain dedicated to the reruns.
  • Radio Free Roscoe is a show about 4 teenagers who have their own underground radio station.

    All I can say is - getting rid of this show was the biggest mistake anyone has ever made.The show was great! And it still is.I loved the whole Lilly/Travis, Lilly/Ray thing...Now I will admit that the final episodes were good,but I don't like how it ended. The season finale left some unanswered questions...Like the one that still lingers in my mind - what happened with Lilly and Ray? I still need more details! No matter what, I will always remember RFR and miss it more than anything. If you've never seen it, you have to find it somewhere because it has to be one of the greatest shows of its time.
  • Its not that bad really.

    RFR used to be realitively good, but i stopped watching it along when it was cancelled. Its not that its a bad show, i'd watch it if nothing else was on TV.

    1) I like the whole 'having to keep their radio names' and whatnot a secret. It's kind of neat, I think I still remember the names: Shady-lane, Question mark, Smug, and Pronto..
    2) I liked the fact that they could say whatever they wanted on the radio, and it wasn't held back by stupid ads and stuff.
    3) The love triangle was kind of interesting. XD

    1) The whole thing about keeping it a secret went a little far, they didn't need to keep it a secret that much.
    2) The character of that strict girl (forget the name) she annoyed me a lot through out the show.

    So yeah! Overall, its not that bad, but its not the best.

    Radio free roscoe is soo cool I can't belive they ended it. They had a great story line for every episode and they had some humour to it.Ray made it finny, lily was mature but still a kid at heart, Robbie was the glue that stuck them together and got through anything, and Travis was the heart, the soul with out him there would not be a radio station and then there would not be a tv show. They picked the characters personalitys carfully and pulled it off. many people liked it and the music rocked. I loved how they used indie rock bands. I want the show back and so do many others.
  • Possibly one of the better shows out there...

    Possibly one of the better shows out there - too bad it got cancelled. I think there were a lot of people out there that got hung up on the different relationships between the characters, especially the on again off again love triangle of ray, lily and travis. It\\\'s not often that one of these \\\"guilty pleasure\\\" shows comes in and almost defines a time period for teenagers. It was true to life, without being over-exposed, and delved into some real life topics that effect teens today. The characters were all developed well and the writing was exceptional for a family/teen show. It\\\'s sad to see good hearted shows like this go and other meaningless shows stay on for years and years...oh the entertainment industry...
  • What's better than saying what you want, as loud as you want?

    RFR is definitely a tv show that won't be forgotten. It taught so many life lessons in such simple ways while keeping the balance of interest and drama in tact. I loved this show for the way it told us to speak up and say what's on our mind even when there are people who will try to silence you. It told us to just be ourselves, stop thinking to hard about what others think and just have a great time. It's main purpose, which was to help each and everyone of us identify ourselves and let the student body know that they're not alone by the use of a radio station with kids hiding behind alias', was well accomplished.
  • One of my favorite shows overall and what's surprising, I'm not even the fan of Teen Drama that much!

    OVERALL INFO: the show is about four 14-year-old teens that start their own, radio station. Basically it's the story of growing up, finding love (especially that) and some other issues concerning high school years.
    First, 26 episodes are more of a comedy then drama, that much I can say easily (though there is drama as well). The next 26 are the other way around: more drama, a bit less comedy, but both appear.
    The main heroes are:
    Travis Strong - a Buddhist who travelled the world. He quotes "wise guys" and is usually serious. Adult for his age.
    Ray Brennan - you might say a clown who has a huge crush on his childhood friend, Lily. He, Lily and Robbie known each other for age. Basically a laid back guy, who doesn't take many things seriously.
    Robbie McGrath - a reporter wannabe. Smart, someone between Ray and Travis: funny, but serious when needed. A guy you can always count on.
    Lily Randall - a girl who wants to become the famous musician. She laughs with Ray, but also punches him in the arm quite often. The "female touch" in the radio team.
    I'd say that Teen Drama fans should enjoy this show, as well as those who like to have few laughs. You can also watch it for the music alone as it's really good and the type you won't here on TV or radio too often.
  • RFR was one of my favorites!

    Radio free roscoe was one of my favorite shows on The-N next to Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    Radio Free Roscoe [RFR] was one of my top 5 favorite shows. I am disappointed The-N replaced it.

    Radio free Roscoe is exicting and entertaining. It was about 4 kids [Travis, Robbie, Ray, and Lily] that wanted their voices to be heard so they made a radio station after school. Yet still keeping their real names a secret.

    I loved the whole triangle between Travis Lily and Ray.

    The songs were great, and I am sad that it is gone.

    Travis somewhat reminded me of Arnold from Hey Arnold.
  • i have only seen this show a few times but...

    i have only have watched the show a few times but from what i have seen i like. it is oviously about teens and i think there is a fued between radio free roscoe and couger radio. they are two radiostations and the couger radio station is set at the school. i enjoy the show wqhen i do watch it but it isent on of those shows that if i missed an episode icouldn't sleep whiale wondering what happened, but then again thats just me. i enjoy how its not boring like it would seem to be when the themes ong starts. i like the show it is different and not the same as other shows and i like that.
  • this show is so good, the songs on it are really good and the messages that come out of it are great

    well the messages are amazing and the songs are really inspring, if u have never watched this show you need to it really gets people to see what life is really all about. If your an adult you should watch this to see what it is really like for teens and stuff like that

    well the messages are amazing and the songs are really inspring, if u have never watched this show you need to it really gets people to see what life is really all about. If your an adult you should watch this to see what it is really like for teens and stuff like that
  • This show had great potential in the beginning, but it all went downhill fast.

    When Radio Free Roscoe first aired, I was psyched. A smart, funny show with a cool concept and a great cast. After about six months, though, I began to tune out. In truthm the show started out on the right foot: the focus was on the interactions among the group as a whole. As time went by, however, the focus shifted more toward the Robbie-Kim relationship and the Ray-Lily-Travis triangle. At this point, it stopped being an original show and became just another teen drama - which is precisely the reason it was cancelled.

    Nevertheless, I give it a 7 because of the excellent quality of the first ten episodes, three of which (Ep. 7 "Political in Pink", Ep. 8 "The Imposter", and Ep. 9 "Detention Redemption") are among my favorite episodes of any TV series.
  • Not exactly a bad way to past time. Although I have had more enjoyable moments.

    Not exactly a bad way to past time. Although I have had more enjoyable moments. Radio Free Roscoe does have its high points although I certainly wished there were more of them. It left me bored not long after I was exposed to it and that certainly is not saying something entirely positive about it. Nonetheless, it is very well packaged so a 7 rating I feel is very fair.

  • I loved the first season, the show has faded back since then.

    While I loved the show's basic outline, the one-liners and radio station parts began to absolutely drop in comparison to the whiny teenage soap opera bits. The first episodes were fantastic, my personal favourite being the Bike Thief episode. After the 3/4 point of the first season however, it became constant breakups and makeups. I like to see the coming of Bridget as the death of this show. The entire second season was less than a wash. The whole thing didn't tie together at all. The ending just basically gave up for a happy ending after the total mess they made of the series.
    Overall, a letdown.
  • 4 kids start a underground radio station. Pronto(Raymond "Ray") the funny but slow one; Smog(Travis) the new kid; Question Mark( Robert "robbie" McGrath)the one who questions everything and Shady Lane(Lily) the musical talented who can't seem to get a guy

    I thought this show was amazing although the plots were a little thin at times and predictable. It was a very popular show enjoyed by many viewers across Canada and the U.S.. I'm still wondering what happened to Lily and Ray? I know they got together... eventually but what happens to them. This show was mostly about them dealing with the typical mindless principle who seems to be trying to turn all of the students into mindly drones(which is not suprising) and Lily who dates a lot of guys. However in the last season it mostly resorted to Lily trying to get Ray or Ray trying to get Lily. I know, I know it seems like i'm ragging on this show but i'm not it's actually a really good show. Please bring it back!!!!
  • a pretty funny show.

    This was a pretty good comedy television series. As is normal with good television shows, this one did not last long enough. This is a show that I would suggest watching if you get the chance. Check the bargain bins at Wal-Mart, the online movies sites ( and such) and all of the cable channels that run old shows. Nick at Nite and TV Land are great for theses kind of shows. They will even do a week long spot for shows that only had 6 or so episodes. Then you have your super stations. They run a bunch of old shows too. All in all a pretty good show that did not get a good enough chance. Sometimes it is a simple as the show it is up against. Look at Law & Order. It is one of the longest running shows on TV. They moved it to go up against Lost. After about 2 weeks of getting pounded in the ratings it was moved back to it's original time slot. Shows like this should be given more of an opportunity.
  • Radio Free Roscoe is based on four teenagers who launch an anonymous underground radio station for them to speak their minds, express their feelings, and talk about anything they want.

    I really liked this show, I used to watch it every day when I came out of school. I like Ray the best because he was really funny and he's cute!
    Robbie is cute aswell but a bit of a nerd, but I like his hair haha!
    Well and Travis, I never really liked him though..he was kind of a loser, but he was good looking!
    I really miss this show, and i think it's a shame it ended after only 2 please bring it back, but i guess that won't be happening any time soon..
  • Geez!

    A mix of bad acting and poor plotlines that tries to be like degrassi. Annoying characters, bad plot lines and cheesy attempts at being 'real'.

    Lets not even get started on the evil self absorbed monster known as 'Lily'. As the show went on it of course got worse and made each character worse with every episode.

    I wonder if the writers now much about radio? Really how much money does Travis have? It must be a lot and how dumb are the student and adults if they can't work out who RFR are?

    This show is more or less ‘Radio Active’ only it isn’t trying to be funny at all.
  • Great show!!!

    This was also a great show and I dont get why they ended it because it was funny and just something diferent as all does other high school series and thats why it is to bad they ended it!! I loved the storylines and the cast!! Please bring it back because every episode was better then the previous episode!!
  • A great reason to have noggin

    This show has really become a guilty little pleasure, once I found it at like 430 in the morning on Noggin. Well written for a teen show, with some very funny lines, and great music in the background. Unfortunately I have caught the end before the beginning, but catching up, through the beauty of TiVo will be worthwhile. A worthwhile Canadian import.

    Less intense then DeGrassi
    Funny one liners
    no repetitive kids in school Storylines
    Really Super Soundtrack

    No new episodes
    The bad guys really are not bad enough to hate
    Plots wrap up a bit too neatly at times
    Took them a while to find there footing as actors
  • This is a waste of time! Degrassi gets more licks in then this! i hate it!

    This is a dumb show.
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    ______ This is a bad Guitar. Just Like the Show! stupid stupid stupid stupid ! ! ! ! !! !! um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um stupid ass Show. i hate it i hate it stupid ass show
  • A great show.

    All the characters are goals, strengths, weaknesses, and they all mesh together nicely, almost like in 'Friends'. Certain characters are very likable with charming personalities and wit. The show has some good morals in it as well, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

    The entertaining situations always kept me coming back, and it's easy to relate to the students as they face life's many problems of relationships, school, or peer pressure.

    I found the acting to be well done also, and I rarely noticed something worth groaning at.

    All in all, Radio Free Roscoe is a hip show that teaches you to stand up for what you believe in and reach for the stars.
  • Pretty GooD

    I like the story and all and find it fun to watch. I can't say it's my favourite, but It's a show that I'll watch. :) But don't you think that people would recognize the voices? 'Cause they don't try to cover it up at all and well, I can tell (probably only 'cause I know who's behind it in the first place) But all-in-all, it's a pretty good show!
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