Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 10

River Deep, Roscoe High

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 22, 2004 on Black Family Channel

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  • No more attention. No more flirting. This so sucks.

    It wasn't one of the better ones this season. I loved how Ray is such a stud and has all these girls because of the sweet poem he wrote for Lily. She's feeling neglected. Maybe you shouldn't have been so picky about how Ray asked you out! Sorry about my ranting. I just don't like Rily.
  • A bad case of the ME's.

    This entire episode in a nutshell: everyone but Robbie gets a wee bit self-absorbed.

    This entire episode out of a nutshell, but still brief: River helps himself become a DJ at Cougar Radio. Kim focuses on her pain while Robbie tries to make things better. Lily wallows in her world of woes when she discovers Ray and Travis are living quite nicely in their new worlds of dating bliss.

    What's nice about this episode is that it's rather realistic in the sense that the characters aren't being evil or intentionally cruel. No one is really setting out to hurt anyone's feelings. They're just too focused on their own situations to notice what's going on around them.

    It happens.

    It's a pain to feel somewhat forgotten or ignored, but hey, everyone does at some point, and everyone, at one point, will have been so absorbed by their own situation that they'll miss what's happening to a friend.

    In this case, Kim doesn't realize what effect her frustrations with Cougar Radio and River are having on Robbie. Travis doesn't see his attention to Bridget is bothering Lily. Ray doesn't notice his dating schedule is hurting Lily. Lily doesn't realize that moaning about her problems hurts Parker until Parker says she's being mean. Once Lily tells the guys to pretty much wake-up and see what they're doing, Travis and Ray realize they screwed up. And Kim kisses things better with Robbie in Mickey's storage closet.

    What's bad, or at least marginally annoying, about this episode is twice Robbie had a chance to speak up for himself and he doesn't. Kim slams the door on him when he goes to tell her about River. Viewers can hear his voice clearly say he wanted to tell her about River Pierce. But instead of staying there and telling her what he knows through the door, he walks away. Just once it would be nice to see a character not take a slammed door as some ultimate defeat. Open the door again. Bang on it. Keep talking. Wait her out. Slip a note under the door. Show a little perseverance and don't take someone's "Not now" as reason to quit when it's something that important. Imagine this:

    Kim: (slams door)

    Robbie: I wanted to tell you about River Pierce. (waits a beat, sighs because she's just not making this easy) I overheard him in Waller's office today, Kim. He's planning to take over your whole show, and getting a school credit for it. We gotta think of a way to stop him.

    Kim: (opens door) You heard him say he wants my show?

    Robbie: He didn't say that exactly, but I think that's his plan. We have to show the school what kind of con man he is.


    After Kim slams the door on Robbie at night when she discovers he knew what River was doing:

    Robbie: I tried to tell you this morning, but you slammed the door in my face. Please, Kim, come on, we can find a way to fix this. I wanna help.

    Kim: (opens door) Okay, McGrath, I'm listening. You've got 30 seconds to tell me what you know.

    And from there, they hatch a scheme to stop River that's both hilarious fun and excitement. Granted, viewers might miss the scene showing River's injury isn't real, and who knows if he and Kim would end up as co-DJs. Still, it'd be a nice change if a TV character would do that sort of thing.

    River Deep, Roscoe High was a good, fairly realistic episode.