Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 5

Scheming and Dreaming

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 17, 2004 on Black Family Channel

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  • Brilliant

    Robbie becomes disillusioned with River's mentoring and Travis uses dream analysis to convince Lily he's the man in her dreams.

    Robbie becomes starry-eyed when River Pierce takes him under his wing in a mentoring program. With River's good looks and charm, he's more of a model than a role model though and Robbie becomes disillusioned, especially when River's mentoring seems to revolve around lame advice and a laissez-faire attitude. Just when Robbie's had enough of River's "mentoring" he realizes that in forcing Robbie to question other people's advice, the Big Man On Campus just might have taught him something after all. When Lily begins having dreams about her unidentifiable "perfect guy", Travis uses dream analysis to woo her into thinking that he may be the man of Lily's dreams...literally. Ray sees right through Travis' scheme and vows to spin the bottle in his direction. But when Lily's dream guy finally crystallizes as River Pierce, neither Travis nor Ray can analyze themselves out of it.
  • Who is Lily's dream guy? Travis? River? Ray?

    This episode was not one of the best we've had. This season started off really good but this episode was a huge drop. Her dream guy turns out to be River, who makes his first appearance. It does not relate to anything that is happening this season, but next season it sort of supports Rivly.
  • This episode is one of those brilliant episodes that captures so many reasons why I watch this show all in one 22 minute episode...

    This episode is one of those brilliant episodes that captures so many reasons why I watch this show all in one 22 minute episode. Many of the things that I, personally, ejoyed about this season were in this one episode.

    For starters, there was the competition between Ray and Travis for Lily. I found this an amusing sub-plot through the season. As much as I wanted Ray to win Lily, it was fun to watch the ways Travis would best Ray in ways that seemed to drive him insane. This plot continued in this episode, where Ray and Travis are competing against each other to be Lily's dream guy. It's funny when it turns out to be not Ray, not Travis, but the "new guy", River Pierce.

    Now that we're on to the subject of River Pierce, he was another part of the season that was in this episode that I enjoyed. I am not going to hide the fact that I like River. I'm not sure what it is about him that makes him so endearing, but does anyone who falls for River really understand why?

    This is also the episode that begins the Robbie vs River sub-plot. Robbie becomes determined to reveal the side of River Pierce that no one else but he seems to be able to see; that he's a manipulative con-artist. No matter how many times he points out to people however, it never seems to be doing any good. He's told both Lily and Kim, but Kim was with River for a short spell, and Lily was too. Poor one listens to his River-ranting...not even as Question Mark.

    So, my review is that this episode rocked. Maybe some of you won't agree with me, and that's fine. But I liked it, and will continue to like it.
  • After hearing about Lily's dream of her perfect guy, Ray and Travis try to be that guy. Robbie is mentored by River.

    River Pierce mentors Robbie to win an award while Lily has dreams of her perfect guy, but never sees his face. River doesn't give Robbie great mentoring advice, and Travis and Ray want to be Lily's dream guy. Robbie decides to expose River as a con man, but backs down when he realizes the mentoring advice may have helped. Lily secretly discovers the man of her dreams is River, but doesn't inform Travis or Ray.

    This episode was like a dream. It was entertaining with Travis and Ray's conflict starting to heat up and River Pierce proving to be an intriguing character, and it left some unanswered questions.

    Why is Lily now extremely fickle, deaf to her friend's words, and blind to two friends' feelings? Why is Travis becoming so much like Ray? And exactly what did Robbie accomplish by ignoring Kim?

    Lily says she isn't sure if her dream guy is Travis or Ray. She notices that the duo is acting weird since she mentioned her dream. But once she realizes she was dreaming of River, Lily talks to him without telling Ray or Travis the truth. If that wasn't bad enough, she is talking to River after Robbie told her that the guy was a con man. Maybe Lily will be more decisive and considerate next week.

    Unfortunately, Travis may still be on this path away from his old, thoughtful self. Previously, he was the moody loner with deep thoughts and a gentle, spiritual aura around him. Now, he's sticking straws in the hair of the girl he loves, and is as eager to see Robbie be dissed by River as Ray is. It seems Ray is bringing out the slightly immature side of Travis... or maybe the old Travis wasn't the true Travis.

    Robbie shows his meaner side whenhe ignores Kim because of River's advice and then says it solved his problem with Kim. However, the only shown consequence of ignoring Kim is a hurt Cougar Radio DJ who was kind enough to set up Robbie's mentoring with River in the first place. She talks to Robbie sweetly and he gives her the cold brush off. How this is bringing them closer together in Robbie's eyes is anyone's guess.

    Hopefully next week will be a real dream come true.
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