Radio Free Roscoe - Season 1

Black Family Channel (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • All or Nothing
    All or Nothing
    Episode 26
    Robbie has to run the show on his own after the others leave because of problems with love, betrayal, and their confusion about their feelings for each other. When word gets out about their demise, Principal Waller and Kim see their way in to finally bring down the radio station.
  • The Awful Truth
    The Awful Truth
    Episode 25
    Confusion and tension are in the air for the gang. With Travis not being upfront about what happened with Lily, and Ray's accusation, could the station finally be over because of this? Robbie valiantly soldiers on but has his own problems regarding Kim.
  • More Than a Single
    More Than a Single
    Episode 24
    Lily gets the chance to finally get one of her songs made properly as Travis wants to produce it. The song is a major hit and brings the two of them closer together. Robbie gets the chance to appear on Cougar radio but will he be able to give them what they want?moreless
  • The Bad Boy
    The Bad Boy
    Episode 23
    Robbie has to try to shake off his new 'model student' image after starring in a school video, when he meets a rebellious girl he likes. Ray meanwhile, is having a run of bad luck after losing his lucky charm.
  • The Boxer
    The Boxer
    Episode 22
    When the Principle takes over a history lesson, he proves his knowledge of past events isn't really up to scratch, so Travis intends to expose him. Robbie finds a way of making the Cougar calanders more marketable for Kim.
  • Zen and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance
    Lily wants to help make Travis' birthday a special one, even if he is reluctant to do so himself. Ray is on a mission to find out who stole Robbie's bike.
  • Gossip
    Episode 20
    Waller tries harder than ever to shut down the radio station after they tell the listeners about his crush on the English teacher.
  • This Just In
    This Just In
    Episode 19
    The crew have to try to get everything back to how it usually is after Waller creates a "Happy People, Happy Planet" campaign. Lily is desperate to pass physics so enlists the help of Ed and Ted to get her through it.
  • How to Lose a Girl, Part 2
    The best way to get closer to a girl? Get her to help you break up with your obnoxious GF.
  • How to Lose a Girl
    How to Lose a Girl
    Episode 18
    Ray really wants to break up with his girlfriend so asks Lily if she can help him which in turn, makes his chances with Lily much more likely.
  • Written in the Stars
    Travis records a radio segment that shows his feelings for Audrey and RFR takes a bit if a break from being on the air.
  • Pig-malion
    Episode 16
    Ray thinks that by asking Lily to change him into the perfect boyfriend, she may fall for him. RFR have to start playing adverts for Radio Hut after they gave them some new equipment.
  • Girl Talk Radio
    Girl Talk Radio
    Episode 15
    When Lily can't make the show, "Miss Communication" fills in, another alter ego for Travis. When 'she' becomes popular, it leads to the question, will Smog ever return? Elsewhere, Mickey's band NTropy, need some help making a name for themselves.
  • Count on Me
    Count on Me
    Episode 14
    Travis and Robbie have an accident with Lily's amp so they need to make some money to get her a new one. Travis sells 'antiques' on the air and Robbie gets a job working at Mickey's.
  • Sports Ray-dio
    Sports Ray-dio
    Episode 13
    Ray can't turn down the chance of fame so takes on a role for Cougar Radio but realises he misses his old station.
  • Call of the Cougar
    Call of the Cougar
    Episode 12
    Lily makes a mixed CD which Robbie thinks is her telling him she loves him, and Ray takes things too far when he steals the school's mascot.
  • My Pal Pronto
    My Pal Pronto
    Episode 11
    Ray loses his rights as a family member at home and becomes a 'boarder' so they decide to make a radio show about it. Lily can't think up a cool greeting message for the answering machine.
  • Crush Me
    Crush Me
    Episode 10
    Lily needs to work out how to deal with her latest crush on her teacher when things go badly. Travis and Robbie play a game of "torpedo" and Travis wins. Later on, Robbie says it was beginners luck and Travis wonders why Robbie is getting upset over a game.
  • Detention Redemption
    The detention room is the place to be for the station's crew and they realise that if the show isn't airing, then people may become suspicious that it's them who are running it.
  • The Imposter
    The Imposter
    Episode 8
    The crew begin to wonder whether they will have to reveal who they really are, in order to make people realise that the imposter Smog is not really Travis. To do this he is going to DJ at a party to show his talent.
  • Political in Pink
    Political in Pink
    Episode 7
    After telling the whole school her plans for the future, she is encouraged to run for president but then she realizes something...
  • I Am Question Mark
    I Am Question Mark
    Episode 6
    RFR may have gone too far once too many when they air a tape showing Principal Waller as a teenager. Now Waller is on the warpath and is determined to find out the true identity of Question Mark.
  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent
    Episode 5
    Robbie has to decide whether the radio station is more important than his latest crush. Meanwhile, Ray tries to impress Lily by behaving more grown up.
  • Radio Wars
    Radio Wars
    Episode 4
    After Kim Carlisle calls their show lame the gang make a spoof version of her show. This provokes a lot of things neither party really means and they end up questioning whether they are doing the radio station for the right reasons.
  • About a Girl
    About a Girl
    Episode 3
    When Lily starts hanging out with the prettiest girl in school, Audrey, it really gets the guys attention. At first they can't believe what they are seeing, Lily in a dress! Flirting with a cute guy! But it is Ray that is most effected by what he is seeing. Everyone is busy trying to get or to avoid a love life. Will things work out for all of them?moreless
  • On the Air
    On the Air
    Episode 2
    Our four heroes make plans for their first radio broadcast after school. Flyers are up advertising their show, Robbie is making detailed programming plans, Travis is setting up the equipment and they are all trying to come up with names for their alter egos. Meanwhile at school all the talk is the career aptitude tests that every student in the ninth grade is being forced to take. Soon the day of the first broadcast is up and everyone is nervous - too nervous?moreless
  • The Power of Radio
    The Power of Radio
    Episode 1
    Four youngsters join forces to set up an alternative radio station that is different to the Cougar Radio station who doesn't air what people believe should be.