Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 21

Stand Up and Deliver

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 22, 2005 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Lily and Parker practice a new song. Lily encourages Parker to write a song as well.

At school, Robbie joins Lily, Parker and Travis. They talk about the fact that Parker is trying to write a song about Travis.

Ray hangs out with Grace. His older brother teases him with River.

Parker tells Lily she finished the song already. Lily is surprised. Lily is proud that she encouraged Parker to write songs.

At RFR, Pronto is upset about bullies, especially his brother. Ray is pretty rude to the listeners. His friends tell him that he must stand up to his brother Tim. Travis tells him to figure out his weaknesses.

At Mickey's, the Northern Brothers perform. Ray goes up on stage to announce the next performers, but first he does a stand-up comedy section about his brother Tim.

Meanwhile Parker plays a song to Lily – it sounds rather creepy. Parker wants No Man's Land to play it soon – Lily is shocked.

Back in school Parker is all excited about writing a song. Parker and Travis take off. Lily complains to Robbie she couldn't tell Parker that her song isn't any good.

Tim is upset because Ray told some embarrassing stories about him at Mickey's. Even River congratulates Ray. Tim is seriously upset.

Lily approaches Parker. She doesn't have the heart to tell her the song sucks.

After RFR, Lily admits she's a jealous of Parker writing her first song.

Back at Mickey's Tim listens to Ray's latest stand up performance. He starts with some boring jokes about his dad. River and the others demand more joked about Tim. Hence Ray delivers, which of course, upsets Tim – especially as it appears Ray tells a story which Tim never, ever wanted to get out – and Ray promised he wouldn't tell. Everyone loves him however. Tim leaves upset.

Meanwhile No Man's Land is practicing. Parker and Lily fight over some artistic details and so Parker leaves upset.

At school, No Man's Land still fights over the dispute last night and they argue over their performance tonight. Lily claims to be the boss as lead-singer.

Ray and Travis talk about Tim and Travis points out that Ray went too far. Tim complains to Ray. In school people even wear t-shirts making fun of Tim.

Parker complains to Travis that Lily is being bossy. Parker thinks tonight will be the last No Man's Land performance.

At RFR, Lily is still not fine that Parker started to write a song. Robbie admits that he didn't like Shady Lane performing at RFR.

Outside Ray complains to Travis that he can't get back on stage and not make fun of Tim. Travis tries to stop him. Travis tells him to find another target.

At Mickey's, Parker is still upset.

Inside Ray makes fun of himself rather than Tim.

On stage Lily apologizes to Parker and so she can play her song she wrote about Travis.

After the show Ray hangs out with Tim and River. They have fun together.

In Lily's basement, Parker and Lily are friends again. Then Megan comes up with something that kills the mood: she wrote a song as well!