Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 21

Stand Up and Deliver

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 22, 2005 on Black Family Channel

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  • Stands up and delivers a great episode.

    This episode about rising above is on par with Radio Free Roscoe's other well-written comedic episodes.

    While most characters end up in positions similar to how they began, there was plenty of growing up done by Lily and Ray. Not to forget the character development of Robbie, Travis and Parker.

    Lily begins and ends Stand Up And Deliver as the encouraging friend to Parker. In between, she's the jealous friend, shocked and intimidated by Parker's song writing talent. Who knew Parker could write so quickly and so well? Certainly not Lily. Vainly trying to prove her skills superior, Lily changes the song for the worst and then insults her bandmate- if this is how it is when they're unknowns, the band may not survive fame.

    Robbie offers Lily some friendly advice, admitting he too has had to deal with sharing a spotlight he thought would mainly belong to him. Demonstrating how mature and understanding he is, Lily is actually surprised by his admission. She admits she never noticed his previous unease with Question Mark's wonderings being less popular than Shady Lane's music and Pronto's segments.

    Luckily, Lily comes to her senses while on stage, which doesn't win her points for timing but the effort and results were good. At least Parker and Megan accept her apology.

    While Lily dealt with her student, Parker, exceeding her expectations, Ray's brother Tim tries to do the same with Ray. Wanting to look cool to River, Tim embarrasses Ray.

    In steps Travis, who's sage-side has decided to speak-up after many episodes of silence. First, he channels Sun Tzi, suggesting Ray find Tim's weaknesses and exploit them. Using his strength, Ray embarrasses Tim on stage, and the joke-disguised mud-slinging between the pair quickly escalates.

    Viewers learn more about Tim and his relationship with Ray in this episode than in all other episodes combined, and none of the information seems out of place. Of course the audience would learn about Tim's day camp experience from Ray on stage.

    It seems Travis' advice is just off its mark throughout this episode. Despite usually having a helpful quote for any situation, Parker doesn't appreciate the quote he uses after she tells him about her problems with Lily. And he's not even hurt by her response. It's just another example of the series ignoring the expected to make a great scene.

    After realizing Ray's taken his advice too far, Travis reminds the "funniest guy (he's) ever met" that Ray's made his point and it's time he found a new target.

    Unfortunately for Travis, the results of this suggestion are also not exactly what he'd wanted. Still, it's great to see Ray's Travis impressions and the Brennan brothers finally getting along. Besides, Travis grudgingly accepts the spotlight ribbing as part of the familiar mock you/mock me side of his friendship with Ray.

    Perhaps Travis is still dealing with Garth Chilmchut's song, "Travis Strong go back to Hong Kong."

    Stand Up And Deliver does just that and the result is a terrific.