Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 19

The All-Nighter

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 08, 2005 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Ray wants to select who has to stay in line for 9 hours to get concert tickets. None of the four friends want to. Parker walks by and says she'll do it. Robbie tells her how grateful he is and tells her Travis will join her – he who doesn't know what just hit him.

Robbie presents a CD: RFR All-Nighter. The show starts at 11pm for a special all night show. Robbie, Ray and Lily are in the studio.

In front of Mickey's tons of people wait. Travis as well and finally Parker arrives with some mobile chairs. Parker has to defend the walking into the line to join up with Travis. She asks him what he wants to do, but he has no plan.

At midnight, Lily has a surprise for the guys: she found the time capsule they made on their first all nighter. Lily and Ray want to open it, but Robbie doesn't want to.

In front of Mickey's everyone is listening to RFR.

Lily takes out a picture and the show makes a flashback into the day where the young kids took that picture. They remember some traditions like Ray's famous words "best of both worlds" and Lily hitting his arm. They remember Travis: He is indeed searching for topics to talk about with Parker, just what Lily suspects.

They start to play some sneeze game. How many sneezes until somebody in the line says something. Then they play 20 questions. They stop after the first one to eat some pudding.

Meanwhile Robbie has fallen asleep and holds the time capsule in his arm. Lily takes the capsule away. Lily manages to grab it. Inside is a letter with some secrets and Robbie is upset as he wants to wait the 10 years to open it.

Back on air, three tiny letters from the time capsule with three secrets are about to be opened. Ray's secret is rather unspectacular.

Next up is Question Mark's secret. Ray reads it (silently) and just eats it. Lily leaves upset. Ray and Robbie argue over that secret.

Travis and Parker play a new game: lie to each other. Somehow the name Lily is mentioned and so Parker leaves upset to get some beach ball.

At 4 am, Lily is asleep. Robbie feels guilty about his 6 year old secret. They talk about Winster, apparently Lily's pet, a hamster. She plays the song she used to play to her hamster – the show also flashes back the 6 years (however the kids look like they are about six, or seven, but certainly not 8-9).

Parker and Travis talk to each other again, but things are rather hostile. So she has a new game called "truth or truth". She starts with admitting that she is jealous of Lily. He admits that he's glad they got to know each other – Parker is so upset by that.

At 5 am, Lily states that she feels guilty that the boys never were allowed to play with her hamster. That's it for Robbie: he admits that he and Ray killed that pet! Flashback again. The hamster ran away and while chasing it, they accidentally stepped on it (well Ray). They put him back into the cage then.

They replaced the hamster the next day with one from another boy and paid the hamster with donuts!

Lily is so upset after she hears those words. She leaves them alone.

At 6 am, as a wakeup song, Lily plays a song dedicated to some former friends.

Parker and Travis are also almost asleep. Travis admits his feelings, but Parker just fell asleep.

At 7:55 am, they have 5 more minutes to fill: so they open Lily's secret: it's a picture secretly taken of the boys back then. It shows the boys in their underwear. After that they are friends again.

Parker wakes up, and Travis wants to kiss her, but then it's 8 am and Mickey's opens, so they can't kiss again.

At RFR, they fill the time capsule with the CD of the night.

Monday at school, Ray asks Travis and Parker if anything exciting happened. Travis and Parker say no, but as they walk away holding hands, it's pretty obvious something happened that night!