Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 19

The All-Nighter

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 08, 2005 on Black Family Channel

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  • Truth or truth. Great or great.

    The All Nighter tackles the tough philosophical conundrum, is honesty the best policy? Their conclusion: yes but it'll probably make one hope for a lie.

    While Travis and Parker spend nine hours in line outside Mickey's waiting for Trews concert tickets, Robbie, Ray and Lily man the radio station. Both stories are well done. Though Lily's song to her hamster was slightly eerie.

    As Ray puts it, the three lifetime friends "can totally wallow in (their) past because Travis isn't (there)" and learn secrets they sealed away in a time capsule box years ago during their first all-nighter. Ray confesses that he farted-- not that the other two hadn't figured it out at the time. Robbie admits to helping Ray hide the fact they accidentally killed Lily's beloved hamster, Winston Hairrington- the one she fried was Winston Hairrington the Third. Lily reveals she snapped a photo of the boys fighting in their underwear-- okay, that was kind of eerie too.

    Strong friendship and understanding is shown since both guys knew how Lily would react and actually went on a midnight hunt for a hamster, and Lily comes to grips with their continued lies to protect her. Granted, the way to Heck is paved with good intentions but they walked through the fire and back and seem stronger for it. Lily may have over-reacted a bit by stomping off into the booth but all of the scenes (dialogue and acting) were true to the characters, despite their oddities.

    The same can be said for Travis and Parker. Can anyone say they are surprised by the types of games Parker plays while waiting in line? Or that she is slightly jealous of Lily?

    The Hong Kong Casanova's nervousness is understated here and more acceptable than in the previous episode. It's understandable that the guy who's been "flattened by the Love Truck" quite a few times before doesn't want to rush this.

    The series deserves more respect for doing the unexpected, doing what was right for the show rather than catering to perhaps what viewers (and characters) may have wanted. Some probably wished Travis and Parker would passionately kiss and certainly hoped for more than their subtle implied agreement to take the friend/romantic relationship slowly. Radio Free Roscoe is better for choosing this course, as it is for creating this episode.

    Focusing on characters, The All Nighter has greatness evident in storylines, dialogue, casting (the kids playing Lily, Robbie and Ray were perfect) and acting.