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Radio Free Roscoe

Season 1 Episode 8

The Imposter

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 12, 2003 on Black Family Channel
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Episode Summary

The Imposter
The crew begin to wonder whether they will have to reveal who they really are, in order to make people realise that the imposter Smog is not really Travis. To do this he is going to DJ at a party to show his talent.

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    Jennifer Miller

    Jennifer Miller

    Erin Kiminski

    Guest Star

    Daniela Gonzalez

    Daniela Gonzalez

    Paige Garcia

    Guest Star

    William Greenblatt

    William Greenblatt

    Leon Appleton ('Smog')

    Guest Star

    Kenny Robinson

    Kenny Robinson

    Mickey Stone

    Recurring Role

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      • Ray: Lily, pick a number.
        Lily: Ray come on. We've been doing this forever. I know for a fact that under every flap it says the same thing. (reads) You smell like poo.

      • Travis: I didn't bust Leon because it would have meant admitting that I want to belong and as much as I do, I don't think I know how.

      • Ray: My hair is perfect, my breath smells good, I have my pick-up line...
        Robbie: It doesn't happen to be that "I've forgot my phone number, could I have yours?" line, is it?
        Ray: So my hair's perfect, and my breath's good.

      • Ray: I've narrowed it down to 4 shirts and 4 pants.
        Robbie: Your "friends" shirt isn't one of them, is it?
        Ray: Ok, so I've narrowed it down to 3 shirts and 4 pants.

      • Leon: I'm just warming up! It's not my fault that I have carpotonnel syndrome!
        Lily: I can't hear it but I'm sure that was really bad!...I wonder why that sucked out loud!

      • Travis: This is Smog coming at you from a little place I'd now like to call… home.

      • Ray: How could you let him take credit for our work like that?
        Travis: Technically, it's my work and what was I supposed to do, say, 'No, I'm smog'? We're secret, remember? Plus, it's kinda cool actually having a doppleganger.
        Ray: A whataganger?
        Robbie: Your evil twin...
        Ray: Oh and here I thought it would be something WEIRD!
        Travis: That means alot coming from a guy wearing a retainer around his neck.
        Ray: Some might say it's romantic...

      • Ray: I'm sorry ok and I have the papaya size brusie on my arm to prove it.

      • Lily: You made that mix didn't you?
        Travis: No… maybe… yah.

      • Ray: You already hit me.
        Lily: It's a five whack offense.

      • Lily: What's a two point conversion?
        Travis: I don't know, my family's not that religious.

      • Lily: If you call me one more time...I will tell everyone that you played with a doll until you were six.
        Robbie: It was a female action figure.
        Lily: With a Dream Home… Please!

      • Paige: Sometimes my dad's so embarassing when he calls me pumpkin.
        Ray: Is that because you have a big head?

      • Ray: You barely ever talk, you push buttons. A monkey could do that!
        Travis: Nice, very nice.
        Robbie: Travis let's talk about this.
        Ray: I meant a smart monkey, the kind that wear the little top hats.

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