Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 26

The Last Dance

Aired Friday 12:00 AM May 27, 2005 on Black Family Channel

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  • Everyone begins to plan their summer schedules, leaving the fate of their radio station uncertain.

    First of all; I really enjoyed this show/episode, it was a great after school show!
    I think Lily and Ray are really nice together, and Robbie and Kim aswell.
    It's a shame Travis had to leave but I think he's better of in Japan with all his budism talk.
    Though there's one thing I didn't really liked': the River Pierce thing, as much as I think Ray and Lily are nice together she's better with River Pierce, but hey, you can't have everything.
    Well what more is there left to say..I'll just say this: a great ending to a great show!
  • Ray and Lily show their true feelings and date.Travis leave paker and goes to Hongkong.Robbie wants to save the station which is impossible because every one has summer plans.Robbie meets kim and they get back together.

    Lily must choose either Ray or River.Travis recieves a phone call from his dad in Hong kong stating to go back home.Robbie feels he should move on from kim and find a new chicka.Robbie meets Kim and dates again.River makes a song for Lily.Lily must choose either Ray or River for the last dance.Lily chose River then dumped him because she knew Ray was always her first call.Ray and Lily date.Kim offers Robbie summer together @a radio station.Travis says goodbye to his friends moments after his dance with Parker.RFR goes off the air.That show was nice but now i'ts over.
  • the summer nears at roscoe, and everyone figures out there path for the summer.

    i think this was a great ending episode. everyone seemed happy in the end...except for travis/parker, and the listners to RFR. personally, they should bring back the show. theres still more room to built up another plot, like travis comes back from hong-kong but he finds his part at RFR replaced by someone else.... possibly parker. or we can see what happens in the summer for everyone like how travis is dealing with hong-kong or. or mabey parker will meet a new man during there mall tour. anyways like the show said "anything can happen. but thats my opinion, let me hear yours.
  • this is a reaally good episode to end the series

    This is really good way to end the series.Having ray be dumped by grace and realizing how much he wants to be with lily trying so hard for lily to pick him.Having kim coming back for robbyand trying him to convince him to come to paris with her. Then have a very touching ending with travis and parker with being trapped in principal wallers office while dancing to the song they can hear. And finnaly having lily dump river when she realizes how much she really likes ray and having them meet in the rfr studio all of them.that is all.
  • The Best RFR Episode by afar and a great season finale.

    The Best RFR Episode by afar and a great season finale. Basically what happens is that Travis needs to go back to China, Ray gets dumped by Grace, Lily and River break up and then they all go the the dance. The best line is at the end when Travis says "Before I leave let me just say one thing - You've Got Callers" Another funny part is when Ray keeps pestering Lily because River gives her lilys. I can't belive it's over i've seen every episode. RFR is the best. "The Season Finales Are Always The Saddest And The Best" Bring back the best show on earth "Radio Free Roscoe"

  • Wonderful conclusion to a wonderful series.


    Caution contains spoilers!

    This is Radio Free Roscoe’s concluding episode and it’s one of their best. We get to see all of the character arcs reach a successful conclusion. Robbie gets his girl, and a summer job at a radio station. Ray finally gets together with Lillie. Lillie finally realizes that she loves Ray and Travis leaves knowing that he’s made a number of great friends. I know that somehow troubles make for more engaging storylines but it’s nice to see a show that bucks that trend and comes up with good storylines AND a happy ending.

    This is that rare TV teen drama where the problems are manageable, the kids make believable choices and there are very few parents in sight. I like all the characters and wouldn’t mind having any of them as friends. It’s what life could be with better writers.

    I know I’ll miss these guys but it’s always better to leave your audience wanting more.
  • A combination of possibly every positive classification above, as well as tearjerker.

    The Last Dance was the beautifully presented end of our adventures in Roscoe.

    We see great contrasts in the characters, between now and when we first met her. Robbie has found his radio voice, and is openly dating someone who shares his common interest in the radio. Ray has gained his comedian status as the full-time MC at Mickey's. Lily is well on her way to becoming a rock star, and well over her crippling stage fright that originally held her back. Travis has learned to accept his past, bring it with him, and be more open.

    The road to change was not easy for our Roscoe crew, having to deal with secret dating, reputations, broken friendships and more. By the end of it all, they are becoming what they want, and have someone to be there with them. Ray and Lily have finally stopped chasing each other, Kim and Robbie finally bring their relationship into the open, and Travis has found someone who is both so much like him, and yet so different.

    While the start of the series brought our characters together, the end has them going their seperate ways, yet still being close. Travis is returning to Hong Kong, Robbie is spending his summer with Kim, Lily has a summer mall tour with her band, and Ray has his MC gig at Mickeys.

    The episode was beautiful, definitely one of the best, but my advice is to keep some kleenex, because it gets pretty emotional.
  • I loved radio free was my FAVOURITE show ever..Everday at 7:00 im like only half an hour left until my fav show comes on..I love Ray hes so cute and im glad he finally ended up with his dream girl...but i wish rfr wasnt over..all the other show

    whats a review? umm how in the world am i going to make this 50 words long if i do not know what a review is? hmm i\\\'ll just talk more about rfr..well Im really sad that it is over:( and i wish it would come back and stay forever.
  • Gets two flying drumsticks way up.

    The Last Dance is a superb episode, about how the gang’s summer plans threaten the fate of R.F.R.. Ray has a chance to perform more at Mickey’s, Lily and No Man’s Land could get a summer mall tour, and Travis is leaving for Hong Kong.

    It subtlety showcases the progress each character has made with the series’ usual clever blend of comedy and drama.

    In the beginning, there were four single kids starting grade nine. Three were best friends from childhood and the fourth, a strange loner.

    They were dreading their career aptitude test predictions. Robbie was to become a farmer when he wanted to be on the radio. Ray was destined for dentistry when he didn’t know what he wanted to be. Lily was supposed to become a musician even though she battled stage-fright and didn’t think she was good enough. Travis was to be a lawyer, which he disliked.

    As an escape and to anonymously find their voices in a world of encouraged conformity, of being who others wanted them to be, the quartet created an underground radio station.

    In the end, there are four dating best friends finishing grade nine, eager to meet the future they’re deciding for themselves and hoping to continue with a popular underground radio station which gives themselves and others another voice in a world of encouraged conformity.

    Robbie, the impassioned driving force of R.F.R., has grown as a journalist and a person. He now has journalism experience in radio and print, and has learned quite a bit about integrity and being true to oneself. He is finally dating Kim Carlisle without trying to hide the relationship as was the case before she went to Paris.

    Ray, the comic relief of R.F.R., has found his spotlight and the recognition he’s been wanting since the series began. More importantly, the young kid who was too afraid to tell Lily he liked her during all of season one has become the young man who boldly but respectfully told Lily he liked her and she should be with him, not River, in the series finale. The “true freacher” will even miss Travis “Hey man” Alien Strong.

    Travis, the technical guru and sort of wise man of R.F.R., has finally learned to accept and carry his past, deciding not to steal his permanent record. As he said in The Imposter, Travis found a home in Roscoe and he has learned the distances between people aren’t so vast; the world is small. As if that wasn’t enough, he produced a single for Lily, became manager and producer of No Man’s Land and is dating Parker, who will probably make their long-distance relationship work.

    Lily, the songtress of R.F.R., has learned she is good enough to be a professional musician and overcame her stage-fright. This young woman has put out CDs, gotten a mall tour with a band of friends, Megan and Parker, performed at Sound Wave, and opened for The Trews. The lone female DJ at R.F.R. has gone from hanging with just guys in the series pilot to knowing about girl stuff and rocking with girls and guys. She has even grown enough to respectfully dump River for Ray, her first call.

    As usual, the story flows wonderfully, with a balance of humour, romance and drama. Every event and character action felt right and appropriate.

    And there are great surprises like seeing the cafeteria lady from the series pilot and Principal Waller dancing with high school students. The fact that Parker cleverly kept Travis believing Waller’s office door was locked by distracting him until he decided to accept his past was funny and different. Generally, other shows would have had Waller find them.

    The actors also did a terrific job, using just the right amount of emotion in each scene. When Travis said good-bye, there could have been over-the-top bawling. Instead, viewers saw restrained sadness and there was a sense tears were near, keeping the focus on what Travis and the others had gained rather than what they were losing.

    This series finale, intended as a season finale, is a fitting end that stays true to a great, refreshingly different and entertaining intelligent comedy series.
  • I't was basically about four teenagers that started an underground radio station to find their voice.Ray and Lily bestfriends/coworkers hook up and break up with their partners.Travis the philosopher of the group leaves his girlfriend Parker because he re

    I loved the last dance episode of Radio Free Roscoe.I\'ts my second favorite show ever created .I\'t was sad that Travis left for Hong Kong but i\'t was great that Lily left River Pierce for Ray.Ray was her first call and Grace left Ray because she felt he truly loved Lily.I laughed I singed along to No Mans Land\'s superman song I also cried.I like that they brought back Kim for Robbie.I\'ts a great show I wish i\'t wasn\'t cancelled.