Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 26

The Last Dance

Aired Friday 12:00 AM May 27, 2005 on Black Family Channel



  • Trivia

    • The last thing said in this episode (by Lily: "This is Radio Free Roscoe, you are on the air") is exactly the same thing Ray said at the end of the episode "On the Air".

    • The first song played at the dance, they show Parker dancing to the same song that Parker was dancing to in her first episode on the show - 'A Class, A Semester, A Lifetime.'

  • Quotes

    • Ray: So how was the dance?
      Lily: Well, there I was dancing with the most popular guy in school, and I could only think about one thing.
      Ray: Is he looking at me or his own reflection?

    • Lily: This is Radio Free Roscoe. You are on the air.

    • Lily: You were my first call. You've always been my first call. And sometimes it feels like things haven't even happened yet, until I've called and told you about it.

    • Smog: Buddha's final words were, "All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting." I think we are realizing that very fact here. The reason we started RFR was to find our voice. Now that we have maybe it's time to move on. I know I am.

    • Parker: Nanny Haynes says the person you call first is, "The One".

    • Parker: I called Travis to tell him Garth Chilmchut smelled like a kiwi.
      Travis: The bird, not the fruit.

    • Parker: I've never actually danced a slow dance with a boy before. I once danced with a slow boy but that was more weird than romantic.

    • Travis: Look, Parks, I've been around the world, I've studied philosophies, I've pondered life's greatest mysteries, but the only thing I need to know right now is, may I have this dance?

    • Caller: If it wasn't for RFR, I never would have made it through the year.
      Ray: That means a lot.

    • Caller: You may have found your voice, but RFR was our voice too.

    • Travis: Robbie, life made my world big, man, but you made it small. And for that, I thank you.

    • Travis: Lily, you are an old soul with a rock 'n roll attitude. You can say more in one song than most people can say in an entire lifetime.
      Lily: I love you Travis.
      Travis: I love you too.

    • Robbie: Okay, if you don't tell me what happened to the real Kim, I'll be forced to call the authorities.

    • Lily: This is RFR. You are on the air!

    • Ray: You say River is the one but he doesn't know why you like them (lillies). He thinks it's because your name is Lily but if he was the one then he would know it's because when your hamster died, you buried him in a lilly field.

    • Ed: Tonight, we're MC HyperfunkmasterEDiddyIceDaddy...
      Ted: ...and Ted.

    • Travis: You've been a true freacher - that's friend and teacher, best of both worlds.

    • Lily: My swish wish is that No Man's Land gets the mall tour, but Robbie doesn't get mad, and that's Travis stays in Roscoe.
      Ray: That's one serious wish.
      Lily: Well, what's the point of wishing for something if it doesn't mean anything to you?
      Ray: Well, in that case. My swish wish is that you realize that I'm the one.

    • River: Do me a favor, stay away from Lily. Got it?

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