Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 24

The Trews About Rock & Roll

Aired Friday 12:00 AM May 20, 2005 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

At Mickey's the Trews sign copies of their CD. Travis tries to convince Lily to ask them, if they could open for them at their gig. While they take a picture together, Lily slips one of the guys her CD with a note "we rock too, pick us".

At school, Parker doesn't think they stand a chance. Robbie tells her he could try to get RFR to make an interview with No Man's Land so their image would be boosted.

Lily bores River with the picture she has from the Trews. River is busy with an application for an internship he really wants. They set to meet tonight so she can play some of her new stuff to him.

Grace and Ray walk down the hallways. Tomorrow, the day of the Trews concert, will also be the four month anniversary of their first date. They fight over his plans for tomorrow.

At RFR, Pronto complains that girls expect him to read their mind (meaning Grace does so). Shady Lane replies he has to when he's in a real relationship with a real connection.

At home, River listens to Lily's latest song. He likes it. She wants him to read her mind. He guesses she's hungry, which isn't the case of course. He then tells her he has to go and write a five page essay about why he should get that internship – he complains that five pages just aren't enough.

Lily is left a bit disappointed.

Robbie makes an interview with Megan and Parker. Lily joins them as she isn't hanging with River anymore. Then the announcement comes: The Trews will have No Man's Land as their opening band. The girls are super excited!

At school, Travis gives Ray some advice on how to deal with Grace's expectations. Later he presents his super romantic ideas to her. She doesn't like them. She wants a quiet romantic dinner.

Lily announces that No Man's Land managed to get the afternoon off (along with Robbie who follows them with his microphone). So they day goes on with preparations for the concert.

At RFR they broadcast Robbie's documentary about No Man's Land. Travis and Robbie will be at the concert backstage and Ray plans to be in the crowd.

River is at Cougar Radio and Lily gives him a backstage pass to the concert. He explains that he'll have dinner with the company's chairman where he applied to and he plans to score major points there. So he'll not be able to make it. She leaves disappointed.

At Mickey's Grace isn't really happy how her dinner with Ray went. She complains that everything is over the top – all the stuff Ray organized. She complains he always plans a new punch line or major event.

At the sound check of No Man's Land, things don't really go well. Lily is hung up on River and leaves.

The tension is tight, when Ray shows up and brings coffee for everyone. They don't know where Lily is. Only Ray manages to find her. She tells him River isn't coming. Ray explains that Grace won't be coming as well. Lily complains that River doesn't even understand why this night is so important to her. Ray talks to her to make her feel better.

At the Water Factory everyone waits for No Man's Land, but Lily isn't around yet. Then she arrives at the latest possible time and then they rock the place. They play all the songs they have recorded so far. (the show presents some medley).

Then the Trews are up and even promise Robbie an interview for RFR. Of course the Trews rock the place as well.

In the crowd Grace and Ray finally talk. She thought he did all that stuff because he was bored but he did it because he was afraid she was bored. They kiss.

Backstage Lily is looking for River and he really shows up to her surprise. He got out of the dinner pretending to be sick and he brings Lily flowers. He confesses his love to her. She's really happy.

Meanwhile the Trews keep on rocking the place (unlike No Man's Land they plan several songs in full length). In the crowd Lily is with River and Ray with Grace, but it appears she wishes that she's with Ray. Grace notices it as well.
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