Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 13

There Will Be No Encore Tonight

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 10, 2004 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

No Man's Land rocks in Lily's basement. Parker is all excited that in a couple of days they'll perform in front of 200 people. When Lily thinks about that, she's a bit freaked out.

Kim and River are broadcasting for Cougar Radio. When she spots Robbie she walks out and kisses him. She thinks it's time to let everyone know they are a couple. Robbie isn't sure and then Ray tells Robbie to call Travis cell, as he's expecting a call from Bridget this morning. Then Ray notices Kim and she scares him off. Robbie thinks he's just not entirely ready.

In the cafeteria Travis waits for Bridget to call. Lily thinks it's pathetic. Grace has a tip for Lily as she once again has stage fright: pick one person out of the crowd and sing to that person. First Ray then Robbie mock Travis with prank phone calls.

At RFR, Robbie questions if it's best to let everyone know you're in love or not. Then Bridget finally calls Travis. He takes off to Mickey's as Bridget is waiting there. Lily tells Ray he has given her some good input lately.

Bridget and Travis sit down at a table at Mickey's. They talk about old times. Travis is all excited.

No Man's Land is exercising again. Then they take a break and Lily and Parker talk a bit. Parker thinks Lily can't mess up Ray and Grace now, but Lily feels she has no choice.

At school, Lily sits down with Grace. They talk about Grace. He explains he really likes her, but he's scared somehow.

Travis has made tons of plans for him and Bridget. Parker mocks him. She tells him to confess his love to Bridget.

Kim stops Robbie: she wants to figure out what Robbie is hiding and wants to commit to a relationship. River approaches them. He invites her to Soundwaves.

In the hallways: Grace has a gift for Lily: a guitar ribbon – as a good luck present. It's actually something really special, from some blues singer Lily really likes. Then the question comes: she asks if Ray likes her. She explains he often seems distracted. Megan explains she has fallen in love with Ray. Lily has the show on her mind tonight.

In her basement, Lily writes another song. Parker explains Lily always listens to her heart.

At Soundwave, a band is rocking the stage. River and Kim are there together. Travis and Bridget arrive as well. So are Ray and Grace.

Behind the stage Lily explains she really loves Ray and she plans to confess her love to Ray. Parker and Megan try to stop her, but Lily doesn't want to listen.

Robbie is angry at River who announces another band on stage. Kim walks up to him and he basically declares his love to her. She explains they finally could be together: no more secrets. But that's what Robbie wants to keep: his secrets. She walks away from him into River's arms. River who knows what's going on.

Bridget tells Travis that they need to talk: she explains she needs to go. She explains she has to leave because she loves him. So despite he tells her he loves her, she leaves him.

Then River announces No Man's Land. They start to perform, but Lily stops and tells Parker she will sing some different lyrics as she sees Grace and Ray kissing.

Bridget kisses Travis goodbye. Kim and River also get along very well. Lily rocks the floor. When they are done Lily sees Ray and Grace kissing again. Ray and Grace are about to leave and Lily tries to stop them, but to reach Ray through the crowd with her I love you. Still Ray and Grace stop as they think they heard something...
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