Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 13

There Will Be No Encore Tonight

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 10, 2004 on Black Family Channel

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  • Best episode of Radio Free Roscoe.

    This episode is my favorite of all time. I couldn't watch when all the series of unfortunate events were happening. First Travis' love breaks his heart. Kim breaks Robbie's heart by going with River & Lilly tries to tell Ray that she loves him. Out of nowhere the microphone shuts off & she says I love you & she can't tell him. Then I love the metaphor. The cell phone rings but it's all in your imagination, Robbie thinks he thinks he heard Lilly say I love You & continues with stupid Grace, Lilly looked so sad & Grace looked so jealous. Episode was flawless!
  • Lily Wants Ray

    Lily makes another attempt to express her feelings to Ray, Travis attempts to express his feelings to Bridget and Kim attempts to reveal her relationship with Robbie to the world.

    This is it. As the Indie Showcase draws closer, Lily decides to overcome her stage fright by singing directly to Ray about the love in her heart. Since his relationship with Grace is a little rocky, Lily is sure that Ray will hear her heartfelt words and return her feelings. Nothing quite works out as planned though. When Lily sees the potential that Ray and Grace have, she changes her tune, singing an alternate song that tells Ray it\'s okay to move on. Though Kim is ready to go public with her and Robbie\'s relationship, Robbie\'s fear of the complications it will create in his own life leads Kim to believe that perhaps River\'s advances should go ignored no longer. Travis\' timing is way off when he decides to profess his love for Bridget just as she decides to leave Roscoe and live with her mother. Travis and Lily, alone and perplexed, can\'t even image what will happen next.
  • Ouch with a smile.

    When you see someone unintentionally walk into a wall or get hit by a softball, you might say "Ouch" with a smile. They were slightly hurt and you do wish they hadn't hurt themselves, but you know they will survive so you're probably not overcome with sadness. That kind of 'Ouch' is throughout this terrific season finale.

    There were many happy and funny moments. It wasn't depressing or disappointing, but storylines that have been building up for several episodes reached their peaks and descended in unfortunate ways for main characters.

    Take Robbie for example. Since last season, he has encouraged Kim to be more open and honest. She finally wanted to admit their love publicly, and he wanted it to remain hidden. When Kim said no secrets or no relationship, he let her go… right into the arms of River.

    From Kim's perspective, the rejection is especially painful since she had more at risk by admitting the relationship. Robbie's friends might disapprove, but Kim has a popular and important reputation and friends/people who talk to her at school or events.

    Then there are Lily's ‘Ouch' moments. It would be so much easier if Grace were annoying like Ray's former girlfriend, Veronica. Instead, she's sweet, decent, and gave Lily a guitar strap used by Lily's favourite blues singer, "Muddy Legs" Bradley.

    Later, Lily conquered stage fright after battling it since the series began. She even asked for a spotlight on herself at Soundwave, listened to her conscience (played by Parker, not Jimney Cricket) and sang a song to Ray. While those accomplishments deserve praise, the song led to a first kiss for Ray and Grace. Lily's shouted "I Love You" to a departing Ray is lost in the cheering crowd and Ray doesn't know if he heard it or not.

    The scene provokes "Ouch" feelings for Ray. Earlier, he had confessed to Lily that he worried about being with Grace when his true love might be trying to get his attention. He used this neat analogy of a phone ringing while he dried his hair. When he turns off his hair dryer, he's unsure if the ringing phone (a call from his love) was real or imagined.

    Perhaps the most ouch-worthy character was Travis. He was bursting with joy over Bridget's return. Frankly, it was a bit scary seeing him smile for almost a whole episode. When Bridget said they had to talk, Mr. Strong (formerly Mr. "Suffering is good") joked, "no one has ever said anything good after 'we have to talk.'

    Then they have a twisted Jerry Maguire-ish moment. Travis didn't say "You complete me" and Bridget didn't reply, "You had me at 'Hello.'" Rather, Travis said, "I need you. You make me who I am" and Bridget torpedoed that notion.

    This would have been disheartening if it was a break-up, but it wasn't exactly.

    It was Bridget telling Travis he wasn't ready for the relationship. It was a deep in denial Travis, who was reluctant to open up to anyone, telling Bridget that he loves her. She assured him that she loves him too. It was Travis getting a hug and kiss before being left by the girl he thought about everywhere he went for the past 10 months. It was going from Cloud Nine to depths of Heck in 60 seconds.

    There's no telling how he will deal with this. He might fight a bully (like in The Awful Truth), withdraw into himself, or hate Ray and/or Parker for pushing him; pursue Lily as a rebound, pretend everything's fine, or constantly listen to Gary Jules' haunting Mad World.

    Regardless, all characters will muddle through these emotional upheavals and next season there will be more laughs and good times.