Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 4

These Bossy Boots are Made for Walking

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 10, 2004 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

The school dance is tonight and nothing is ready, so Waller complains to Kim. She replies that happens when he gives things to other people than her to organize. He leaves it to her to fix it now. However she must find a co-host from 9th grade. She states she will take the first one she runs into. By chance that happens to be Robbie. He doesn't look happy about his new task.

Kim is the on radio announcing the spirit dance on Cougar Radio. Ray asks Lily if she's going. She replies not even 10 horses can drag her to go. Besides some band will play at Mickey's, so she'll be there.

At RFR, Travis explains Robbie is missing as he has to help Kim in school. The three people left talk about some song they just played. It's "The Pettit Project" and Lily hopes to get an interview with them. Travis pretends to be some record guy on the phone to get Lily that interview.

In the gym, Kim tells some people what a crappy job they're doing and Robbie walks behind her and tells the people what they really have to do. Kim gives them a 5 minute break. When they have all left, she kisses Robbie.

Ray goes off to Mickey's to try to get the band to agree to an interview. Travis gets a call and has already organized it. Lily is so happy.

Robbie and Kim prepare for the opening dance. But then they start a fight. The others walk in and hear everything. Waller brings in Kevin Walker who will perform at the dance. Robbie stands up for Kim, so she can interview him on Cougar Radio.

Lily prepares question at RFR which she plans to ask the Pettit Project.

At school Kim talks to the people decorating. She holds a little speech (while she is dressed like Nancy Regan). She tries to be nice for Robbie. However when she fights with the band over what to play, Robbie questions her again.

RFR starts the interview with The Pettit Project. After the first question Lily asks, Travis asks another question, but then Ray takes over with unconventional questions. Lily isn't happy, but the band is happier to answer things like that rather than the standard questions. Ray is all excited. Lily is mad at him, as he destroyed her interview. She leaves angry.

At school, Kim fights with Robbie over the band. Robbie supports the band, but Kim wants her set list to be played. It goes that far that the band quits.

At Mickey's Ray has a plan how to make up to Lily. He asks the band to sign a CD for Lily.

At school, Kim cancels the dance.

Robbie tries to talk to the school band which complains about the set list. Robbie starts to realize the set list was designed for him and Kim. Robbie thinks he's an idiot. Then The Pettit Project starts to rock Mickey's place.

Then Robbie saves the dance as the Pettit Project joins the school dance. They rock the place.

Then they play Lily's song. That's what Ray organized for her. She thanks him and hugs him. She promises never to forget that night and so they dance. So do Robbie and Kim. But then Travis swoops in and dances with Lily. Soon the three dance together while Robbie and Kim stare into each other's eyes.