Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 4

These Bossy Boots are Made for Walking

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 10, 2004 on Black Family Channel

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  • Robbie and Kim try to put on a dance. Ray and Travis try to impress Lily again. And this week's featured musical group makes everything okay.

    Last week's episode was about taking a step either forward or backward. This week was about people taking missteps and then desperately trying get back on the right footing. First, there's Kim. She was mean to volunteers helping her put on a dance. Robbie (pretty much ordered by Waller to help) puts a softer spin on her comments and strongly suggests she do the same. They argue. Later, her secret beau convinces Waller to let Kim, and not River Pierce, interview a band on Cougar Radio. As an apology for calling Robbie's methods "wishy-washy", Kim tries to be nicer to the others.

    Next, there's Robbie. He disapproved of Kim's treatment of the others and argued against dictating what a band plays at the dance. This led to the band quitting. Only later, he discovers that Kim was only fighting over the songs so there would be a slow song and they, as co-chairs of the dance, would be forced to dance together without others discovering their clandestine love. Predictably, Robbie feels like "the world's biggest idiot."

    Then, there's Ray. He saw how tight Lily and Travis were over a band, The Pettite Project. To weaken that bond, he was going to get Lily an interview with the band… only Travis beat him to it. So when he saw that, despite Travis' efforts to prevent it, the interview was going sour, Ray came to Lily's rescue. Or, at least that was his intention. Instead, Lily was annoyed that her interview became his and her band liked him more.

    Luckily, the Pettite Project "will do anything for a guy in love" and agreed to play Lily's song "Don't Tell Me What To Do" at Kim's dance. Kim slow dances with Robbie in front of everyone. And Lily hugs and thanks Ray, who promptly sticks his tongue out at Travis. Travis breaks up the moment to dance with Lily in front of Ray, who then promptly cuts in.

    And thus, everyone goes back to pretty much the same place they started.
  • How does flirting turn to fighting?

    I would first like to point out that this episode features The Pettit Project who do a performance on the show. It was really good, they did 99 lives. Anyways, Ray continued to try to be the one for Lily, while Robbie and Kim went through some problems. I really like Rom so this episode is one of my favorites.