Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 15

We'll Always Have Roscoe

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Mar 04, 2005 on Black Family Channel

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  • Apocalypse Wow: Friendship reigns, Love survives.

    It's the end of the world as we know it and We'll Always Have Roscoe is fine.

    That is to say, it's the end of the world as we know it with Kim Carlisle at Cougar Radio. Death or others from Revelations will not play the four horsemen, but there will be judgment calls.

    Lily can be called Confusion. She thought she liked Travis as more than a friend, again, and realized she was wrong. At this point, Lily seems like a tangled ball of emotions, trying to figure out what she really wants. Until she sorts out her feelings, she'll likely hurt others too.

    Travis is Symbiotic. After taking the first real steps to being himself without relying on others, Travis falters. He pours his heart into the rebound relationship, wanting Lily to take Bridget's place and complete him. Though he tells Lily that a friendship is all he wants, he has a pained expression as they hug. This scene was well done. Looks like Travis was smart enough to see Lily didn't share his feelings, and kind enough to let her believe the truth didn't break his heart. One can only hope in future episodes Travis will figure out who he is and that he doesn't need a girlfriend to be himself.

    Ray is Friendship. Despite his previous insults about and to Kim, he quickly accepts and encourages Robbie's attraction to her. As Ray said, the last friend to know was also the first one to help. Trying to mend a friendship, Ray goes as far as pretending to be a husband whose wife is in labour to send a message through Dr. Carlisle to Kim for Robbie. For all his faults and mistakes, Ray remains a great friend.

    Robbie is Passion. Even Lily could see it when Robbie kissed Kim. He loved Kim enough not to stop her from leaving Roscoe. He didn't even ask her to stay, afraid to hear her answer. Not that she would have answered when she was afraid to choose. Their actions were safer, but no less difficult. She will be in Paris, he'll be across an ocean, and they won't have a long distance relationship. Robbie loves her and let her go because it was best for her.

    The characters and acting were great, but two scenes were not. The montages of the RFR gang preparing for their broadcast and Robbie running to Mickey's seemed longer than necessary. Some viewers may have enjoyed the "See Robbie Run" part, but it and the other montage could have been shortened without detracting from the episode.

    It could have freed up time to explore how River was preparing for Kim's departure or how Parker felt about Lily and Travis' relationship further. Or perhaps viewers could have seen more of Ray's Lamaze techniques or how he came up with the plan.

    Despite the minor longer-than-necessary montages, We'll Always Have Roscoe was a great episode.