Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 1

You Choose, You Lose

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Aug 27, 2004 on Black Family Channel

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  • Lily and Ray have dinner!

    Lily accepts Ray's invitation to dinner but decides that romance won't be in the cards. Meanwhile, a rumour about Kim and a ninth grader threatens to destroy her run of Cougar Radio. Friendships hang in the balance at Henry Roscoe High. Lily is torn between sheltering her strong friendships with Ray and Travis, and opting for romance. Travis reins in his affections for Lily when she pulls back from their near kiss, leaving Ray free to pursue Lily with an invitation to a "special dinner". Although the date turns from tragedy to triumph, Lily fears that a kiss could sour her friendship with Ray. Lily makes it clear that romance will not be in the air for either Travis or Ray, but the two suitors secretly throw down the gauntlet in pursuit of Lily's affections. And speaking of kissing... a rumor about Kim Carlisle snuggling up to a ninth-grader races through the halls of H.R. High and reaches the ears of Principal Waller who squelches Kim's radio show with some super dull "approved copy". Kim's unhappiness strikes a chord in Robbie who convinces Waller to put the Carlisle "Yo and hello" back in Cougar Radio.
  • What a way to start a season!

    Out of all the episodes I'd have to say that this was the most intelligent. It begins by finishing the terrific and exciting cliffhanger exactly where it left off and starts up the teen angst right away. I love how after the theme song, everybody seems a little more aged and even though it isn't a new school year, the show manages to make us feel like its a fresh start. It's great how Ray and Lily in this episode finally know how they feel about each other and decide to go on a date, start off slow. Kim and Robbie's relationship drama also calls for more revealing facts and interesting intense drama in this episode!
  • Lily makes her choice between Ray and Travis while Robbie deals with the consequences of kissing Kim.

    And the chosen one is... no one. In a move that defies tradition, the girl doesn't pick a guy. In fact, by the end of the episode, the girl doesn't even realize that two guys are vying for her affections. If this episode weren't written so well, this would have never worked.

    The episode begins precisely where the last one stopped: Travis and Lily leaning in for a kiss, wondering if they're more than friends. She pulls away just before Ray, unaware of what was happening, comes in the room and then Lily makes a quick exit. The next day, she tells Travis that it would be a mistake if they tried to be more than friends and he awkwardly accepts her words. Later on, Ray finally asks Lily out on a date at the station. They eat Chinese, laugh, reminisce, and lean in for a kiss. She pulls away just before Travis, unaware of what was happening, comes in the room and then Lily makes a quick exit. The next day, she sings Ray a song about friends remaining just friends and he awkwardly accepts her words. So, she told both guys no and they assure her that she's right and it's okay. And at the end of the episode, Ray and Travis have a great candid discussion and agree to passionately fight for the girl they both love... just without her knowing about their little agreement 'cause, you know, she sort of said she doesn't want them to do that.

    Notice how the writers manage to make Ray and Travis' situations similar? (Both being interrupted by the other, without the other realizing what he was doing. Both mention how unforgettable Lily's eyes are. Even Lily's lines before she makes her quick exits are nearly identical.) That is making a good show. Notice how the writers manage to show how Ray and Travis are different? (Ray couldn't work chopsticks while, in previous episodes, Travis has done so with ease. Travis recited several quotes and Ray reminisced with Lily about their childhood.) Now that is making an incredible show. That is going against the television norms of dragging out a girl's decision about a guy for several episodes, forcing her to choose one nice guy or the other and hurt the one she does not choose, and making the guys seem like two polar opposites.

    Notice how the writers also manage to deal with Robbie's storyline without detracting from the other one, and without making it seem rushed? (Throughout this episode, Robbie is dealing with the consequences of kissing Kim in the last one. There are good conversations between the two DJs that provide more character insight. Viewers learn that publicly Kim is bearing the brunt of the negative reactions for the indiscreet incident, but Robbie is secretly hurt by Ray's continued dislike for Kim and by Kim's rejection. While talking about his own situation, Travis inspires Robbie to help Kim out. ) That is making a truly amazing show.

    That is a terrific way to start a new season of Radio Free Roscoe.

    Unanswered questions:
    - When did Travis start liking Lily? He says he thinks about her all the time, but never hints when this deep affection began.
    - Why was Robbie cleaning the window near the Cougar Radio booth? He talks to Waller, gets Kim her on-air freedom again, and then... he's using a squeegee to clean off a window?