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Ragnarok the Animation originally started as a comic series by Korean artist Myung-Jin Lee, and then later was adapted to an MMORPG (multiplayer online role-playing game) and then the TV anime series. Characters perform abilities and spells, fight monsters and bosses, crawl through dungeons, lairs, woods on quests, and gain experience and go to their training areas to level up in a classic adventure of good vs. evil. Not only that, but the format in which they cast spells and fight strongly resembles the computer adventure game. Number of Episodes: 26 Original Release: 2004 in Japan Korean Release: 2005 on SBS Channel English Release: Licensed 2007 English dub by Funimation Opening Song: "We are the stars" by Maimi Yamasaki Closing Song: "Alive" by Maimi Yamasaki Main Party Characters and their Classes Roan - Swordsman / Crusader Yufa - Acolyte / Priestess Maya - Merchant Takius - Mage / Sage Judia - Huntress Iruga - Assassin Underlying the usual dungeon crawling adventure is a story line that involves Yufa's brother, Keough, who was stabbed through by an Abysmal Knight some years ago. Roan was charged with protecting Yufa. But now Keough has returned as Haze, a servant of the Dark Lord. Haze causes much confusion and conflict in Yufa, who desperately wants to reunite with her brother. Other servants of the Dark Lord cause trouble for the other members of the party as well. Monsters and Bosses Alice, Baphomet, Baphomet Junior, Cat o'Nine Tails, Clock Tower Keeper, Deviruchi, Goblin, Golden Thief Bug, Lunatic, Marse, Merman, Minorous, Moonlight Flower, Muka, Nightmare, Obeaune, Osiris, Peco Peco, Pharoah, Poring, Pupa, Wanderer, Whisper, Zealotus Rune-Midgard Locations Alberta, Al de Baran, Comodo, Geffen, Glast Heim, Islude, Morroc, Payon, Prontera, Sograt Desertmoreless

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