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Ragnarok the Animation originally started as a comic series by Korean artist Myung-Jin Lee, and then later was adapted to an MMORPG (multiplayer online role-playing game) and then the TV anime series. Characters perform abilities and spells, fight monsters and bosses, crawl through dungeons, lairs, woods on quests, and gain experience and go to their training areas to level up in a classic adventure of good vs. evil. Not only that, but the format in which they cast spells and fight strongly resembles the computer adventure game. Number of Episodes: 26 Original Release: 2004 in Japan Korean Release: 2005 on SBS Channel English Release: Licensed 2007 English dub by Funimation Opening Song: "We are the stars" by Maimi Yamasaki Closing Song: "Alive" by Maimi Yamasaki Main Party Characters and their Classes Roan - Swordsman / Crusader Yufa - Acolyte / Priestess Maya - Merchant Takius - Mage / Sage Judia - Huntress Iruga - Assassin Underlying the usual dungeon crawling adventure is a story line that involves Yufa's brother, Keough, who was stabbed through by an Abysmal Knight some years ago. Roan was charged with protecting Yufa. But now Keough has returned as Haze, a servant of the Dark Lord. Haze causes much confusion and conflict in Yufa, who desperately wants to reunite with her brother. Other servants of the Dark Lord cause trouble for the other members of the party as well. Monsters and Bosses Alice, Baphomet, Baphomet Junior, Cat o'Nine Tails, Clock Tower Keeper, Deviruchi, Goblin, Golden Thief Bug, Lunatic, Marse, Merman, Minorous, Moonlight Flower, Muka, Nightmare, Obeaune, Osiris, Peco Peco, Pharoah, Poring, Pupa, Wanderer, Whisper, Zealotus Rune-Midgard Locations Alberta, Al de Baran, Comodo, Geffen, Glast Heim, Islude, Morroc, Payon, Prontera, Sograt Desertmoreless
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  • Too Short! Something this great should be longer!

    Ragnarok The Anime is an anime version of the MMOMG Ragnarok Online

    The story happens in the same world of Rune-Midgard, yet the progression gets darker. An evil entity called the Dark Lord wants to create chaos in the world with the help of seven crystals that represent the seven ambitions (also known as the Seven Strengths) who sealed him away years ago

    Below are summaires of main characters

    Roan, a swordsman whose main goal in the anime is to gain power to protect his childhood friend, Yufa. At one point, he believes he has failed in this and goes off alone to get stronger. After a fateful encounter in Byalan, Roan returns to the group as a Crusader. In the end, Roan and Yufa were each seen wearing a ring, implying that they are now married.

    Yufa is an acolyte and Roan's childhood friend. Though she puts on a smile for Roan, it's obvious she's still mourning the loss of her older brother, Keough. When Keough suddenly returns to life as an evil being, she becomes confused and doesn't know whether or not to fight her brother or protect him. Later, in an effort to save the souls under the control of the Moonlight Flower in Payon, she becomes a Priestess. With the help of her friends and Roan, Yufa sealed Dark Lord away with a Magnus Exorcismus spell

    Takius is a mage who wears a blindfold (a Dark Blinder) and searches the world for the ultimate truth. Her mission for this "ultimate truth" was put on her by her teacher, Zephyr (who also gave her the blinder). Her real name is Catherine but hates being called that for unknown reasons.

    Maya is the merchant in the group and usually joins parties to steal loot and make off with their money. Her rather disagreeable way of doing things comes from a tragic event in her childhood where she was beaten in her "hometown" of Alberta after trying to sell apples with her own-made cart.She has a known affinity for monsters, never being seen without her pet Poring named Poy-poy

    Iruga is childhood friends with Keough and is an assassin. After witnessing his friend "die" in Glast Heim, Iruga decided to protect both Yufa and Roan in Keough's memory. Later on in his travels, he meets an amateur female hunter by the name of Judia. After saving her from a couple of bandits, they become companions (or rather she just follows him

    Judia is hunter who has developed a relationship with Iruga. At first,she is a terrible hunter, but after a chance encounter with Iruga, she improves a great deal. She has incredible skills with her bow by the time of the anime. She is also apparently able to read tarot cards like a Minstrel or Gypsy. She falls in love with Iruga and comes to understand what he's trying to do in fighting Keough as he is.

    The main villain of the series is The Dark Lord, the greatest representation of evil within Rune-Midgard. He shows a noticeable superiority to all other monsters in the anime, and proves to be the world's greatest threat, despite being sealed away long ago by the "Seven Ambitions." He is so cunning and devious, he manages to convince three of the seven souls he needs to be revived to work for him. From several scenes, it seems that the Dark Lord consists of two identities, both being equally evil. There is no apparent difference between the two identities, seemingly only shown to explain the different voices of this villain

    Seriously.. The anime is very good.. abd the game is fun too.. Too bad there were only 26 episodesmoreless

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