TV Tokyo (ended 2004)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • For the Sake of Our Future
      Iruga battles Keough but Keough powers up to a crab-like form. Roan has been poisoned as Yufa taunts him about his motivations and moves to kill him. Friends and foes forgive and pass away. But who survives? And what happens now that the Dark Lord emerges into the world?
    • One who Realizes His Mistake
      The battle at Glast Heim heats up as Roan fights Keough, but then Iruga gets involved, and it soon becomes a duel between Iruga and Keough. Judia, Maya, and Roan rush inside after fending off some gargoyles. Takius battles Zephyr in a magic duel. Zephyr injures Takius's leg, and casts Lord of Vermillion to finish her off, but the Dark Lord decides Zephyr is his next target and sends a monster to take Zephyr's life. Roan makes it to Yufa, but she has a deadly surprise.moreless
    • Place of Reckoning
      Place of Reckoning
      Episode 24
      The party is at Geffen Tower where Takius has officially rejoined the group. When Roan suggests Zephyr wasn't all evil, Maria shares the backstory of Takius and Zephyr. The party decides to go to Glast Heim to find Yufa, but agree to rest the night. The party takes off early without Maya, so as to not risk her life, but they meet up with the rogues who are being pursued by an undead army. They fight the army but get in trouble as an undead chief casts spells that turn them to stone. Soon afterwards they encounter Yufa who teleports everyone to Glast Heim except for Takius who gets teleported to face Zephyr.moreless
    • Good Bye
      Good Bye
      Episode 23
      Roan manages to save the dancers from a monster attack, and learns something on how they are able to read the enemies' moves. Roan meets that monk in the cave again, but she reveals her identity as not only the monk, but also the Crusader in Izulde, and the Archer in Payon that helped Roan before. She happens to be the Legendary Witch, and she pulls out a sword to attack Roan. Maya continues to confront Zealotus on her dual monster/human identity, until Zealotus comes to a decision on her feelings. Zephyr appears and tells Zealotus he is going to claim her soul to free the Dark Lord. Takius makes her return as a Sage. Roan looks for Yufa.moreless
    • Who's the Lonely One?
      The party reaches Comodo, a town that parties and celebrates with fireworks every night. Roan, Yufa, and Maya are surprised to see those rogues from the first episode. They are now working as guardian heroes as they claimed they were the ones who saved Morroc and defeated Wolyafa. Yufa gets furious but Judia calms her down. As the party take some time to relax and enjoy some of the festivities, Haze and Zealotus summon up monsters from playing cards and they attack the city. While Roan and the gang fight to save the townsfolk, Yufa wonders if Keough is behind this and goes off in search of him. And Maya encounters Zealotus again.moreless
    • I Need You
      I Need You
      Episode 21
      Roan and the gang proceed through a cave on the way to Comodo. Keough appears and questions Roan and Yufa's differing objectives. Keough summons some megalith monsters that the gang fend off. But then Keough causes a cave-in that splits up the group. Maya finds herself meeting Zealotus again. Zealotus shares her story on how humans harassed her and her mother, but Maya still defends her position. Roan gets stuck in the cave-in with a female monk who shows him that strength isn't everything. And Keough continues to lure Yufa by aligning her objectives of world peace to his.moreless
    • It's Okay
      It's Okay
      Episode 20
      The group sail to the island that has the town of Comodo, but unfortunately Maya is still in shock over what happened to Alice. She separates from the group briefly to gather her thoughts, but Zealotus appears and adds onto Maya's guilt by disclosing that she transformed Alice, and that humans and monsters can't live together. Meanwhile, Yufa is still drawn to Keough. Roan, Judia, and Iruga try to help but Haze calls some monsters to block their way. After Roan and the gang break through, Roan presses forward to fight Keough, but Yufa makes a surprising move.moreless
    • We'll Always Be Together
      The group are on their way to Comodo but must seek passage on a ship first. One of the few towns that has a port is Alberta so they have to stay until at least the next day. Maya takes some time to visit Alice, and they make friends with another girl who is waiting for her father to come in from a ship. But Zealotus has other plans and transforms all the peaceful monsters in the area into horrible beasts, including Alice!moreless
    • I Know Everything!!
      The undead townfolk continue to press Roan's forces deeper into the woods, but help has arrived by Maya and her quintet of merchants, who manage to restock the army. Roan and the archer team decide to go after Wolyafa, the bell ringer, who is at the town. Yufa rejoins the party as a Priestess, with effective spells against the undead. But this time she wants to make friends with Wolyafa, and manages to stop her from raising the townsfolk so they can rest in peace. However, Takius's master, Zephyr, is not happy with this, and decides to make a grand personal appearance, first, to belittle Takius for being such a poor student, but then to achieve his Ultimate Truth by absorbing Wolyafa!moreless
    • I've Known All Along
      Roan and the Archer's Guild continue their fight against the relentless onslaught of monsters, evil minions who resurrect and multiply at every toll of the bell. But now Roan has uncovered the key to stopping the endless brigade...
    • You Are Already Tainted
      Yufa goes to the temple and asks for training to level up as a priestess, The bishop gives her a trial where she has to face an image of her brother Keough who taunts her about being so selfish. Meanwhile, the situation has turned worse at Payon as Roan tries to rally the archers to continue fighting the undead townsfolk and soldiers, but everytime they fall, a bell rings, and they get instantly resurrected again. Takius struggles in the fight as she gets taunted by her master Zephyr. Roan and the archers retreat into the woods. Roan finds himself alone and in trouble until a red-haired archer saves him and teaches him a valuable lesson about power.moreless
    • I Can't Save Anyone
      As the group heads to Payon, Yufa and Maya notice that Roan's cocky behavior has really changed for the worse. Roan befriends an archer girl named Lin, while bossing the other girls around, caring more for Takius and Lin than Yufa. At Payon, the town which houses the archer's guild appears to be fairly peaceful until that night when soldiers with talisman labels on their face start attacking. Yufa learns of a spell placed on the undead that causes them to continually rise, but Roan is more concerned about destroying them. After the battle, Yufa gets frustrated and leaves the party to train up as a priestess.moreless
    • Don't Worry, I'm Here
      Yufa was surprised to see that Roan has returned as a Crusader, with some pretty powerful abilities and an attitude to match. Roan battles Haze and manages to force him to retreat. Then the gang help out Takius and Maya upstairs who are fighting Zealotus. But Zealotus has summoned four gigantic clock tower mechanical minions and it will take a team effort for them to overcome.moreless
    • Why Won't You Answer?
      In Al De Baran, the gang were inside the clock tower and end up seperated. Maya and Takius have to face Zealotus. Yufa encounters Haze, who reveals that he is indeed Keough since he still bears the stab wound in his chest. Haze tries to get Yufa to give up her life, but Iruga gets in the way and tries to fight him. Iruga was badly injured and Haze intends to finish them off, but then a familiar face saves them.moreless
    • The Protector
      The Protector
      Episode 13
      Roan is in Izulde doing his own training. He tries to get his sword forged to become stronger, but then is surprised when the blacksmith refuses to upgrade it, but goes ahead and does Haze's sword. Later on, Roan bumps into that female rogue and her two minions from the first episode, and they offer to have him join the party. They head to the island to fight some monsters, but Roan starts to go after the tougher monsters and nearly gets the party killed. Roan gets separated but, luckily, a female Crusader saves Roan from a powerful monster. Roan begs her to teach him to become a Crusader like her.moreless
    • I Can't Do It
      I Can't Do It
      Episode 12
      The gang rest in Morroc while Roan keeps practicing his skills by killing some monster in the desert. But after seeing Yufa hanging out more with Iruga, Roan leaves the party for some training, thinking he needs to become stronger. Maya and Judia try to cheer up the gang by dressing up Iruga for a party that night. That seems to raise the morale of the group until their next assignment, which is to deal with the Al De Baran Clock Tower that is infested with monsters.moreless
    • All Is Only Despair
      Inside the pyramid, Yufa and the gang try to fight against the rising armies of King Osiris, but the battle outside in Morok is not as hopeful as the city gets overrun by the undead. Yufa confronts Haze, and is attacked once again, but this time Iruga is there to fight him in a duel. Takius heads up the stairs of the pyramid and casts a rather curious spell, but Haze arrives to mess up everything, even with Takius's purpose. Will the gang be able to pull through?moreless
    • You're My Brother, Aren't You?
      The gang have arrived at Morok. They catch a girl named Tis who had picked their pockets. Tis gives a sob story of how she's the daughter of the thieves guild leader and how her boyfriend Rai had broken the thieves code by opening Osiris's tomb. The group investigates the pyramid but their party gets split up in a confrontation. Tis discovers that Haze was behind Rai's actions, but Yufa is still mesmerized into thinking Haze is her brother Keough.moreless
    • All For The Truth
      In the desert area, Takius diverts the group to visit an giant ant colony called Ant Hell. At first, Takius gives some advice on how to peaceably observe the ants and even socialize with some of them. They also observe a ritual where a special successor egg is laid by the queen ant. But that night, something goes terribly wrong, and the gang must fight to survive.moreless
    • Life Is Precious
      Life Is Precious
      Episode 8
      The group is on the way to Moroc Desert, but have to navigate through the Payon Forest, and end up getting lost thanks to the huntress Judia's overconfidence. Judia shares her story of when she first met Iruga and became friends.
    • Will You Comfort Me?
      The group heads to Alberta in a campaign to beat out the overwhelming number of monsters, but it turns out the monsters in the town are relatively tame ones that fill the streets like alley cats. Maya feels uneasy about being back in her home town, as she had some bad history long ago. As she visits her old neighborhood she comes across a maid person named Alice who has been taking care of things. She runs into some thieves, but gets saved by Alice, and they become friends. But then Takius decides to attack Alice for being a monster.moreless
    • I Won't Let Anyone Get In My Way!
      Yufa begins to believe her brother is still alive and she runs off into the nearby woods to look for him.
    • What Did You Just Say?
      The group intends to head back towards Prontera until they have to face a giant monster named Baphomet. Yufa learns some news about her brother Keough from Judia.
    • Is That the Best You Can Do?
      The group decides to head back inside the tower where suddenly, Roan and the girls were separated and get attacked by some strong monsters. Luckily, Iruga and Judia manage to save them, and they join the party.
    • I Believe in Her
      I Believe in Her
      Episode 3
      The group reached Geffern to hear news that ghost wanders inside Geffern Tower and so far no one has ever come out uninjured. Thanks to Maya's words, they decides to enter Geffern Tower with the help of Takius. But Takius doesn't seems to trust Maya at all.
    • Be Good To Me, Big Brother
      After discovering that the water in his room doesn't seem to be working, Roan decides to go out and buy breakfast. While on his way back to the inn where they are staying, he overhears some men talking about a Golden Thief Bug in the sewers Roan heads back to the inn and convinces Yuufa that they are ready to head into the sewers to confront and kill this Golden Thief Bug. After encountering and defeating some minor monsters, they see a small pink poring, which they follow and discover a girl covered in large roaches. They rescue her, and she introduces herself as Maya the Merchant, or Ma-Chan for short. She is a collector of valuable items. Maya follows Roan and Yuufa (much to Roan's dismay) and because of her annoying chatter, Roan yells at her to shut up. She runs off, but a few moments later, she comes running back, followed by the Golden Thief Bug.moreless
    • Why Do You Wield That Sword?
      Roan and Yuufa enter Rune-Midgaard's capital on the beginning of their adventures. After doing a bit of shopping, they wonder around the city and get lost. In a back alley they stumble across three ruffians accosting a lady mage. They help the mage and scare the ruffians away. The mage, Takius by name, sits down to eat with Roan and Yuufa and while there, they discuss the growing evil in the land. The three ruffians summon a powerful monster, called The Clocktower Manager, to get revenge for their defeat earlier.moreless
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