Rags to Riches

NBC (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Artful Dodger
      The Artful Dodger
      Episode 15
      The script starts off with a young man named Charlie escaping a police escort to a half way house. He steals a motorcycle and heads for Los Angeles. In the meantime Mickey is upset that she doesn't know when her actual birthday is so the girls and Nick help her to choose one.
      When Charlie arrives in Los Angeles and pretends to be star searching, he runs into Mickey at the gate. The two strike up an conversation and Mickey begins to trust Charlie. When Nick finds out he becomes upset that Mickey would talk to strangers.
      Later on Charlie decides to go to the girls school and find Mickey. When Charlie finds Mickey he asks her if she came from The Margaret Keating Home for girls. When Charlie finds out she did he reveals to Mickey that he's her brother. The other girls are ecstatic, but Nick isn't so sure so he hires a private eye to investigate Charlie. In the meantime Charlie is invited to stay at the Foley mansion. When Charlie steals a valuable camera Nick feels that he was right all along. Nick learns from private investigator that Charlie actually is Mickey's brother but decides to throws him out away believing will be better for Mickey not to be hurt by him. However when Charlie admits everything to Mickey and gives her the actual certificate of her birth Nick realizes his mistake. Believing that their is hope for Charlie, Nick invites him to stay.moreless
    • The Big Con
      The Big Con
      Episode 14
      A woman from Clappers past comes to visit however the problem is that over the years Clapper has been telling her he is the owner of Foley Foods and owns a mansion and has adopted six girls. The girls and Nick help try to bring the lie to life, In the meantime the Foley's favorite television show loses a sponsor and the girls want Nick to have Foley Foods help bring the show back. All goes well until the owner of the show arrives on Nicks doorstep at the same time Clappers old flame. Meanwhile Rose uses the car on a date with Arnold and hits a light pole denting the car badly.moreless
    • The In Crowd
      The In Crowd
      Episode 13
      Diane trys out for the cheerleading squad but loses because she wasn't a part of the "In Crowd". In the meantime the girls all pitch in to get a down payment raised for their very own vehicle which Nick doesn't approve of. Meanwhile Mickeys school assignment is having her trace her family's lineage, but since she doesn't have a family Nick lets her "borrow" his. Finally Nick has a problem with a stock market investment. The episode actually called for two new songs and would have ended with Diane gaining a boyfriend and the viewers finding out how great a mechanic Patty really is.moreless
    • Sweet 16
      Sweet 16
      Episode 12
      The Cuban missile crisis hits the girls full blast as Russia threatens to attack the United States. Nick decides to build a bomb shelter when Mickey becomes afraid of being vaporized. Diane plans a very emotional Sweet 16 party, with the idea of creating harmony with Russia.
    • Guess Who's Coming To Slumber?
      Marva runs for class president and stoops to her competitors levels by making false promises. Meanwhile Patty steals a dying racehorse.
    • A Very Foley Christmas
      Christmas approaches and the girls find out a new social worker has been assigned to their case. Nicks scheduled meeting with the worker gets delayed because he has car trouble. The girls entertain her while waiting for Nick. They find out she wants to remove them from Nick's care, so they try to change her mind by telling her their adventures and how Nick has helped them.moreless
    • A Russian Holiday
      The Russian diplomat and his son visit. Rose decides he's to stiff and needs to be shown a good time. Rose sneaks him out of the embassy without anyones knowledge or consent. He becomes very infatuated with her and decides he no longer wishes to return to Russia.
    • Beauty and the Babe
      Diane decides to enter a beauty pageant with Nicks permission as long as she promises to keep her grades up. Mickey wants a unicorn so she dresses up as one to try and catch one of her very own. Diane's grades start to drop and she forges Nick's name on her unsatisfactory note. Later Diane is propositioned by one of the beauty pageant judges and in the end she learns a lesson in honesty and integrity.moreless
    • Marva in the Key of Cee
      Marva discovers that Rose's new piano teacher Celia Smith once was a famous singer known as Cece. Marva and Celia discover they share several things in common and become friends. Marva decides she wants to help Cece restart her career. Without her permission Marva volunteers Cece to perform at their high school dance. To make matters worse Marve calls the local radio stations, news stations and even invited some people from Celia's old record label. When Celia discovers what Marva has done the two stop speaking to each other.moreless
    • Hunk in the House
      Nick's godson Billy comes to visit due to family problems at home. Nick promises Billy's kids father he would try to help him. Diane is immediately infatuated with him and goes to Rose for help. Rose also falls him but hides her feelings and helps Diane. Billy ends up falling for Rose and a love triangle develops.moreless
    • Dear Diary
      Dear Diary
      Episode 5
      The girls fight to save there favorite teacher. Meanwhile Patty is having trouble with a writing assignment, so her teacher Miss Newman gives her a diary to compose a story in. Nick later finds the dairy and believes all the content written inside and approaches Patty about it. Patty becomes angry with Nick and runs away. The rest of the girls get suspended for publishing a bulletin to help save Miss Newman.moreless
    • Wilderness Blues
      Wilderness Blues
      Episode 4
      Nick is fed up with the girls arguing and decides everyone needs a little quality family time. He takes the girls on a weekend camping trip which starts out disastrous but later brings them closer together.
    • Macy Gray
      Macy Gray
      Episode 3
    • That's Cheating
      That's Cheating
      Episode 3
      Mickey really wants to win the Girl Scout yellow beanie. She decides to pledge to sell over 500 boxes of cookies. Rose struggles with chemistry and in an act of desperation cheats on her test. Meanwhile Nick is vying for the hospitals "Man of the Year" award against his arch enemy Al Swichertze.moreless
    • Akon
      Episode 2
    • Once in A Lifeguard
      Patty experiences growing pains when she develops a crush on a lifeguard twice her age. Meanwhile Rose tries to become a lifeguard but encounters a few roadblocks in the process.
    • Nick Cannon
      Nick Cannon
      Episode 1
    • Vegas Rock
      Vegas Rock
      Episode 1
      Diane donates Elvis's guitar to a celebrity auction to one up her rival Amy Hillerman. The problem is Diane doesn't actually have the guitar. Meanwhile Nick has received a threat toward his family from a local mob boss. The FBI has him go undercover in Vegas to catch the man threating him. With Nick out of town, Diane decides to trick Clapper into taking them to Vegas so she can ask Elvis in person to donate his guitar. While in Vegas the girls get into trouble more than once. Eventually Nick runs into the girls and all hell breaks loose.moreless
  • Season 1