Rags to Riches

NBC (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      This is the two hour premiere, which entails Nick Foley adopting six orphan girls. For the sake of a business deal, he needed an image change, so he goes from playboy to family man in the matter of days. The girls actually think he cares and try to help him. When they discover the truth they pull a complete 180. They then proceed to tell him they are going back to the orphanage. He soon after realizes his life won't be the same without them and he asks them to come back and stay with him for good.moreless
    • Snoop Dogg
      Snoop Dogg
      Episode 1
    • High Society
      High Society
      Episode 2
      Nick forces Rose to become a debutante. He feels that she is spending too much time with her new found religion "spatzkism". At a party, she meets a guy named Matthew Taylor who tries to use her. She resists his advances and tries to run away. Nick and the girls get in on the fun of getting even with Matthew which causes everyone to go "ape". A secret comes out about Rose's mother, and Nick has to help Rose deal with the emotions she's facing and the loss. Rose makes a splash at the debutante ball.moreless
    • Foley vs Foley
      Foley vs Foley
      Episode 3
      The girls' favorite hangout is going to be closed because of a greedy developer. Nick encourages them to fight for what they believe in,until he finds out the greedy developer is his new partner Miles Parnell and the building to be built is the new "Foley Center". Nick and the girls are on opposite sides of the issue and the girls have to convince him Spiro's is already a landmark,and should be saved.moreless
    • First Love
      First Love
      Episode 4
      Nick and Diane go head to head in a battle over her latest boyfriend. Nick forbids her to see him because he is not the right kind of guy for her. When Diane challenges him about his girlfriends, they come to an agreement to cancel both their dates. When Diane finds out Nick reneges, she goes on her date and learns that Nick was right all along.moreless
    • Buisness is Buisness
      Marva wants to start her own business but Nick says he won't help her. Marva decides to go into to business on her own and buys an old food truck. Her perfect calculations however hadn't counted on a backstabbing competitor. After watching an episode of Perry Mason, Marva decides to try an insurance scam and attempts to torch her truck. In the end Nick convinces her to do the right thing.moreless
    • Patty's Mom
      Patty's Mom
      Episode 6
      Patty thinks she was found her biological mother. She makes a deal with Nick that she will relent off her search for a while, if Nick stays on the same street corner where she saw the woman for an entire week. Now Nick is stuck on a street corner looking for a woman with purple boots and a stuffed giraffe wearing tennis shoes. Nick finally finds the woman and against his better judgment, reunites Patty with her mother. The results are disastrous and Patty decides to stay with Nick.moreless
    • Bad Blood
      Bad Blood
      Episode 7
      Nick's brother Frankie shows up unexpectedly and rekindles old wounds between them. In the meantime Patty gets in trouble at school for using uncle Frankie's tactics to get even with another student. This causes even more problems between the brothers and they stop speaking to each other. Nick later learns his brother is dying of leukemia and tries to patch things up before it's too late.moreless
    • Born to Ride
      Born to Ride
      Episode 8
      Diane goes for her permit. Nick and the girls star in a Foley Foods commercial. Meanwhile two swindlers try to fake an injury lawsuit against Diane when she gets into an accident with their vehicle.
  • Season 2