Rags to Riches

NBC (ended 1988)





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  • Wow-this show brings me back!

    Rags to Riches along with Punky Brewster and Gem were the trifecta for me. I was 6 when this show debuted, but I still remember the theme song - 'Rags to Riches are all our wishes . . .we are rags to riches!" I know that Tisha Campbell is a great actress in her own right, but all I remember her from is Rags to Riches. I remember thinking that being adopted would be the coolest thing in the world, because apparently that meant being taken in by a fun-loving, or rich benefactor (on Punky Brewster, Punky got an awesome room, a cool father and a kick a** playhouse).
  • My daughters 23 and 28 loved this show, bring it back!!

    My daughters 23 and 28 loved this show, bring it back!! I also enjoyed watching this show with them. I coached a girls softball team at the time and we would tape it if we were unable to watch it as a team then on the weekends we would lay around in the living room and watch it together. The girls would sing along with the show and at times have a dress up party to see who would look the closest to the actresses, it was great! It brings back some good memories. I would like to share it with my grand daughters
  • I grew up watching "Rags To Riches". It was a show that blended drama, music and comedy. This show tackeled many issues from not feeling adequate to peer pressures. It was an A+ in my grade book!

    Rags To Riches was a show that blended so many qualities. It had comedy, drama, music and political issues. The show was based around a loyal group of orphan friends who vow to stick together as a family. When this group of beautiful young women refuse to break up, multi-millionaire Nick Foley decides to adopt them all to make himself look good for a business deal. He ends up falling in love with these poor, orphan children and raises them as his own. The issues that this gem of a show captured was everything from peer pressure, puberty, politics, and learning where each girl fit in. The show was so full of fun and music. It was one of my best childhood memories. I really hope this show makes it to dvd so that my kids can one day enjoy the magic as well.
  • Rags to Riches is a great show that they should bring back for young girls to enjoy!

    My sister and I watched this show when we were younger. She's 31 and I am 29. I remember watching it all the time and then it just disappeared. As much as TV stations bring back old shows, this is one of them that they should definately bring back. The singing and dancing was great. I have a lot of fond memories. Bring it back!
  • This show is kind of a like Annie in that a millionaire adopts six girls to come live in his mansion with him. It is filled with great stories and music.

    This show was so awesome and refreshing. There is nothing like it today! The music and theme are so fun. It really can't compare to anything on television now.The characters are unique and inviting, while the music grabs the viewers' attention. A cast full of colorful characters and lively music make this show what it is. The time period is historical, yet it is interesting to viewers. It is a musical show that truly entertains the audience. It is a shame that it only lasted one year. It may have lasted longer in today's society, which is probably more open to this type of programming

    I just purchased Seasons 1 and 2 off Amazon.de (Amazon Germany). They were very reasonable. The quality, while not blue ray quality, is very good and consistant, sound quality excellent. The language tracks are German AND ENGLISH. Worth the 24 year wait, highly recommend. Under full title - FULL HOUSE RAGS TO RICHES. Hope this helps all those waiting for this release.
  • The best critically acclaimed musical dramedy of the late 1980's.

    The pilot episode took place in winter 1961. In the pilot episode, Nick, a millionaire, who adopts six orphaned girls. The sixth girl is Nina, who appears in the pilot episode, was written out of the show explaining that Nina reunited with her birth mother. I remember the series finale ended, where it took place during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, when Diane celebrates her sweet 16th birthday party. It started when I was six years old and a kindergartner and it ended when I was seven years old and a first grader in grade school.
  • I was devastated when this show ended!!!!

    I was IN LOVE with this show. Every character was perfectly cast and the music element was a super bonus! I am dying to watch it and was hoping I would find the videos on here :-(

    Oh why did it have to end!!!

    On another note... I'm sure this is one project Mr. Bill Maher would hope does not surface!
  • The OG Glee

    This show was my first addiction as a gay boy. We taped every week and once when we were away my grandmother was in charge of recording an episode, and of course she forgot. I had one of the biggest kid/tween tantrums of my lifetime. This show spoke all of life to me and even watching Glee as an adult I can't help but think of Rags To Riches being one of my greatest memories from childhood television. NBC really screwed up by saying goodbye to this show. Long live the series finally on dvd! Oh I knew I was gay, the girl playing Patty was a first crush. :) Cheers!