Rainbow Brite

(ended 1985)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer
      Spring begins and everyone on Rainbowland prepares for it. Strangely winter hasn't gone away on Earth. A robotic horse On-X comes to Rainbow with a message from a legendary sprite, Orin, to save the universe. Rainbow and Starlite go to the planet Spectra, which is the light of the universe, to find Orin. There they meet a boy known as Krys. They find out a evil Princess is trying to capture Spectra by having a net built to pull it away for her own diamond collection.

      The blocking of the planet Spectra has caused Earth to be covered in snow and Rainbow's powers not to work. Krys rides On-X and helps Rainbow and Starlite stop the Princess from taking Spectra away. During all this, Murky and Lurky go after Rainbow on their own homemade spaceship bumbling in their own comedic way.moreless
    • The Queen of the Sprites
      Evil Princess Spectra comes to Rainbowland and claims to be the Queen of the Sprites in and effort to get the color crystals all for herself.
    • A Horse of a Different Color

      Murky and Lurky kidnap Starlite and On-X in an attempt to take over Rainbow Land.

    • Murky's Comet
      Murky's Comet
      Episode 11
      They are having a parade in Rainbowland. The Color Kids strike a band while Rainbow and Stormy ride their horses. Rainbow goes to Earth to pick up Brian to ride in the parade as well. Sorrell the Sorcerer comes to Rainbowland. Sorrell crashed his spaceship in the pits, and gave Murky one choice if he could repair his spaceship. Murky wanted to destroy the color cave, and Sorrell made a comet. It almost hit Rainbowland, but Rainbow Brite came to save the day.moreless
    • Chasing Rainbows
      Chasing Rainbows
      Episode 10
      Murky makes a robot that looks like Rainbow Brite that tricks the inhabitants of Rainbowland to take star sprinkles to the Pits. When Rainbow Brite finds out, she pretends she is the robot and tricks Murky.

    • Star Sprinkled
      Star Sprinkled
      Episode 9
      A conniving traveling salesman, Plock arrived to the Color Cave. He traded 'Magic Color Crystal Seeds" to Twink in exchange for the Color Cave. It turned out to be a cave. He was selling tickets to enter the Color Cave. He tore up the contract though, when he realized that if Rainbowland didn't have the cave, the universe would become dark and gloomy. He travels the universe in a mechanical chariot of sorts.


    • Rainbow Night
      Rainbow Night
      Episode 8

      Murky and Lurky kidnap Moonglo so she can never make the night sky beautiful again.

    • Mom
      Episode 7
      Murky's mother comes for a visit, and Murky tries to impress her by pretending that he runs the Color Castle.
    • Invasion of Rainbowland
      Wajah is a friendly alien who crashed his spaceship in Rainbowland one day. The color kids offered to fix his spaceship to take him back home. His species lives off Color the way the people live off food so whoever was near him, they would loose their colors. Wajah was captured by Murky and Lurky while he was stranded here, and he almost had to throw himself into the No Return River, but Shy Violet fixed his spaceship, modifying it to run on Star Sprinkles, so he could return home.


    • The Mighty Monstromurk Menace Part 2
      Red Butler and Brian go to save Rainbow. Murky throws the bottle with Rainbow in it away. Red Butler w/ Romeo and Brain w/ Twink go up the wild rapids. Rainbow magically pops out of the bottle. Then she meets up with Red's sprite Romeo and Starlite. Then they go up aganist the big evil Monstromurk. Brian tries to save Rainbow and gets hit. His colors become affected. They are able to defeat Monstromurk and stick him back in his bottle.


    • The Mighty Monstromurk Menace Part 1
      Murky gets the aid of the genie-like Monstromurk who is trapped in a bottle. Brian comes for a visit to Rainbowland. Murky kidnaps Rainbow. They get the best of her and traps her in a bottle.

    • Peril in the Pits

      Rainbow Brite makes a new friend on Earth named Brian and takes him to Rainbowland.

    • Beginning of Rainbowland (2)
      Wisp discovers that there are seven Color Kids being held prisoner around the land, and she goes out on a rescue mission.
    • Beginning of Rainbowland (1)
      A little girl named Wisp comes to a desolate dark land to save it. She knows that the only way to do that it is by finding the light and color of the world and setting it free, but where will she start?