Rainbow Brite

(ended 1985)





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  • Really cute show

    My favorite was Patty O' Green,cause green is my favorite color.
  • When I was small...

    I remember watching rainbow brite in the early eighties. I miss it for nostolgic purposes. I even remember going to the theater with my mom to see the Movie.... LOL. I also wanted a Rainbow Brite doll for christmas that year. I didn't get it, because my dad, being army, thought I was gay Unbenownst to him, I wasn't gay....I just had a crush on ranbow brite when I was 4, and I knew she wasn't real, so I asked for the next best thing..... Sad, I know.... and now I'm old, full of the crap that life brings, and I wish to remember when I was young again.
  • As a little girl, this was one of the best cartoons ever.

    Talk about girl power. Rainbow brought did it all. As a little girl, this was one of the best cartoons ever. the thing i remember most is the horse. as a horse lover, i was in awe. it was a white horse with a rainbow mane and tail. this show was so popular, i had most of the toys too. Rainbow brite lived with the little furry things. Sorry but i can not remember hteir names. She fought evil and would always win. She was always so happy and upbeat. The animation of the show was only so so. The badies were evil, but not as evil as some in other shows. I loved the world that she lived in it was so vibrant.
  • I miss this show...

    Rainbow Brite was my favorite show growing up. I never missed it and I had all of the dolls that went with it, all of the color kids and their sprites, plus Rainbow and all of her things.
    I wish it would either return or come to DVD. The Star Stealer is out, but that isn't enough. Bring to DVD PLEASE!!
  • I Loved this show!!!!

    Aww this show was the best i loved it... i like all the old shows not the new ones!!!! like the ones on nick. after school i would always race home to come watch these shows!! i miss them so so so so much! I would rather watch these shows any day over whats playin now days
  • Rainbow Brite was a great show. I would still watch it today if it were on. I love the cartoons of the \'80s.

    I thought this show was great when I was little. I think I have an episode on tape. I remember seeing it about a year ago and I still thought it was good. If I had kids I would definitely let them watch it. Very good cartoon! I wish it were still on.
  • love this show

    I use to watch this when I was a kid, I love this show I recently bought some of the vhs tapes for my little girl so she can watch some of the best kids cartoon ever for little girls. All time favorit number 1 in my book. BRING IT BACK