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In this drama from NBC Universal Television, LAPD Detective Michael Raines has the ability to have detailed conversations with deceased crime victims but by only using his imagination. This unique "talent" allows him to retrace the steps leading up to their murders and helps him to solve the cases. Although he also must also deal with the apparition of his dead partner, Raines won't stop until each killer is found and brought to justice.

Raines was created by Graham Yost and Frank Darabont is the executive producer

    Jeff Goldblum and Graham Yost talk Raines


    Raines' reign is coming

  • Nicole Sullivan

    Nicole Sullivan

    Carolyn Crumley

    Jeff Goldblum

    Jeff Goldblum

    Detective Michael Raines

    Linda Park

    Linda Park

    Sally Lance

    Matt Craven

    Matt Craven

    Captain Daniel Lewis

    Malik Yoba

    Malik Yoba

    Charlie Lincoln

    Madeleine Stowe

    Madeleine Stowe

    Dr. Kohl

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    • One of those shows with real potential with a different take on the cop show format.

      Novel in its approach. At the base premise, the show utilised a mental illness to provide Raines with the mechanism to explore his own psyke. While at the same time providing the usually silent victims with a voice to comment on society. All was done quite well and provided a good dose of cop drama entertainment different from what is and was out there.

      Each episode brought a different type of criminal case providing variety to the plots which were not the most elaborate, but served adequately to explore what the writers were aiming for - examination of society's issues through the main character Raines. Full of intelligent character development, we never really got the best of the supporting cast. I imagine that the plan was to filter them in later on, once Raines' ability to project hallucinations of the vicitms was explored to a basic level. This was something that provided more variety. For instance, using vicitims with different age groups, having one of his victims speak a language he couldnt understand, having to explain to a child about her grusome murder, victims with a personal connection and then having to deal multiple victims. All of these provided an extra layer of conflict for the hero to overcome. As well as solve the story.

      Dialogue was good. With some episode having a handful of real belters. Sets and locations varied enough - though none really stood out. Yet as this show was more of an intellectual caper, they really only need to be good enough to support the premise.

      Enjoyable. Different. Intelligent. A real shame it was cut in mid-stride.moreless
    • I don't want to summarize it. Go to HULU.com and see for yourself. The show was outstanding and Goldblum was brilliant.

      This was a top-notch series, Goldblum was fantastic and totally believable, fresh and quirky and a GREAT CHANGE from the usual tough-guy cop flotsam & jetsam. Supporting actors were talented and well cast, characters well developed, dialog delivery didn't miss a beat, and AS USUAL, a great show was canceled. Scripts were head and shoulders above the other cop shows which I try hard to avoid. It was nice to hear words of more than two syllables uttered with the assumption that the audience would comprehend them. Dropping this show was nother really bad choice on the part of the media moguls. What, is their average IQ about 12? They didn't even promote the show that much and it was arguably the best cop-based show on the tube. Guess it missed the "want fries with that?" target market.moreless
    • Imaginative; unusual; well scripted; excellent stories; superb acting.

      Just as it was getting into its' stride this excellent series was euthanised by the Network. The last episode hit a series all time high (a brief series...only 8 episodes). An imaginative premise superbly executed by script writers; directors and the actors. In the final show Jeff Goldblum showed just how good an actor he is, a proper film actor bringing his craft to the small screen..we were very lucky..it was a chilling performance. I cannot comprehend why it is called 'average' by other reviewers, I enjoyed every second of it. It was a relief to watch something not pumped out by the CSI cookie cutter. American TV seems hell bent on self destruction, axing all shows that raise the bar.moreless
    • Ugh! I feel like I've been punched in the gut, I've been wondering when "Raines" was going to start again. I cannot believe that the dumped it! Please please please help us find a way to bring it back, to another network, anything!moreless

      It was clever, smart, had brilliant writing, brilliant actors...it was captivating!!! Finding out that this was canceled is one of the reasons I'm quite reluctant to start ANY new shows anymore! What were they thinking? This is feeling reminiscent of Wonderfalls ...and Dead Like Me and Arrested Development, shall I go on? It deserved better!

      This show had great story lines, the kind that hold you from the get go and make you wish you had the whole season on DVD so you can just watch all of them in row...it had that feel , the kind you don't want to have to wait for a week because you can't wait to watch it!!! Why do the networks not give shows like this a chance?moreless
    • It was well-made, challenging and intelligent. No wonder it got the axe.

      The talented always engaging Jeff Goldblum got a brief return to TV with "Raines," a noir-drenched LA murder mystery with a detective who hallucinated the victims of the crimes he was investigating. An odd premise, but with top-notch scripts and Goldblum's tetchy character, NBC had a winner. Unfortunately, NBC cut the order of episodes and canceled the series.

      So what are we left with? The promise of what might have been. We saw Raines struggling to handle his issues and work his way back on to the force; we saw hints of repairing his relationship with his ex-wife; we saw him trying to be a father figure to his late partner's son. Plus, the caliber of scripts were great...multi-layered, good dialogue and strong performances. With a cast backing up Goldblum that consisted of Matt Craven, Madeline Stowe, Nicole Sullivan and Malik Yoba, the characters came to life and rose above typical crime show fare.

      But NBC seems to axe anything that doesn't dominate the airwaves, and this era of failing to give shows a chance to find their sea legs is seeing a lot of promising newcomers fall by the wayside ("Studio 60," "Andy Barker, PI"). Why couldn't NBC send "Raines" to USA, where it would fit in with USA's line-up of unique mystery shows?

      If NBC (and the other networks) continue to only allow shows a few weeks to try to build their audience, they're never going to have success. Sure, there are the shows that come out of the gate strong ("Heroes," etc.) but most need a season to get going and find numbers. "Raines" averaged 7.25 million viewers a week in the Friday night slot. Surely it could have finished out its 13 episode order and gotten a pick-up.moreless
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    • Mitch Haaseth/© 2006 NBC Universal Photo
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    • Mitch Haaseth/© 2006 NBC Universal Photo

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