Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2007 on NBC

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  • Multiple victims, with one having a personal connection to Raines' ex-wife adds up to Raines most difficult and final case.

    A true murder mystery plot, with multiple victims. When an aircraft crash is ruled as an accident, Raines' ex-wife pleads with him to investigate. Believing that it is murder she convinces Raines, who sees her dead ex as another hallucination.

    So beings the final story to be shown of this short drama. A standard plot, with few suspects. Relies on the internal conflict within Raines, regarding his failed marriage to bring an edge to the scenes. Compared to the previous episodes this one feels more subdued. Thought the arguments with his ex-wife and imagined discussion with his ex's dead partner reveal alot more about Raines himself. Ends up really being another occasion for Raines to learn more about himself and put right his part mistakes. And all through his hallucinations.

    This story has too few suspects and its pretty obvious who you should put money on - for your guess. The final act however does brings a hefty dose of satisfaction, as we get to see Raines' ability to conjure up the dead victims increase. As towards the end, all the dead passengers and crew appear to see Raines unravel the mystery.

    Not really a season finale, but I guess you already knew that Raines was cut midseason. Which is a pity, given that all the strands of character development had been quite well laid out in the previous episodes.

    This was the final episode to air, but it doesn't do the character justice. Which explains that the production was probably cut very quickly.

    There are better stories in theis shortlived drama. But what the hell... if you watched the first six, you may as well watch this one!
  • Nothing special, but not bad.

    Raine's ex-wife has suspicions that her husband was murdered instead of what they were saying was an accidental plane crash. Raines becomes interested in the case and takes it and it becomes awkward between Raines and his ex-wife's husband. Eventually, it does turn out to be sabotage, but to kill another on of the passengers. The ending is pretty cool when Raines tells the mechanic killer all of the passengers and he sees them all and then they disappear. Overall, it was ok, not my favorite story line, but it was ok. Raines was depicted as a great character again, but none of the others shone threw. It was a bit of a put down for the finale.