Season 1 Episode 6

Inner Child

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Raines is discussing his latest case with Dr. Kohl, it involves the molestation and murder of a ten year old girl. She was found in a duffel bag on the boardwalk. They believe her neck is broken. Raines instructs Boyer to throw up a tent around the site to run a rape kit on her. Boyer seems shaken by the suggestion of rape on the girl, given her young age. Raines excuses himself to Boyer's patrol car and the young girl appears in the vehicle. Carolyn calls with a missing person report for Emily Strong and it matches the victim they found.

The girl had been dismissed early from school and the mother didn't miss her yet, which explains why they hadn't called in the missing person report earlier. Raines has to break the news to them that she had been killed. Raines feels out the father, asking questions about his whereabouts that day, trying to figure out if he had anything to do with her death. Raines' figment of Emily becomes agitated with Raines and his questioning of her father. Emily's father becomes very distressed hearing the news of how she died.

Raines searches Emily's room and discovers she has a computer and that she instant messaged people online. Raines tries to avoid Emily's questions about what assault is, clearly uncomfortable given her young age. She asks why he is so cranky. He counters with the question, "Why are you so annoying?" She answers, "I don't know. Maybe it's easier that I'm annoying." When he wants to know what she means by easier she tells him, "You know to deal with the fact that I was murdered. That I'm dead for no good reason." Raines wonders who she was online with and her mother comes in the room. She tells Raines that Emily had an email account, but she only emailed with a few other girls. She gives Raines access to the Emily's account.

Mr. Strong comes upstairs revealing that Grace, Emily's friend, lied about the early dismissal from school. It seems the girls skipped out of school and went to the beach. Raines calls Lance to have the Tobmans come into the precinct. Boyer gets on the phone and he is all over the case, working very hard to find out who killed Emily. Raines tries to talk to Boyer on the phone but is uncomfortable with details as Emily is listening in. He wants her to get in the back seat telling her, "My car, my head." Raines goes to the station to question Grace Tobman with her parents. The Tobman's hadn't yet told Grace that Emily was killed. Grace is shy and Emily tells Raines, "Try a little less big and scary." Raines squats down so he more on level with Grace and she tells him the duo went to the boardwalk and saw one of the performers. Emily was gone so Grace figured she went home and she went home herself. Grace tells Raines they were watching Tony Vera on the boardwalk.

Raines goes to visit with Tony, an African-American who performs with fire. He is just finishing up a show. He tells his crowd, "Do not try this at home. I used to be a white dude." Tony tells Raines that a guy was hanging around his show that he turned in the year before for touching young girls in his audience. He tells Raines he would have chased him but he was juggling four torches and a bowling ball at the time.

Boyer presents Raines with the coroner's report and the original complaint Tony Vera made the year before. Raines asks Boyer what he had on his wheaties that morning. Boyer says he is just doing his job. Boyer goes into the details of the coroner's report stating the evidence of the sexual assault. Emily hears and realizes that sexual assault is rape. She asks Raines why someone would do that, she is only ten years old. Raines is at a loss for words and doesn't answer her.

Carolyn informs Raines they have Charlie Newman, the man Tony complained about, in interrogation. He needs a moment to himself and talks to Emily. He realizes during the discussion that he is unsure if he can do his job anymore. Raines tells Emily if she wants to help she needs to stay out of the room when he questions Charlie. She agrees if he will play the song she was learning on piano after he solves the murder. He doesn't care for the song and suggests another.

Raines questions Charlie, who denies having any knowledge of Emily and tells Raines he is tired of getting hauled into the precinct anytime a little girl is molested. He says he made only one mistake and he thought that one girl was 22. He complains that he has to move a lot due to crazy landlords and uptight vigilantes. Captain Lewis wants to know how the investigation is going. Lewis wants to go public with the fact that she was assaulted, which Raines thinks will traumatize the family. Lewis tells Raines to tell the family, that by being open about it maybe someone will call in with information. Mr. Strong, upset, recounts a story from her childhood to Raines. Her first assertions of independence, wanting to walk by herself to school. He wonders how he could have prevented this from happening. He hasn't even told his wife that Emily had been assaulted before she was killed yet.

Raines is at home going over notes. Emily wants to play the piano. He tells her they haven't solved the case yet and his neighbors wouldn't appreciate a serenade at that hour. She browses around his apartment, noticing all his toys. She wants to know why he never had kids. He mentions the kidnapping statistics and seeing what happened to her makes him kind of glad he never had kids.

Boyer is manning the hotline, taking calls from people calling in information on Emily. It seems a lot of people are just calling in to get attention, not having any solid information. Judy Strong calls in and reveals that Charlie Newman worked at their house as a handyman. Raines takes a detail to Charlie's apartment and finds him dead on the floor. He had been stabbed through the eye. Boyer wants to get to work and Raines is distracted by the figment of Charlie begins going after his figment of Emily. Suddenly Emily shoots Charlie, thanking Raines for putting the imaginary gun in her hands. He tries to cover his hallucinatins, telling Boyer to wait for SID.

Raines now has to deal with the hallucinations of both Emily and Charlie. Charlie gets belligerent with Raines and Emily shoots him again. Raines drives back to Emily's home searching for her father. On the way Charlie begins taunting Emily and she threatens to shoot him again. Judy is home but her husband is not. They have to put out a warrent for him. Captain Lewis wants to know if Raines is ok. He confirms DNA matches Charlie to the crime scene and he suggests putting someone else on the case so Raines can be done. Lance bursts in with a report that her father was seen at the zoo.

Raines heads to the zoo and Charlie continues to taunt Emily in the backseat.When he puts his hands on Emily's face Raines tells him, "Hey, hey hands off. Stay away from her. If I have to stop this car..." He is interrupted by a phone call from Dr. Kohl, he is supposed to be meeting with her. He cuts her off, telling her not now.

At the zoo Emily's father has a gun and is threatening to kill himself. He is watching the lions. Emily had been afraid of the lions at first but learned to enjoy them. Raines tells him he wished he hadn't killed Charlie. He tells him the jury will have sympathy for him. Henry tells Raines he doesn't want sympathy he wants his daughter back. Raines tells Henry to imagine Emily is right there with them, next to them. He tells him he can see her, so beautiful, full of life. He tells Henry that Emily lives on inside of him and he needs to live to talk about her, her life, her stories. He tells him if he kills himself it would be like she died all over again. Henry relents and is taken into custody. Boyer tells Raines when he was Emily in the duffel the first thing he thought was how much he hated this job. Then he remembered this was why he took the job.

Raines is visiting with Dr. Kohl after the events of the day. He wants to get more time in and she mentions his earlier statement of being unable to get Emily out of his head. She asks if he sees the victims in addition to talking to them. He tells her he doesn't.

Raines is playing a song on the piano when Emily appears on the bench next to him. She says, "Bourbon on a Tuesday night." He tells her, "Better than on a Tuesday morning." He wants to know why she is still there. She says it is because she thinks he should talk to Dr. Kohl and admit that he sees the victim. He admits that he is worried if he does he might lose his job. Emily tells him if he doesn't he may lose it anyway. He starts to play the song for her, she joins in then disappears.