Season 1 Episode 6

Inner Child

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2007 on NBC

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  • I felt the episode was OK, but it dragged a bit. Not quite as amusing as some of the other episodes.

    A ten-year-old girl is found in a duffle bag in the park, neck broken. She is fairly quickly identified from a missing persons report. Mike isn’t very good with children and seems to have decided that he wouldn’t have wanted to be a father with the possibility of losing the child like this.

    Even though Mike knows the little girl he sees is only in his head, he hesitates talking about the more gruesome aspects of the case when she’s around. She asks a lot of questions, as a little girl would do, but, of course, since she knows everything Mike knows, she really knows the answers and it gets on Mike’s nerves. At one point he asks her to wait outside and she complies. If it were that easy, I might think he could stop seeing the victims altogether.

    The perp becomes a victim too, and then Mike sees both of them in his head together. This gives the little girl a chance to shoot her killer. It’s all in Mike’s head but it’s funny. Of course, since the perp is already dead, shooting him doesn’t make him go away and it gives the girl a chance to shoot him again.
  • A delicately told story of the aspects of human nature revolving around one of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Takes Raines out of the comfort zone, and us along with it.

    An episode whose plot delicately broaches the difficult emotions surrounding the most harrowing and detestable of crimes. The screenplay is filled with sceens and dialogue that touch upon the deplorable side of human natur,e through Raines conjuration of the young, innocent victim. Most of the scenes are a mix of emotional subtlety and helpless awkwardness. I imagine just how an adult would attempt to explain the subject matter to a young child. By tiptoeing around the more horrific material at hand.

    As such, I found the draw of this story to be the novel way in which the victim is able to question the aspects of the crime from her own point of view. I challenge you to find another cop show that has done something similiar. It is her (the hallucination's) ability to question; the motive's of such monsters and prompt Raines for the difficult answers I could imagine one such victim would be asking difficult questions to. As such, the screenplay conjures similiarities with that of parent/child relationship. If that makes any sense. Yet its done in such a lightfingered way, that the communication of this heinous crimestory is paramount over. Tthe script also touches on the additional experiences all of those potential characters that could be involved in a case such as this; victims father, paedophile suspects and the witnesses. Touching on regrets, what-ifs, how to go on in life... and more.

    As for Raines, we get to see him increase his ability to retain more control over his hallucinations. In one particular scene, a dead paedophile suspect chases the girl in what starts as an obvious uncomfortable scene. Yet it ends with an air of vengeful hilarity, when Raines places a gun in her hand, providing swift retribution for his initial crime.

    The whole cause and effect device, plays throughout the episode's plot arc and is packaged up with a very bitter/sweet ending.

    Worth watching, as its different from previous episodes.
  • Children should not be harmed in any way possible and its worse when they get harmed by their loved ones.

    This episode starts off with a girl being found in a location murdered, the girl is 10 years old. Raines has a hard time trying to deal with it because hes going to be seeing this child and that she is so young. Children need to be loved by those who bring them into this world and not treated like garbage. This was a good but slow episode, showed how Raines is botehred by the fact that his victim was a child. This shows hwo hard it realyl is to see a child be hurt for any body. PLease protect your kids.
  • The show finally takes a break from the regular plot structure and it makes for a really unique episode with some important developments.

    This was an episode of firsts. It was the first time Raines hallucinated more than one victim. It was also the first time the victim stayed around after the case was solved. And it was the first time Raines was almost too distracted to do his job. And that's what makes this a good episodes. Could we really expect this guy to go on with his life with these hallucinations always helping him solve cases? These aren't superpowers we're talking about. I probably would get very bored if every episode was the same in terms of how the people he sees are used. Reminding the viewer that "I only know what you know" every 10 minutes and Raines' visualization of the person changing after every plot twist can get old quick.

    It's nice to see that Raines is a human being just like the rest of us, especially with such a serious subject matter. It just wouldn't have been realistic if he didn't get affected the way he did. Boyer's reaction also pleasantly surprised me because normally he's just the annoying cop who no one likes. And that's another thing I like about this show; it hints at other people having problems too, not just the main character. Obviously there isn't always time to delve into those kind of stories, but the possibility is there. I guess the idea of a flawed character is just a lot more appealing to me than a hero.

    I sure hope this show comes back next season. I hate how everything is driven by ratings even though they're a crappy way of measuring interest. What about all the people who download shows because they can't watch it when it's airing or can't afford something like TiVo or just don't even have cable or satellite? I'm just saying I'd like to see more of Jeff Goldblum.
  • This episode was extremely well thought out and gave us all a better look in to the exact nature of the character, it showed...

    This episode was extremely well thought out and gave us all a better look in to the exact nature of the character, it showed us what was going on to the character and how it effects him. This episode revealed better to us who he is and how his condition affects his life. Regardless this was a very great episode and I cannot wait for next week (^.^)