Season 1 Episode 2

Meet Juan Doe

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2007 on NBC

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  • Very Slow

    This episode was really slow, nothign happened at all. A murder that was trying to be solved of course. That is the main part of this show. But somehting about this episode didn't stop me from channel surfing, it was pretty boring to tell you the truth, but i still have not written this show off because it is still new. It did have a unique way of solving the case but its getting kindha creepy how he sees the dead. I think everyone should give this a chance and see how it plays out so far its making its way up we will see how far it goes.
  • Boring

    I understand this show is moving to Friday nights. The death knell is sounding!

    As soon as I saw the major (or governor or whoever he was) I immediately thought that was the dead guy's father because there was such a resemblance.

    Anyway, interest level is low. Bringing the psychiatrist in reminds me of The Sopranos. Nichole Sullivan works well as a top notch investigator bringing in all the clues. But the premise is getting tiresome already.

    Going through the thought process of solving a case by changing the victim's appearance is mundane. It's what we all would do. There's just nothing special about it and it feels like work to solve the case!
  • Raines begins a murder investigation when a body is pulled Raines investigates the murder of an immigrant.

    This episode was excellent. Jeff Goldbloom is perfect for this role. I don't think anybody could do the sarcastic humor of this show any more justice than he does. The story behind this episode is compelling and tragic. It is an example of when bad things happen for stupid reasons...or sometimes no reason at all. The scene toward the end when the councelman meets his grandson is very touching and very sad also. Nicole Sullivan's part seems a bit typical of her...but it's good to stick to your strengths when you haven't had much experience in dramatic roles before. The supporting cast of this show is excellent as well. There were some absolutely hilarious exchanges between the figmented immigrant murder vic and Raines in this episode. The funniest is the bit after Raines leaves the psychiatrist's office after being completely embarrassed. All in all, I'd say this was definitely worth the 60 minute of my time...and yours too.
  • Let's hope NBC sticks with "Raines"

    So, with one episode to get the gimmick and the characters established, does "Raines" give the viewer enough reason to keep coming back?

    Thankfully, yes.

    Jeff Goldblum is such a charismatic, engaging actor that he really doesn't need this "hook:" Raines is a dogged sleuth who uses his wits and his edginess to get to the truth. The more they explain his visions, the less the show appears to be a "Medium"/"Ghost Whisperer" ripoff as some have claimed. It's the visualization of a puzzle or problem to be pieced together. I like how the person changes as Raines learns more information about them. The Spanish, the family, etc. Goldblum is one of the more engaging actors to appear on TV in a while and Graham Yost has come up with a character up to Goldblum's talents.

    I'm not usually a fan of Madeline Stowe, or of the gimmick of sending a character to therapy (usually an excuse to verbalize character development in a quick and easy way), but at least it looks like Raines is going to have some fun with the department-ordered shrink.

    I really like the interplay between Goldblum and Matt Craven as his long-suffering commanding officer. Not a lot of Malik Yoba this episode, but I guess the writers don't want to give Raines too many visions to talk to in one show. Nice reminder of the love of Raymond Chandler, which figured so prominently in the pilot. Nicole Sullivan is still great, and I like her sarcasm played off Raines' tetchy demeanor. Nice turn by A. Martinez as the city councilman...SPOILER ALERT...I kind of wanted him to be malicious and guilty, rather than mistaken. Oh, well. Maybe next week Raines can take down another coldhearted killer.

    Now, with the move to Fridays, maybe "Raines" can build an audience and sustain. Yost is a great writer and it would be nice to get a strong detective mystery show on the air for a good long run. We'll have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that Detective Michael Raines doesn't share the same fate as the victims he sees.
  • The opening title was just stunning

    So, while still hoping a cool noir-like opening like the pilot, what we get was a shocker and more to the point opening title cards. That was just stunning.

    The story was pretty average, and if not for the humour comment made by Jeff/Raines almost every minutes, I would have already be bored with it.

    But hopefully, they can pick up the potential interesting interaction between the charactors, and the show might get a chance.
  • Interesting

    This episode was better than the pilot, but still nothing amazing or groundbreaking. I like Graham Yost, but this is nowhere as good as Boomtown. I'm still interested in continuing with the series though. There are only five more episodes after all. I hope the other characters become a little more fleshed out. So far it's been all Raines with the other characters being cardboard cutouts.

    I'm beginning to think the best part of the show is how his perceptions of the dead change when he learns new facts about them. Too bad there was no Fearless in this episode. That would have made my day.
  • Expands on the pilot very nicely

    Was to be expected that the follow up wasnt going to be as hot. Yet it does succeed on building on the great 1st episode. The storyline and the crime stronger and thus more interesting in nature than those of the pilot. Overall the shift in point of view to the imaginary relationship between Raines and victim again works very well, given Goldbulm natural rapport with the viewer. The main problem he has - that of relying on his own preconceptions is prevelant and well done. It provides the mainstay of scenes between both parties again and just seems effortless. I love the fact that his preconceptions get chipped away as they are usually wrong or demonstrated in a negative/stereotypical light that I guess is just standard in most normal human beings.

    That so, the case provides a valued ally to the mechanism as it has a number of well placed and clever twists - nothing Earth-shattering but very engaging.

    All this leads us to change out view of the victim and shocking twist (though not entirely unexpected - I guess it :)) genuinely tugs at the heartstrings.

    The brief introduction of Madeliene Stowe as a phsycotherapist that Raines's capt. forces him to visit looks like it will provide an extra angle of confrontation for Raines to deal with and I hope to see this start expanding in the next few episodes.

    A case ending with no real winners that provides another 35 mins of genuine entertainment.