Season 1 Episode 2

Meet Juan Doe

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2007 on NBC

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  • Let's hope NBC sticks with "Raines"

    So, with one episode to get the gimmick and the characters established, does "Raines" give the viewer enough reason to keep coming back?

    Thankfully, yes.

    Jeff Goldblum is such a charismatic, engaging actor that he really doesn't need this "hook:" Raines is a dogged sleuth who uses his wits and his edginess to get to the truth. The more they explain his visions, the less the show appears to be a "Medium"/"Ghost Whisperer" ripoff as some have claimed. It's the visualization of a puzzle or problem to be pieced together. I like how the person changes as Raines learns more information about them. The Spanish, the family, etc. Goldblum is one of the more engaging actors to appear on TV in a while and Graham Yost has come up with a character up to Goldblum's talents.

    I'm not usually a fan of Madeline Stowe, or of the gimmick of sending a character to therapy (usually an excuse to verbalize character development in a quick and easy way), but at least it looks like Raines is going to have some fun with the department-ordered shrink.

    I really like the interplay between Goldblum and Matt Craven as his long-suffering commanding officer. Not a lot of Malik Yoba this episode, but I guess the writers don't want to give Raines too many visions to talk to in one show. Nice reminder of the love of Raymond Chandler, which figured so prominently in the pilot. Nicole Sullivan is still great, and I like her sarcasm played off Raines' tetchy demeanor. Nice turn by A. Martinez as the city councilman...SPOILER ALERT...I kind of wanted him to be malicious and guilty, rather than mistaken. Oh, well. Maybe next week Raines can take down another coldhearted killer.

    Now, with the move to Fridays, maybe "Raines" can build an audience and sustain. Yost is a great writer and it would be nice to get a strong detective mystery show on the air for a good long run. We'll have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that Detective Michael Raines doesn't share the same fate as the victims he sees.