Season 1 Episode 2

Meet Juan Doe

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2007 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • At one point Juan Doe begins to sing a known Mexican song ("ay ay ay ay...") and he asks Raines if that is the only Mexican song he knows. Raines replies that he also knows the Macarena. Well, the Macarena is Spanish (from Spain), not Mexican.

  • Quotes

    • Captain Lewis: You haven't called Dr. Kohl.
      Raines: Dan, it's been one day. I haven't called my, uh, mother in weeks. You don't hear her complaining.
      Captain Lewis: Your mother's dead.
      Raines: That explains it.

    • Raines: Who is Dr. Samantha Kohl?
      Captain Lewis: She's a therapist.
      Raines: Oh yeah, says it right here on the card: 'Therapist'. I... I thought it was 'The Rapist' which would be such a strange thing to put on a card.

    • Boyer: Why don't you like me?
      Raines: Oh for Heavens sakes!
      Boyer: It's because I told the Captain that I saw you talking to yourself on the Boudreau case isnt it?
      Raines: I-I disliked you way before that.
      Boyer: Did you ever stop to think that maybe I had a good reason to tell the Captain?
      Raines: What the hell would that be?
      Boyer: You've always been something of a whack job detective but you always had Charlie to help cinch the restraints and keep you from swallowing your tongue. Now, lets put it this way, I see people out on the street everyday talking to themselves. The one big difference between them and you they dont have a license to carry a firearm,

    • Raines: Boyer do... do you have a Myspace page?
      Boyer: No. Not yet.
      Raines: Great. So... so when you get one, may I suggest that under likes and dislikes you put that you like to annoy the living snot out of people when they're trying to work and maybe you wanna add a link to www.whatingodsnameiswrongwithme.com.

    • Coyote: Who cleans your house?
      Raines: Nobody. It's an issue with the landlord.

    • Raines: I'm so sorry. I, I'm just getting the hang of exactly how it is I've lost my mind.

    • Informant: Do me a favor? Don't tell him I gave you that. Please!
      Raines: That-That's my credo. Never inconvenience or upset a weasel who exploits people.

    • Raines (speaking to the guy wanting the tattoo of his girlfriend's name on him): Is that your girlfriend? Oh, she is way too hot for you. Listen, do your future a favor. Go down the boardwalk and get yourself one of those henna tattoos. They wash right off.

    • Boyer: Where do you live detective?
      Raines: If I tell you I'll have to move

    • Samantha: Where'd you grow up?
      Raines: New York.
      Samantha: Parents?
      Raines: One of each.

    • Raines: So... if you, uh, don't see cops anymore how come you're seeing me?
      Samantha: Your captain asked me.
      Raines: Why'd you agree? What, does he have a picture of you with a goat?
      Samantha: Not a goat.

    • Police sketch artist: It'd just be speculation.
      Raines: No, speculation would be if I did it. You, as a forensic artist, presumably have some, uh, expertise. Unless the good people of Los Angeles are, uh, compensating you under false pretenses.

    • Tattoo artist: (referring to the guy pulled from the canal) Still a John Doe?
      Raines: Juan Doe now, Mexican dental work.

    • Dr. Kohl: You talk to yourself, Detective?
      Raines: Yes. Um, I can't think of anybody more interesting to talk to. Ooh. My gosh, I'm a narcissist.

    • Julio: You ever stop to wonder what the hell happened to you?
      Raines: Oh, every single damn day.

    • Raines: This is my life. Watching a hallucination do the Macarena. Doesn't get any better than that.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Ordinary People

      Samantha: You stole the whole brother drowning story right out of 'Ordinary People' did you think I wouldn't pick up on that?

      "Ordinary People" is a 1980 movie where the accidental death of the older son of a wealthy family affects his guilt-ridden younger brother.

    • Ordinary People

      Raines' "brother drowning" story to Dr. Kohl was said to have been gotten from Ordinary People, a book by Judith Guest.

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