Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • Detective Raines has visions. He sees the victims of the crimes he covers. They are not Ghosts, they are figments of his imagination. With every clue revealed, their image changes, contorts... until the final mystery is solved and the image becomes clear.

    f there was one drama sub-category I disliked the most, it would be the crime section. Why? Because CBS as an entire channel has relied on this single category to fill their entire line-up. It gets boring, and it gets boring fast. At first, Raines seems like Ghost Whisperer. But it's not, not at all. Again, it has that distinct film noire feeling - right down to the soundtrack. The apparitions in this series are not ghosts. They are figments of the detective's imagination. The character knows just as much as he does, and it's image and personality changes as he finds more and more clues to solve the case. In one scene he discovers she's a prostitute and the image of her changes to an over-make-uped slut smoking and drinking. She questions "You found no evidence of cigarettes or alcohol at the crime scene, yet you see me this way? It's because this is the way a whore looks." And with that, she changes back. The writing is very intelligent, and like all crime dramas... there are multiple suspects all with very reasonable explanations and back stories as to why they could have committed the crime. Jeff Goldblum does wonders with this character, and the direction propels it even further. I especially like the scene in which the apparitions appear as the camera pans behind an object... not there at one moment, yet appears in front of that said object a moment later. And that one scene with the rotating mirror in the bathroom was very well executed. I am definitely going to keep on checking this series as it progresses weekly. As a mid season replacement, it will only have 8-13 episodes instead of the standard 21 or 22. I hope we it doesn't get cut. I don't see how it could.