Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • Don't confuse this with "Medium" or "Ghost Whisperer". This is so much better.

    As a first-time viewer without any advance knowledge of this show, my initial reaction was to dump it after 10 minutes as a clone of "Medium" or "Ghost Whisperer", which I refuse to watch because of their unrealistic spiritistic premise. But then Sandy's accent turned to a Southern drawl after Raines learned where she was from. I knew then that this was going to be something so much better. I was glad for this because the opening film noir-like scene was so well done. The quirky way that the body changed with Raines' narrative descriptions is the type of innovative device that TV needs.
    Another good thing is that Raines is humble enough to accept the results of the legwork of those working with him and then do what a good detective is supposed to do -- solve the case! The return of Nicole Sullivan to network TV is much appreciated. As usual, she plays a likeable character who contributes a lot to the show. It's also great to see again Mykelti Williams, who played Bobby "Fearless" Smith in one of the best crime dramas ever, "Boomtown"; although the credit blurb doesn't use the correct character name in this show -- Charlie.

    Nice surprise revelation of the identity of the killer. Also surprising was that Charlie also is dead. But I'll keep watching because it merely further establishes Raines' mental instability.

    This episode holds promise that this hardly-promoted mid-season replacement might actually have a chance at success.