Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • A breath of fresh air

    Very impressive first episode. Great style of narration that few people could pull off - Jeff Goldblum being one of them. Reminds me of those old 50/60 style PI novels (ala Raimond Chandler).

    Having him as bordering delusion/possibly mentally ill works perfectly in suspending disbelief and allowed me to believe the exchanges taking place between him and the deceased.

    The main selling point of the show is Raines ability to empathises with the victims and use his knowledge of human behaviour to essentially draw up a profile of the victim. With this in hand he can then work his way towards possible motives and identify suspects.

    The whole thing works fantastically well and in this episode proves to be a fine introduction to Raines and the unique method he uses to solve homicides. I found all the little subtle changes he makes to the victim as he finds out more, wonderful and packs in detail as though he is painting the victims personality on a canvas.

    As you may expect the crime is just a means to the end, but the journey is the way Raines reconstructs a person from the clues he has to go on, often making judgements or second guessing some aspects, before chipping away his assumptions to find the true character.

    It goes without saying that alot of the victims we see are perhaps a mirror to Raines' psyche itself.

    Glorious concept, excellently executed. Can't blow this episodes trumpet enough. I just hope the remaining 7 are just a deep.