Season 1 Episode 3

Reconstructing Alice

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2007 on NBC

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  • An excellently told, tragic and deep story. Where the cop show plot is truly secondary.

    A story themed on the plight of homelessness, with issues of mental illness. These cleverly incorporated though, through the mirror of experiences of Raines as he sets about solving this case.

    As you can imagine, these two are the funniest of bosom-buddies. Yet the writers excel in bringing ironic moments of humour through dialogue, which Goldbulm excels at delivering. Raines' fractured mind is also used to good effect, keeping the screenplay moving allow, hitting the issues of the theme without dwelling to much. As for the issues relayed in this particular plot; pain, suffering, loneliness, despondancy, manipulation of the forgotten, lost diginty and family anguish. All are well woven into a crime story that franky isn't the star of the show. Nor should it be, if you are fan of Raines.

    Yet as done in previous episodes, it is Raines psyke-projected view of the victim that allows us to take these onboard, without it becoming a recital or unemotional exposition. Plotwise don't expect the strongest cop solves case story, but its logical set out. Locations add to the overall despondant feel, while the trail of leads does it job in taking us along a journey of discovery. It eventually leads us to an intentially likely killer, but with a twist at the end.

    A well told story of a sad demise, that dances on the mind of Raines beyond this episode. Could this fate be his future? Indeed, the 'real' question should be - could this be a future for me?!
  • Alice down the rabbit hole. Its hard not to love allusions, especially when they play on a universal childhood memory. The kind of memories that make us all smile, even when the theme is sad.

    How does one not automatically smile when we think of the stories of our childhood, if not told by parents who loved you, or by a teacher that smile just a bit too much, then by a mind that was full of curiosity. Raines tonight reminded me why I always wanted to fall down the rabbit hole, why I always wanted to go on an adventure and I never got lost in too deep. I found myself grinning, as usual its Raines’ assumptions that get the best of him, but this time around it wasn’t simply the case he was struggling with, but his own identity. His own fears of insanity were thrown in his face, just as Alice went on a psychedelic trip, Raines fears that his entire life is nothing more then one really long psychotic episode (no pun intended). The first episode where he doesn’t find himself searching out the help of his deceased partner, he find solace in the arranged meetings with his no nonsense shrink. It was a cleverly arranged episode that hinged on my own vulnerabilities, and yet continued to exercise my senses. I hope this show gets a fair shot, but like many cop dramas, it could fall at the wayside.
  • I have enjoyed all episodes so far.. I rarely watch ANY TV, so for me to actually sit still long enough to enjoy a program says a lot. YEAH for Raines... I love them all so far. :)

    The pilot episode was fabulous, and I look forward to each episode. They have all kept my attention and are great, so far. Keep em' coming! I am happy that there is a feature to watch the missed episodes on the web. Makes it nice if I happen to miss something, etc. This review has to be a minimum of 100 words, and I have nothing else to say except it is a great show and I look forward to many more to follow. I need 15 more words, so I am going to say HELLO to all of you out there in cyberland! :)