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  • Will have to see what's next...

    I find it hard to define the quality of a series based on the pilot alone. It normally takes me about three or four episodes before I become engaged enough to watch regularly. That said, "Raines" presented an interesting, if somewhat slow moving, pilot with potential. Its strongest asset is, of course, the very talented Jeff Goldblum. I've seen Mr. Goldblum perform live on stage in New York and his presence transfers nicely to the small screen. Unfortunately, I found the hallucination gimmick contrived and I would have prefered "Raines" have a special talent or intuition in seeing the victims rather that this.

    It was nice to see Nicole Sullivan in a different kind of role. "Raines" is definitely worth a look. How many remains to be seen.
  • Jeff Goldblum playes a detective in a series that is part Ghost Whisperer and part Monk, only this time the ghosts he sees are just his own mind taking him through the crimes he has to solve.

    In the last few years with fewer and fewer decent comedies to watch I've been watching more crime dramas and this one is fairly good and a bit innovative. Jeff Goldblum returns to series TV playing an obsessive compulsive police detective who sees hallucinations of his murder victims who talk who through the crimes he must solve. He also mentored by the ghost of his best friend lost in a prior case. It's a potential hit, it has a strong cast including Nicole Sullivan from "MadTv" and intelligent storylines, but then none of that saved "Arrested Development," another intellectually-created show that no one ever understood but FOX didn't know what to do with. "Raines" has enormous potential and Jeff Goldblum is an incredible actor in all he does. My only hope is that it is given its chance.
  • a used up premise in a world with too many cop dramas already... but the writing and goldblum's crazy guy act may save this one.

    it is so hard for a cop, lawyer, or hospital drama to interest me anymore, with so many out there.. but this one kept me tuned in. its more about a crazy detective, than a detective that see's actual ghosts. i like that. crazy people make for a better story than ghosts do, if i wanted that i would watch medium or supernatural... crazy is different and different is good. btw, is it just me, but didnt goldblum creep you out before this anyway? i hope this stays around long enough for luis guzman to show up, that guy is always funny.
  • Raines is an interesting show. One that you have to watch again...

    Raines is an interesting show. One that you have to watch again to catch the way he changes his views on the character. Raines is about a cop that uses his imagination, to visualize his victims. As he leans more about the victim he idea of the person changes. It is witty and amusing, but maybe to "smart". A person would have to watch it again to notice the changes in the victims. Jeff Goldblum is in his element though. Raines is a character written for him, quirky and intertaining. I think that this show could be great if it can hold people's interest. The story was catching and entertaining. It is a cop story, but with a different angle that I liked.
  • jeff goldblum sees murder victims and solves crimes.

    anything jeff goldblum does is interesting, and this show's concept is a good one, recalling ''sixth sense'', from an adult point of view. it doesn't matter. jeff goldblum's face is wonderful to watch as he intelligently acts. there is an extra little ''fillip'' with his partner, as he wonders if he is sane. a scene where he cried was just great. he is the best and i will watch this one forever. the other actors were good, too, especially the victim, as she watched him gather clues and figure out who had killed her. one of the best shows i have seen.
  • Could use some better writing

    Hmmmm not too bad for a first episode. I didnt really like the fact that the 'ghost' of the dead girl didnt know anything and kept saying 'IDK you tell me'. In the near future i hope that Raines can get more info from the ghost. Love seeing Malik Yoba back on tv as well as seeing Nicole Sullivan in something different than Mad tv.
  • Kept me interested the whole time and I did not guess the end. Thanks for the good acting and writing.

    This is the best show to come along in a long time. Keep up the good work. Interesting plot, got yout point across with out too much blood or foul language. Scenery very interesting. Am looking forward to all your new episodes. Think that about sums it up on what I think of the new show "Raines". Jeff Goldblum is perfect for the lead part. The dialogue between him and his 'dead' partner is so good. Who ever thought up the plot for this program is due many words of praise. Thank you again. This is a refreshing change from what we have now on TV. Bye;
    Jean H.
  • Yet another take on the detective use of dead people (in this case, imagined by the detective, not 'real' ghosts) to solve crimes. Note: some spoilers for the pilot appear in this review.

    Based only on the pilot, I'd say this show is a good idea that really needs fine-tuning to find an audience. In a market that already has a psychic detective who dreams dead people, a 'ghost whisperer' who sets things right, and a completely fake psychic detective, a show that features more dead people to solve crimes has got to work really hard to succeed. And we already tried (and lost) the gimic of talking to the dead people and resetting the day to save their lives, so I know the show's not going there. No, we have Jeff Goldblum (who I generally like) in the role of Raines, a somewhat emotionally wounded detective who sees the victims of crimes he's called in to solve. There's lots of voiceover action (becoming tres popular these days!) by Raines, and it looks very noir, although the character seems to eschew this idea in the opening. Raines sees dead people 'in his head', not 'really'. Which, if you think about it, isn't that much different from the other psychic detectives, because in each case, they're the only persons to whom the dead appear. So, in your head or not, it's just you and the dead people. Anyway, Raines sees the dead people in his head. He works out the probable causes/circumstances of death by talking to the dead in his head (which reminds me of the early days of "Crossing Jordan", when the lead worked out the crimes with her dad). And he also consults with his wounded partner, who seems to act something like a therapist for Raines. He points out that the dead are only a construct of Raines' imagination, which is not a bad thing. Then, we learn that his 'wounded partner' is also dead. Didn't expect that…

    Goldblum seems…awkward in this role, but maybe that's what they were going for…

    I'll give this another watch to see if things improve.
  • Promising But Probably Doomed

    Loved the opening scene, which was beautifully done and just drew me in with its neo-noir vibe. Goldblum is a great actor and I truly enjoyed his performance in this episode, but I do have some reservations. First, he is so busy with his facial tics and mannerisms that it becomes a bit distracting and overwhelms whatever else is happening in a particular scene. Second, he runs like some hybrid chicken-lizard creature and they really shouldn't show him running around very much. Other than that, he's golden.

    I'm not sure the premise of the series works, there really are A LOT of similar shows already and it's kinda goofy that he has to find an empty room or rooftop in order to commune with a dead victim. Were it not for Goldblum and the gorgeous opening scene, I wouldn't have watched the entire show.

    The storyline for this pilot was interesting until the killer was revealed. The killer's actions in the death scene were so over-the-top as to be ludicrous. I actually laughed at the killer's over-reaction (and incongruous expertise with a gun). Maybe if the killer's character and motivation had been better developed, the killing may have been more effective.
  • My prime reason for tuning in was Jeff. He has a style all his own and I enjoyed seeing him act. He adds emotion, humor, inquisitiveness to his role melding one into the other seemlessly. I thought his role in Raines tonight was superb, typical Jeff G.

    What I am concerned about is the shows premise. i do hope the studio has a creative writing staff as the show could get old fast. Adding the twist at the end with charlie was great (my buddy from NY Undercover). Little twists like that give you something to think about and look forward to.

    Good start...I enjoyed the first one...keep up the momentum!

    S. Page
  • Detective Raines sees dead people. Remember the end of The Sixth Sense when Cole realizes the ghosts wants his help to solve their problems, well it basically continues here in this show with Detective Raines. No blood and gore on the ghost either.

    Raines is very similar to Medium of course, although I think the Medium might have a greater range since she has the ability to both prevent and solve cases. Basically murdered people come to Raines in hopes that he will help them find out who killed them. He doesn't really know what to think @ first. He starts trying to find the killer, mine you the victim doesn't seem to be able to help him, hoping that the living dead will leave him alone. He knows he has the wrong suspect if he keeps seeing the ghost. He knows he has some more searching to do. It seems to be that whatever he believes the victim to be or appear like (such as clothes, bust size, hair). If he says this happen to the victim, they react to it as if it actually happen to them, because they don't know why they were killed. From the looks of it, he's not use to seeing the victims, so I don't think that this has been happening a long time, plus he kind of has a guider who is also a previous partner of his who got shot. I think I'm going to have to watch a few more episodes, but for now, that's what I understand. Right now, I prefer Medium because I feel like I'm getting use to another system of catching ghosts or whatnot, and Raines isn't exciting enough to turn me from Medium to Raines, plus how it is written or how the story comes together turns me off and although I like Jeff Goldblum, his acting in this role is not doing anything for me. NBC seems like their just re manufacturing shows anyway @ this point. I might see the show when nothing else is on, but its not a favorite. Maybe it'll get better as it goes along. From the short clips in commercials, this may have suppose to have been a funnier version of Medium. I'll give it another try but as of right now, I'm not liking it.
  • Reviewing just the premiere, I found it to be pretty good, and better than similar shows for a few reasons ***May Contain Spoilers***

    I haven't ever really been a fan of Jeff Goldblum and his animated acting, but I find I like him in this role. There are some similarites to this show and Medium and Ghost Whisperer in that it seems the Main actors are talking to the dead. Unlike the other two, in this show the Dead are in his mind, so it's closer to reality than the others, which I like. It is also NOT a show that is a cliff hanger like 24 or many shows that have failed recently (Smith, Kidnapped, Vanished, Daybreak), but it solves a crime every episode, but also has a continuing issue (his Partner). I like it, and will continue to follow it to see where it goes.
  • Amazing Concept, HORRIBLE Actors.

    Amazing Concept, horrible actors, i lost interest in 10 seconds of watching the show it was quite boring.. and the funny thing is it cant be one of those shows that are on, so u gotta watch it, because csi is on at the same time, soo good luck (Cancelled).

    It must have a high budget too soo good luck.
  • Jeff Goldbloom plays a detective with an overactive imagination.

    My ratings and description of this show are definitely subject to change. It's hard to judge a show on just one episode. I liked the pilot. I thought it was funny and pretty unorthadox. Most of the crime dramas on TV these days are ver proceedural. This show reminds me a lot of the noire detective programs of the forties and fifties on radio. The Raines character has traces of Joe Friday in him, as well as Phillip Marlow, and the strange and sarcastic sense of humor of maybe Sam Spade or Boston Blackie. I think this show is very smart and I will continue to watch it. However, I don't know if America as a whole will catch on to this kind of crime drama. You have to have a descent attention span to actually sit down and watch this show...and more and more today, Americans are multitasking. Not many people actually sit down and just watch TV. They're either exercising, or talking on the phone, or doing something else that distracts them from really paying attention. I hope this show doesn't get cancelled...but I just don't know.
  • Regurgitated scifi detective drama with overachiving C+ actors!

    How many times are we going to have to watch the same recycled dung over and over again? Were has all the originality gone? If were not bombarded with reality show nonsense then were forced fed unoriginal dimwitted regurgitation from some halfwit that failed his community college 100 level writing class. Seriously! While your at it why don’t they just clone CSI and Law and Order some more please. It seems like the decent, well written and interesting shows of the world don't make it through 5 episodes while I bet nonsense like this will get re-upped for two more seasons before the third episode is through. It would make you think that James (Cablevision) Dolan cloned himself and is running all the big name networks. NEXT!
  • Pilots are ususally iffy, but Raines may be worth another watch.

    Having just watched the pilot, I find myself slightly amused that Jeff Goldblum has completely won me over. His portrayal as the "insane" Raines, while certainly not original or cutting edge, is no doubt, entertaining. To be honest, I feel he has a side of Dr. Gregory House mixed into his psyche, which makes me smile with joy because saracasm and wit are hard to find on television shows these days. The show overall, was interesting, but not in that 'I am going to tell everyone about this new show that's fabulous.' No, not that interesting. But it is only a pilot, and pilots are always fumbly and shifty because they have to do so much in one hour. The case in itself was somewhat yawnworthy, but the idea of Goldblum's character using his imagination to solve the case, is somewhat entertaining. The handwashing scene was certainly a highlight to me because the man is crazy, except he's really not. Raines' friend, yeah, I saw that one coming from the beginning. Original? No. Still, I like the chemisty between the two actors and I like that Raines, a detective who's been through some stuff, can relax with someone who must have been really close to him when alive.
  • The idea isn't all that original, but the execution is well done and the characters have some "meat" to them.

    The idea of a John Edwards Detective type show has certainly gone through the recycle bin enough times, and Raines is guilty for going to that bin for this show as well...But a not-so-original idea/theme does not necessarily equate to a bad show IF it's done right and in this first episode things look promising.

    Goldblum does a great job of endearing us to the Raines character (even if his little ticks and wandering stares still bring back images of Seth Brundle!). Goldblum's got an ease and laidback confidence in his portrayal of the character and it comes across well. His interactions with the other actors is also well done and gives the show more of a feel of being in it's 3rd season rather than being a Pilot.

    Casting other acting veterans in the supporting roles (such as Guzman as the ex-partner) adds even more solidity to the show.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the new episodes.
  • Detective "sees" the ghosts of his victims who then help him to solve their murder.

    What is going on in Tv-land, how many "I see dead people" shows are we gone get. Ghostwhisperer, Rescue Me all have dead people in them. Perhaps they dont have to pay the actors when they play ghosts??

    Unoriginal is the right word for this episode but I hope that it will improve. Because the cast is well chosen, Jeff Goldblum is a great actor although he could be a little more relaxed in his role as a detective. The others are all up to par with room for improvement because that is something the show realy needs. Is there nothing good about this show? Yes there is, the way it is shot reminds me a bit of "Sin City" and the interaction between Jeff and his ghost is good. The twist at the end is realy a surprise too.

    In short it misses an edge to it more thrillerelements are needed. But that realy has to be done in the next few episodes or it will not survive for long.
  • One well-paced crime drama with a lot of imagination

    First of all, I just wanna say if you have not seen the show, don't bother to write a review, it's very immature to judge something that you know nothing about.
    Back to the show, frankly, I didn't expect much from this one, because NBC hasn't done much promotion for the show, which is understandable, because it's a midseason series. After I saw it, I feel that the main character, which is Detective Raines, is very well developed in the pilot, and Jeff Goldblum is so good that he brings a blow of fresh air to his character. The plot is well conceived and organized, and more importantly, it is very well-paced, unlike other crime show with cut-throat pace, Raines has much enjoyable pace which makes you feel like you are floating with the story, and the guest stars have done a great job too. I think this show is enjoyable and promising.
  • This show is a lot of fun, it\'s very smooth (It felt like a movie) and I can\'t wait to see the second episode (I saw a DVD screener).

    Was reluctant to write a review as I didn\'t wanna register and have tv.com send me spam, but I did feel that this show needed defending against Magnoodle ignorant comments.

    Yes it sounds like something done to death (pun not intendid) but it isn\'t, no Ghosts only an overactive imagination.

    This show is fun, it\'s very smooth (It felt like a movie) and I can\'t wait to see the second episode (I saw a DVD screener).

    I really can\'t be bothered by typical cop/crime/murder shows but this has spirit! (no pun)

    It\'s a good show and I strongly recommend giving it a view.
  • Done to death!

    I know that it hasn\\\\\\\'t premiered yet, but I do want to talk about what I think of it now.

    Person who is semi-psychic and helps murder victims and what not bring their killers to justice. I\\\\\\\'m sorry, that has been done to death. Medium, Ghost whisperer are TV shows, then countless movies and books. Ugh. Now, don\\\\\\\'t get me wrong, it will probly be a good show, Jeff Goldbloom is a really good actor, but couldn\\\\\\\'t they come up with somthing a little more original? But, we will find out more once the show airs in
    January. Query. Why is it listed under \\\\\\\'06 pilots if it\\\\\\\'s going to air in \\\\\\\'07? Odd.
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