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  • I don't want to summarize it. Go to HULU.com and see for yourself. The show was outstanding and Goldblum was brilliant.

    This was a top-notch series, Goldblum was fantastic and totally believable, fresh and quirky and a GREAT CHANGE from the usual tough-guy cop flotsam & jetsam. Supporting actors were talented and well cast, characters well developed, dialog delivery didn't miss a beat, and AS USUAL, a great show was canceled. Scripts were head and shoulders above the other cop shows which I try hard to avoid. It was nice to hear words of more than two syllables uttered with the assumption that the audience would comprehend them. Dropping this show was nother really bad choice on the part of the media moguls. What, is their average IQ about 12? They didn't even promote the show that much and it was arguably the best cop-based show on the tube. Guess it missed the "want fries with that?" target market.
  • Imaginative; unusual; well scripted; excellent stories; superb acting.

    Just as it was getting into its' stride this excellent series was euthanised by the Network. The last episode hit a series all time high (a brief series...only 8 episodes). An imaginative premise superbly executed by script writers; directors and the actors. In the final show Jeff Goldblum showed just how good an actor he is, a proper film actor bringing his craft to the small screen..we were very lucky..it was a chilling performance. I cannot comprehend why it is called 'average' by other reviewers, I enjoyed every second of it. It was a relief to watch something not pumped out by the CSI cookie cutter. American TV seems hell bent on self destruction, axing all shows that raise the bar.
  • Ugh! I feel like I've been punched in the gut, I've been wondering when "Raines" was going to start again. I cannot believe that the dumped it! Please please please help us find a way to bring it back, to another network, anything!

    It was clever, smart, had brilliant writing, brilliant actors...it was captivating!!! Finding out that this was canceled is one of the reasons I'm quite reluctant to start ANY new shows anymore! What were they thinking? This is feeling reminiscent of Wonderfalls ...and Dead Like Me and Arrested Development, shall I go on? It deserved better!

    This show had great story lines, the kind that hold you from the get go and make you wish you had the whole season on DVD so you can just watch all of them in row...it had that feel , the kind you don't want to have to wait for a week because you can't wait to watch it!!! Why do the networks not give shows like this a chance?
  • Detective "sees" the victims to help himself solve the case.

    This was a great, great show. I am really disappointed in NBC for even thinking about cancelling it!! It was a fresh spin on an old classic which is why it worked so well. Jeff Goldblum is an excellent actor and really brought the part alive. I really hope that NBC comes to their senses and decides to bring it back for the fall season. There are so many terrible shows on TV and they keep cancelling the quality ones. NBC is really disappointing me. First one of my favorite shows Surface last year and now Raines this year. Get it together and keep this show!
  • Raines is about a detective who solves murders by "talking" with the victims...he sees their lives through them. Of course everyone thinks he's crazy. His team ranges from efficient to mediochre but he has an understanding boss.

    This show has it all including Jeff Goldblum. His unique and quirky acting is perfect in this part. The supporting cast also provides interesting side bars. There's so many "cookie cutter" detective shows out there. The approach to this story line is intriguing, funny, sad and CREATIVE! Had me hooked from the first episode. They need to bring this show back!
  • I REALLY LOVE this show. I hope you bring it back. Jeff Goldblum is fantastic & the programs are great. I'll be really disappointed if you don't. I usually don't like NBC but as a result of this show NBC is showing some improvement.

    I REALLY LOVE this show and I hope that you bring it back. I was actually able to get both of my sons to sit down and watch it with me and they really enjoyed it too which is unusual because they usually like teen programs. If it doesn't have fast cars, etc they don't want anything to do with it. Jeff Goldblum is fantastic and the programs are great and I hope you bring it back. I will be really disappointed if you don't. I usually don't like NBC but as a result of this show NBC is showing some improvement. Please continue the show.
  • Excellent TV show. This needs to be picked up for the 2007-2008 season.

    I liked this show so much that when I burned a DVD for a couple of friends, instead of turning off the TV while it recorded I sat down and watched each episode again. I have never watched a TV episode more than once unless I purchase the season DVD when it is released. Both friends ended up hooked on it also. This is the first show that aired on our NBC channel that I have watched in years. If it isn't renewed, my TV watching will go back to CBS and ABC only.
  • I love this show....It is Great...Excellent....Just Awesome.......The Best show in years.......

    Jeff GoldBloom is a wounderful actor. He really makes me believe that he is Det. Raines. He is just wounderful and I hope to see future shows. The setting is great. I really enjoyed the show and I was crushed when the show was no longer on. I have watched the show several times over and over on the website. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.....BRING RAINES BACK.....
  • I wonder if this show will help the sale of Raymond Chandler novels.

    Never Judge a Show by it’s Pilot: Raines The first time I saw Jeff Goldblum it was on the short lived TV series Tenspeed and Brown Shoe. I was reminded of that program when I was watching two new shows on NBC’s Must See Thursday night lineup. The first show was Andy Richter's new series Andy Barker PI and later Jeff Goldblum’s new show Raines. This new show has elements of Monk, Medium and Tenspeed and Brown Shoe. Jeff Goldblum stars as the eccentric LAPD Detective Michael Raines who like Monk is obsessive and has not been the same since suffering a traumatic event. After recuperating from being shot in the line of duty Raines returns to work but now he has begun to see murder victim Sandy Boudreau (Alexa Davalos) as a vision. Like on Medium, Raines talks to the victim except this vision is a figment of his imagination not a ghost. The vision starts out as two-dimensional character and as Raines learns more about her she develops more layers. When Rains finds her killer she will disappear. The only person Raines confides in is his former partner, Charlie Lincoln (Malik Yoba). Like Jeff Goldblum’s character Lionel Whitney from Tenspeed and Brown Shoe, Raines speaks to the audience through a noir style voice over complete with sax music in the background. Raines also shares Lionel Whitney's love for detective novels. He even considered writing a novel himself but becoming a police officer got in the way. He found out that the images he had in his head weren’t like real life. I always find it amusing when fictional TV cop/detectives make it known that they are real unlike the fake cop/detectives on TV, in the movies or in pulp novels. This show makes the distinction between Raines' "real world" and the world of his pulp heroes Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Ross Macdonald but it does so with great reverence.

    It is obvious that I liked the pilot a lot, but I never judge a show by it’s pilot.

    The next episode, Meet Juan Doe, opens with a voice over of Detective Michael Raines recapping what we learned in the pilot. I like the noir style opening of the pilot better, but I understand that this was done to clarify the show’s premise to the audience. Hopefully the noir style opening will return. I also miss Raines’ partner Charlie who only appears early in the episode. I looked at the Raines - Bios page but Malik Yoba is not there. It looks like the role of confidant will now be Dr. Samantha Kohl (Madeleine Stowe). Raines was ordered to meet with Dr. Kohl after he was seen talking to himself by his fellow officers. I hope these changes were not the network’s attempt to fix things that I personally don’t see as broken because I really liked what I saw in the pilot. I guess I’ll have to keep watching. I wonder if this show will help the sale of Raymond Chandler novels.

    To quote Detective Michael Raines, "All these stories start with a body".

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • A much welcome breathe of fresh air.

    I love this show, I am tired of shows that spend 5 seconds talking about THE VICTEM of the crime and all the time worring about their own problems with a little bit of police work thrown in. This show is great and I love Jeff Goldblum, I think he captures the actual cop character and not the sterotype. I really hope that people give it a chance to develope before they write it off as just another cop drama.
  • This show freaking rocks!!!

    This is such a great show. A perfect blend of humor and drama all in one hour-long period. Jeff Goldblum is excellent in the show and his character is so funny. At first the story line may seem a little weird-a detective who sees his dead victims-but it is actually really good. It is not one of those shows with so much personal stuff mixed into it that it is annoying, but there is just some. All of the characters are likable and well, Raines is so funny. So I think that this show is well worth anyones time. It is funny, and a crime show. What's not to like about that?
  • Jeff Goldblum playes a detective in a series that is part Ghost Whisperer and part Monk, only this time the ghosts he sees are just his own mind taking him through the crimes he has to solve.

    In the last few years with fewer and fewer decent comedies to watch I've been watching more crime dramas and this one is fairly good and a bit innovative. Jeff Goldblum returns to series TV playing an obsessive compulsive police detective who sees hallucinations of his murder victims who talk who through the crimes he must solve. He also mentored by the ghost of his best friend lost in a prior case. It's a potential hit, it has a strong cast including Nicole Sullivan from "MadTv" and intelligent storylines, but then none of that saved "Arrested Development," another intellectually-created show that no one ever understood but FOX didn't know what to do with. "Raines" has enormous potential and Jeff Goldblum is an incredible actor in all he does. My only hope is that it is given its chance.
  • jeff goldblum sees murder victims and solves crimes.

    anything jeff goldblum does is interesting, and this show's concept is a good one, recalling ''sixth sense'', from an adult point of view. it doesn't matter. jeff goldblum's face is wonderful to watch as he intelligently acts. there is an extra little ''fillip'' with his partner, as he wonders if he is sane. a scene where he cried was just great. he is the best and i will watch this one forever. the other actors were good, too, especially the victim, as she watched him gather clues and figure out who had killed her. one of the best shows i have seen.
  • Kept me interested the whole time and I did not guess the end. Thanks for the good acting and writing.

    This is the best show to come along in a long time. Keep up the good work. Interesting plot, got yout point across with out too much blood or foul language. Scenery very interesting. Am looking forward to all your new episodes. Think that about sums it up on what I think of the new show "Raines". Jeff Goldblum is perfect for the lead part. The dialogue between him and his 'dead' partner is so good. Who ever thought up the plot for this program is due many words of praise. Thank you again. This is a refreshing change from what we have now on TV. Bye;
    Jean H.
  • Welcome back Brown Shoe !

    I've always loved Jeff, and have missed him since "Ten Speed and Brown Shoe" was taken off the air. Something about Raines reminds me of Brown Shoe so this is wonderful. There are way too many cops, law & order-ish shows on TV now but this one has class ... and humor.
  • Ghosts, illusions and hallucinations! Somebody bring this show back!

    Why, why, why? What planet do these network executives live on?

    If you want a cop show unlike any other cop show in existence, you have to watch Raines. I have only ever seen Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park and Independence Day, but the snarky sarcastic police officer seems to be his calling. In a time when the bite of sarcasm has been diluted by writers looking for a quick laugh, Raines really hits the spot.

    Not to mention the fact that he's crazy. Or at least, going crazy. The concept for this show was a stroke of brilliance, and I am very disappointed that it will not be given the chance to continue. A great ensemble of characters, including Officer Boyer (love the aviators), Officer Lance (nice to see Linda Park made it off the Enterprise), and Dan Lewis and Michael Raines (with great chemistry). With Charlie as a recurring 'ghost', plus the new character every week, Raines had the potential to be a long-lasting success.
  • This Show is Brilliant!

    I Love This Show!!! What a great concept. And Jeff Goldblum has always been one of my very favorite actors. Perfect for this character. Please, Please, Please Bring it Back! Don't let this one go! What a pleasure to spend an hour with this character, this show and this cast!
  • Raines is amazing, and I have nothing but love for all the shows and movies riding in the wake of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and the revitilization of the Noir genre.

    Oh, there are no words for me to say how happy I was to see Jeff Goldblum on my television. And what a show, too! Raines is everything I like in a show: funny, irreverant, dry, poignant, sad, honest, and just damned good.

    Goldblum is at his best, and keeps Raines' quirks skirting that dangerous line between funny, and career endangering. As offbeat and amusing as Raines is, you are constantly reminded that his career is teetering on the edge. You get the idea that as much as Raines pretends, even to himself, that he has his stuff together, the guy is moments away from loosing it completely.

    Supporting Raines is a well-rounded cast that manages to be interesting on the individual level, as well as in the background. I love that PTB are not waiting until they're out of other ideas to develop the supporting characters, but starting it early. This show doesn't rest solely on the shoulders of Goldblum, and the other actors make themselves just as memorable with a fraction of the screen time.

    For a minute I was going to list a few particular supporting characters that I liked, but before I even stared I realized that I would just end up listing the things I love about every character...but I just can't help myself and did it anyway.

    Nicole Sullivan as Carolyn brings in a sympathetic outsider. Not just the civilian who watches too much CSI, but an intelligent and well-adjusted woman who holds the place together with out resorting to whining about the difficulties of a job that obviously has her working hard.

    Linda Park as Lance is the female cop without being The Female Cop. They deal with the fact that she's a woman, but it's not the defining aspect of the character, the fact that she's a good cop is.

    We haven't seen much of Madeleine Stowe as Dr. Kohl, but the fact that she's a TV shrink, and she doesn't annoy me, or get overused as a characterization crutch is a mark in her favor.

    Matt Craven is so amazing as Captain Lewis. He is a tough boss, but a good friend, and doesn't seem to have to sacrifice one for the other. I am most looking forward to the expansion of his relationship with Raines. And, dude, it's Matt Craven!

    Dov Davidoff is oddly charming as Boyer. I was thrilled to see his character get the same treatment and care as the other, admittedly more likable characters. After Lewis, I'm really, really looking forward to watching how Boyer and Lance work together.

  • It was well-made, challenging and intelligent. No wonder it got the axe.

    The talented always engaging Jeff Goldblum got a brief return to TV with "Raines," a noir-drenched LA murder mystery with a detective who hallucinated the victims of the crimes he was investigating. An odd premise, but with top-notch scripts and Goldblum's tetchy character, NBC had a winner. Unfortunately, NBC cut the order of episodes and canceled the series.

    So what are we left with? The promise of what might have been. We saw Raines struggling to handle his issues and work his way back on to the force; we saw hints of repairing his relationship with his ex-wife; we saw him trying to be a father figure to his late partner's son. Plus, the caliber of scripts were great...multi-layered, good dialogue and strong performances. With a cast backing up Goldblum that consisted of Matt Craven, Madeline Stowe, Nicole Sullivan and Malik Yoba, the characters came to life and rose above typical crime show fare.

    But NBC seems to axe anything that doesn't dominate the airwaves, and this era of failing to give shows a chance to find their sea legs is seeing a lot of promising newcomers fall by the wayside ("Studio 60," "Andy Barker, PI"). Why couldn't NBC send "Raines" to USA, where it would fit in with USA's line-up of unique mystery shows?

    If NBC (and the other networks) continue to only allow shows a few weeks to try to build their audience, they're never going to have success. Sure, there are the shows that come out of the gate strong ("Heroes," etc.) but most need a season to get going and find numbers. "Raines" averaged 7.25 million viewers a week in the Friday night slot. Surely it could have finished out its 13 episode order and gotten a pick-up.
  • this is one show I would like to see come back

    Having this show come out around the spring break timeframe doesn't really give an accurate account of if it is good; successful; etc. And on Friday nights

    I really enjoyed this program, loved the cast and have been looking for the next episodes. It was a nice twist to know that these people were just in his head. I did not realize that it ended until just recently. This has been a real disappointment.

    Is it too late to think about bringing it back? who do we talk to? Can we see about different time different days? I'm just a little tired of good or interesting shows on for just long enough for you to get to see them, then they are gone. If it is so fickle, it hardly makes it worth our while to even watch the television at all.
  • The evolution of great entertainment; Excentircity meets imagination they then bumps into creativity, they formed a click, next they picked comedy and tragedy, doing this formed the a thinktank responsible for some of the greatest works of our tim

    This show is spectacular, is entertaining to watch and is a can't miss for any night of the week, I nor anybody can know what NBC will do with this show, they are the weirdest network when it comes to hit shows.
    This show is so original and Raines is the most original character of the season, while I'm certain Goldblum adds his own touch to every role he takes on this appears to be either tailor made for him, the perfect coincidence, or a Muse hitting their stride, whatever the case maybe this show has what it takes to top ten for as long as it wants to be on tv. The show is not based on the lives of the characters, but the characters as they live.
    Next fall we'll see at least 2 carbon copys of this, its less Monk, and more Columbo, but with smoother quips.
  • I hate how executives are extreme morons. This was a great show...finally a creative show that didnt involve some type of special power or ran off the same basis like all the 500 CSI shows.

    I thought this show was awesome and I convinced many people to watch it and you are telling me the idiots cancelled it after only 7 episodes...what kind of crap is that. TV executives keep giving us more and more reason to hate them to the core. When I first saw this show, I was hooked and now theres nothing original on tv. Jeff Goldbloom was the perfect person to play this part, I dont understand how anyone could have not liked it...I think its just these idiots who dont promote the shows well enough and assume people are psychics and sit at their tv watching every channel non-stop. Its pathetic and it makes me wish somewhere in the world at least one tv executive learns from dumb decisions like these and actually gives shows a chance...but I doubt that will ever happen due to the fact they are all brain dead.

    The only channel that does anything right is Comedy Central but one channel in a world where some tv packages come with FOUR HUNDRED channels...thats just pathetic.
  • If lack of viewership was the reason this show was taken off the air, they just didn't wait long enough for big fans like me to convince all their friends and family to give it a try. This show was my new #1 favorite, and I'm disappointed that it's gone.

    If lack of viewership was the reason this show was taken off the air, they just didn't wait long enough for big fans like me to convince all their friends and family to give it a try. This show was my new #1 favorite, and I'm disappointed that it's gone.
  • This show was fun and interesting. Bring it back.

    Enjoyed this show. Hope it comes back. It had an interesting twist.
    Detective "sees" the victims and they help him to solve the case. He talks to them and sees their lives through their eyes and the victims are telling him their story. Some think he is crazy because they hear him talking to himself his one friend he talks to is also dead. It is a fun show, everyone can watch it. Gives you a detective story, ghost story, sci fi story. All is covered with this show. What more can you ask for. Bring it back, yes yes.
  • Not bad!

    Raines is a new show that has caught my atention. It's almost a spin-off of Ghost Whisperer because Raines speaks to the deceased; however, it is different because the deceased is in his imagination and he creates them based on the information he digs up while attempting to find the killer. Raines is a great character: crazy but not nuts, if that makes sense. Overall, the story lines seem interesting and, not quite origonal, but adds a twist on crime-fighting. Again, this is one of my new favorites and I hope it just gets better and I can't wait until the next episode!
  • Reviewing just the premiere, I found it to be pretty good, and better than similar shows for a few reasons ***May Contain Spoilers***

    I haven't ever really been a fan of Jeff Goldblum and his animated acting, but I find I like him in this role. There are some similarites to this show and Medium and Ghost Whisperer in that it seems the Main actors are talking to the dead. Unlike the other two, in this show the Dead are in his mind, so it's closer to reality than the others, which I like. It is also NOT a show that is a cliff hanger like 24 or many shows that have failed recently (Smith, Kidnapped, Vanished, Daybreak), but it solves a crime every episode, but also has a continuing issue (his Partner). I like it, and will continue to follow it to see where it goes.
  • Raines is an average plus cop show with a twist - but its making and cast make it worth watching.

    Raines is your average cop show, only with a twist: the hero speaks with the deceased people he investigates - figments of his imagination, created only to fill the empty space his partner (which was shot) used to fill - The conversations Raines has with his "ghosts" are influenced by his knowledge of their past and their way of passing, a fact which sometimes makes the dead characters "evolve" during a show.

    Raines is a very "watchable" show - thanks to a great casting of Raines (the wonderful Jeff Goldblum), and a very good supporting cast.
    I hope this show lasts... it has a lot to develop to.
  • Jeff Goldbloom plays a detective with an overactive imagination.

    My ratings and description of this show are definitely subject to change. It's hard to judge a show on just one episode. I liked the pilot. I thought it was funny and pretty unorthadox. Most of the crime dramas on TV these days are ver proceedural. This show reminds me a lot of the noire detective programs of the forties and fifties on radio. The Raines character has traces of Joe Friday in him, as well as Phillip Marlow, and the strange and sarcastic sense of humor of maybe Sam Spade or Boston Blackie. I think this show is very smart and I will continue to watch it. However, I don't know if America as a whole will catch on to this kind of crime drama. You have to have a descent attention span to actually sit down and watch this show...and more and more today, Americans are multitasking. Not many people actually sit down and just watch TV. They're either exercising, or talking on the phone, or doing something else that distracts them from really paying attention. I hope this show doesn't get cancelled...but I just don't know.
  • One well-paced crime drama with a lot of imagination

    First of all, I just wanna say if you have not seen the show, don't bother to write a review, it's very immature to judge something that you know nothing about.
    Back to the show, frankly, I didn't expect much from this one, because NBC hasn't done much promotion for the show, which is understandable, because it's a midseason series. After I saw it, I feel that the main character, which is Detective Raines, is very well developed in the pilot, and Jeff Goldblum is so good that he brings a blow of fresh air to his character. The plot is well conceived and organized, and more importantly, it is very well-paced, unlike other crime show with cut-throat pace, Raines has much enjoyable pace which makes you feel like you are floating with the story, and the guest stars have done a great job too. I think this show is enjoyable and promising.
  • This show is a lot of fun, it\'s very smooth (It felt like a movie) and I can\'t wait to see the second episode (I saw a DVD screener).

    Was reluctant to write a review as I didn\'t wanna register and have tv.com send me spam, but I did feel that this show needed defending against Magnoodle ignorant comments.

    Yes it sounds like something done to death (pun not intendid) but it isn\'t, no Ghosts only an overactive imagination.

    This show is fun, it\'s very smooth (It felt like a movie) and I can\'t wait to see the second episode (I saw a DVD screener).

    I really can\'t be bothered by typical cop/crime/murder shows but this has spirit! (no pun)

    It\'s a good show and I strongly recommend giving it a view.
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