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  • Raines is amazing, and I have nothing but love for all the shows and movies riding in the wake of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and the revitilization of the Noir genre.

    Oh, there are no words for me to say how happy I was to see Jeff Goldblum on my television. And what a show, too! Raines is everything I like in a show: funny, irreverant, dry, poignant, sad, honest, and just damned good.

    Goldblum is at his best, and keeps Raines' quirks skirting that dangerous line between funny, and career endangering. As offbeat and amusing as Raines is, you are constantly reminded that his career is teetering on the edge. You get the idea that as much as Raines pretends, even to himself, that he has his stuff together, the guy is moments away from loosing it completely.

    Supporting Raines is a well-rounded cast that manages to be interesting on the individual level, as well as in the background. I love that PTB are not waiting until they're out of other ideas to develop the supporting characters, but starting it early. This show doesn't rest solely on the shoulders of Goldblum, and the other actors make themselves just as memorable with a fraction of the screen time.

    For a minute I was going to list a few particular supporting characters that I liked, but before I even stared I realized that I would just end up listing the things I love about every character...but I just can't help myself and did it anyway.

    Nicole Sullivan as Carolyn brings in a sympathetic outsider. Not just the civilian who watches too much CSI, but an intelligent and well-adjusted woman who holds the place together with out resorting to whining about the difficulties of a job that obviously has her working hard.

    Linda Park as Lance is the female cop without being The Female Cop. They deal with the fact that she's a woman, but it's not the defining aspect of the character, the fact that she's a good cop is.

    We haven't seen much of Madeleine Stowe as Dr. Kohl, but the fact that she's a TV shrink, and she doesn't annoy me, or get overused as a characterization crutch is a mark in her favor.

    Matt Craven is so amazing as Captain Lewis. He is a tough boss, but a good friend, and doesn't seem to have to sacrifice one for the other. I am most looking forward to the expansion of his relationship with Raines. And, dude, it's Matt Craven!

    Dov Davidoff is oddly charming as Boyer. I was thrilled to see his character get the same treatment and care as the other, admittedly more likable characters. After Lewis, I'm really, really looking forward to watching how Boyer and Lance work together.